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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
4 months ago

You can build a list of your sites to use in AdSense on your Sites page. Explore this article to learn about AdSense site management and its benefits.

How it works

If you want to show ads on a new site or set up site-level blocking rules, you first need to add your site to your sites list. Make sure that any site you add to AdSense complies with the AdSense Program policies.

When you add a new site, we verify that you're the owner of the site either via your ad code, your ads.txt file, or a meta tag on your site. After we've verified your ownership, we review your site to check it complies with our policies. You can only serve ads on a site after it has passed our review and it has a "Ready" status in AdSense. This means that no other publishers can maliciously use your ad code on other sites.

Tip: We also recommend that you publish an ads.txt file to protect your site from being sold to advertisers from accounts that you don't own. See the ads.txt guide for more information.

How to access your sites list

  • Sign in to AdSense, and click Sites.

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