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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
4 months ago

Set up ads on your site

You can either let Google place ads for you or manually place ad units yourself. #autoads #adunits

After your AdSense account is activated, it's time for you to set up ads on your site. There are two ways to do this: Auto ads or ad units.

Auto ads

Auto ads are a fast and easy way for AdSense publishers to get up and running with ads.

Choose Auto ads if you're looking for:

  • Automation: Google works out which ads to show and where to show them, leaving you free to focus on creating great content.
  • Simplicity: you control all the ads with the flick of a switch.
  • Convenience: Auto ads work on mobile, tablet, and desktop and provide good ad coverage on your pages.

Learn how to set up Auto ads.

Some things to be aware of with Auto ads:

  • Auto ads are automatic, so Google will choose the most effective ad placements for your ads.
  • Google will only show Auto ads when they're likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.

Ad units

Ad units are for AdSense publishers who want full control over the placement of their ads.

Choose ad units if you're looking for:

  • Control: select from a range of ad types and ad sizes, and position your ads exactly where you want them to appear on your pages.

Learn how to create an ad unit.

Some things to be aware of with ad units:

  • Ad units are manual, so don't forget to place them on all your pages where you want ads to show.
  • Keep in mind that there are rules about where you can place ad units. It's up to you to ensure that your ads comply with the AdSense program policies.
  • Some ad formats such as anchors and vignettes are not available for ad units.

Tip: WordPress user? Get help with adding AdSense code.

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