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Tugadar Networking Community (@admin)
6 months ago

Nigeria is going through challenging times. The continual dollar rise has made life unbearable, the attitude of Nigerian traders and middlemen is even worse. They increased the prices of their wares in a bit to enjoy their share of the dollar rise. The absence of a working price control board has made it easy for this abnormally to go unchecked.

What can one do to overcome this difficult times? Most Nigerians would have loved to ‘Jappa” meaning elope to any part of Europe. Unfortunately very few people have the means to realise their dream of living the country.

How do we overcome the challenging times, an elderly minister of God discovered that his bills was more than his income. This got him really worried because he discovered he started borrowing and paying back became a problem. He had to look inwards to find search what he could do to augment his income. He discovered that he remembered that he was very good at washing clothes in his youthful days. He called a family meeting and told them, he was going to start a laundry business and they must keep shame aside in order not to be really put to shame. They resolved to tell friends and neighbours. It sounded ridiculous at first that a whole reverend minister would be washing clothes. He didn’t mind what people thought about his move. He has made up his mind to do what he do well. He started and before a short while was able to pay his bills with good savings. Thank God he wasn’t ashamed, thank God he put his hands to work.

My friend, you have to do the exact same things, dig into yourself and answer the following questions:

First, what do you enjoy doing?

Secondly, what have you leant in times past that you can start as a business or service to whether the storms? Some years ago, I happened to learn about the printing process. It has always come handy this season. This is among other practical skills that I learnt growing up.

What problems do you help people solve? Do people come to you for advice? If they do, you may think of counseling or consulting. There are several things to be learnt but at least, you can begin to learn what to do in the discovered field.

Another important question, do you a certificate? Because you can easily leverage your certificate to get a job and continue your business in the evening or at weekend. What is the pride of sleeping through the week because of low patronage? A friend got a teaching job and retires to her shop after resting for a while. That way, she was able to really assist the husband financially.

My friend, the simple key that we have looked at is, to look inward. Nigeria is going through difficult times, my simple prayer for you is may your family not go through unnecessary pains. The simple first solution is “Look Inwards” explore your inner gold. I am sure you will find gifting, a knowledge base, connections that can be used to create the needed wealth. To avoid pains, explore your gold mines. You will succeed!

Adetayo, is a Success Strategist and Leadership Expert; Corporate trainer, counseling/consulting psychologist and Minister of the word. E-mail: [email protected]