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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
9 months ago

Maverick City Music has announced the termination of its relationship with singer Dante Bowe.

Maverick City Music made its position on Bowe known in a statement it posted on its social media handles on Tuesday.

It said said one of the reasons it decided to cut ties with the singer is his behaviour, which it described as inconsistent with the values of the company.

Though it did not specifically stated the behaviour, it said in the statement: “Due to behavior that is inconsistent with our core values and beliefs, we have decided to put a pause on our professional relationship with Dante Bowen,

“Decisions like these are not easy because of the level of nuance, both professionally and personally, but we felt it necessary to address.

“Each of us needs God’s grace and our hope is that we all pray and give him the same opportunity to grow in Christ as we give ourselves.”