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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
4 months ago

Your guide to AdSense

Next: What to know before you sign up with AdSense

Google AdSense logoLooking to earn extra revenue from your website with Google AdSense? These guides are designed to get you up to speed quickly, so you can start earning by showing relevant and engaging ads alongside your online content. Just pick the path that's right for you to get started!

Illustration of person in front of computer screen which denotes discover.Discover: What to know before you sign up with AdSense

Interested in showing ads with AdSense? Find helpful resources to help you get started—articles, videos, and more.

Illustration showing join: create and activate your AdSense account.Join: Create and activate your AdSense account

All set to join AdSense? Set up your AdSense account in just a few steps.

Illustration showing start showing ads.Start: Get your first ads up and running

Ready to start showing ads? Learn how to set up Auto ads on your site.

Illustration of person tethered to computer denoting earnEarn: Get your account set up for payments

Wondering when you'll get paid? Make sure you're ready for your first AdSense payment.

illustration showing Optimize, Tips for tracking and improving ad revenue.Optimize: Tips for tracking and improving ad revenue

Have some AdSense experience under your belt? Take your AdSense strategy to the next level.

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