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6 New Trends Related to Men's Jeans to Know to Look Classy and Updated
Jeans were once considered functional garments. They were worn to work, on weekends, and occasionally even to formal events. But as the years have gone by, jeans have become far more than just that. Read More

Goose down jackets are some of the most luxurious and high-quality pieces of outerwear that you can buy. If you are hiking through wintery conditions or camping in damp climates, washing your Goose down jacket more often may be necessary to prevent mildew from developing. Read More

Look no further than Broadway Fashion! Our collection of cargo pants is perfect for any casual occasion. Made with lightweight fabric, these pants offer ample comfort without compromising on style. Choose from a wide range of colors and designs to suit your taste.
Psycho Bunny is a clothing brand that specializes in a variety of different menswear items. This clothing brand was founded by two former Ralph Lauren designers. They worked together as designers at Ralph Lauren prior to starting their own business. Read More

If you’re looking to get your hands on some Off-White clothing at a cheaper price, second hand is the way to go. But there are a few things you should know about buying second hand clothes before you dive headfirst into the world of thrift shopping. Read More

FIGS: NOT FRUIT, Did You Know?
A fig is not just an ordinary fruit, in fact, it's not even a fruit.
Strictly speaking, figs are inverted flowers.
Figs don’t bloom in the same way as other fruit trees like almonds or cherries.
Figs have a very curious history.
First of all, they're technically not a fruit, but an infruity (a set of fruits).
And secondly, they need a slaughtered wasp to breed, an insect that dies inside the fig.
In a nutshell, figs are a kind of inverted flowers that bloom inside this large, dark, red-hued bud we know as figs.
Each flower produces a single nut and a single seed called an "aquarium".
The fig is made up of several branches, which give it this characteristic crunchy texture.
Therefore, when we eat one fig, we are eating hundreds of fruits.
But the most amazing thing, it’s the special pollination process that fig flowers need to reproduce.
They can’t depend on whether, the wind or the bees bring pollen as other fruits, so they need a species known as the fig wasps.
These insects transport their genetic material and allow it to reproduce.
For their part, wasps couldn’t live without figs, as they deposit their larvae inside the fruit.
This relationship is known as symbiosis or mutualism.
Currently, the vast majority of producers of this fruit no longer need the work of wasps.
Most fig varieties for human consumption are part non-genetic.
This means they always bear fruit in the absence of a pollinator.

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A consortium of Norwegian Church Aid, DanChurchAid and the young women led local Non-Governmental Organization, Foundation for Civic Education and Social Empowerment (FOCESE) says it banks all hopes in faith leaders on termination of child marriages in the country.

Speaking on Thursday during the closing of three days workshop for the men and women of God, Yankho Kaliati from FOCESE, said the faith leaders complement government's efforts through relevant offices at district level on the same.

She said faith leaders have large following who believe in them and that they will help in extending the need to end child marriages to others through their gatherings adding that as a consortium their goal is to terminate all the child marriages and re-admit all girls back to school with a commitment to provide them with school fees and other necessities.

Nsanje District Interfaith Aids Committee, Vice Chairperson, Bishop Tenson Nyamasakha Tembo thanked the consortium for putting them on board saying they were geared to fight child marriages and put back to school every child adding for a country to develop and the realization of the Malawi 2063, there is need for people who are educated.

Concurring with Bishop Tembo was Sheikh Hussien Ngwali from Chinyanje Mosque in the area of Senior Chief Mlolo in the district who said they will throughout their work engage community leadership structures. He said his areas register more child marriages hence a need to engage fellow faith leaders like bishops, reverends, pastors including chiefs, members of Area Development Committee (ADC), child protection and elected leaders to join hands and fight the vice while calling upon fellow faith leaders to stop officiating child marriages.

During the training, Third Grade Magistrate for Nsanje, Haneeph Ngundende said annually about 3.1 million children grow in violent homes in the country and that according to the Malawi Demographic Survey of 2016, the country's courts give divorce to families between 40 to 50 per day saying history indicates that among the families are those made up by children with 55 percent of girls of the ages between 15 to 19 experience violence when they grow up while 70 percent of boys of the same age experience the same.

The consortium is implementing a ten months program which runs from November, 2022 to August, 2023 dubbed "Interfaith Behavior Change on Early Child Marriages through Multi-media Agents with support from Unicef amounting to K173 million in three districts of Nsanje, Chikwawa and Machinga.

~Reported Martin Gela Jnr-Correspondent~