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Tugadar Networking Community (@admin)
6 months ago

An Information Technology (IT) Company, ONPASSIVE is set to establish an Artificial Intelligence driven ecosystem aimed at creating jobs and solving problems.

A founding member of the firm, Mojeed Adetunji told newsmen Saturday during the company’s Nigeria Meet and Greet programme held in Ibadan.

The News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) reports that the IT company, powered by Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML), had in the past four years been creating new generation of Digital Software Applications.

The company has its Head Office in Florida, U.S. the technological hub in Hyderabad, India with global offices in Singapore and Dubai.

Adetunji said that ONPASSIVE was an extraordinary company with unlimited target in job creation and problem solving skills.

He said ONPASSIVE had more than 50 portfolios in its ecosystem and each contained more than two to three products.

“If you come to ONPASSIVE, you can come as a Founding Member. After this position, you are going to what we call reseller. That reseller aspect of it will benefit the youths among us.

“Unemployment will be reduced, because we have a lot of products here that will solve many things, so that we can boost our economy,” he said.

Adetunji said that the company availed every new entrant the opportunity to choose any product from which he or she intended to benefit.

He listed some of the products as O-Connect, O-Tracker, O-Bless, O-Trim, O-Mail, O-Net, O-Staff, O-Chat, O-Cademy and O-Domain among others.

“For example, we have O-Tracker. This O-Tracker, you can connect it to your business. The tracker will tell you when your business is growing, when it is not growing and it will fix it for you.

“We have O-Connect. It is another virtual reality video that can connect people all over the world. You can use it for presentation. All over the world, you can gather together in one platform,” he said.

Some of the participants at the programme expressed optimism that ONPASSIVE will change the narratives across the globe.

Zainab Al-Kangiwa said ONPASSIVE had actually come to change the narratives of everyone across the globe.

“You will understand that up till now, a lot of applications are coming up. You will see zoom, Facebook and Google. ONPASSIVE has all these products and AI is going to run it for us.

“When it came, I asked what is this about. But when I got into the depth of it, I saw the CEO has actually come to change the narratives of everyone in the world,” she said.

Alhaji Sulaimon Badmus, said that ONPASSIVE had shown there was a brighter future in it, adding people would have enough opportunity in it when unveiled.

“It gives me rest of mind that the future is holding something very tangible for me.

“Very soon we are going to launch and after we launch, everybody will have enough opportunity in it,” he said.

Many have expressed excitement over the revolutionary nature of ONPASSIVE products which would greatly impact the various sectors of the business world.

Nigerian co-founders have expressed gratitude to the Visionary Chief Executive Officer, Ash Mufareh, who developed a unique business model.

The model, they said, would accommodate all classes of people in his dream to make the world a better place.

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