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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
4 months ago

Your payments account holds important payments information such as your earnings, your transaction history, how you get paid, etc. In your payments account you can check your balance, add a payment method, and manage your payments settings. Your payments account is connected to your AdSense account via your payments profile.

AdSense for YouTube creators

If your AdSense account has the new AdSense for YouTube homepage, then you have a dedicated payments account for your YouTube earnings. If you earn money from both AdSense and YouTube, you have two separate payments accounts (one for each product). Your AdSense and YouTube payments accounts accrue earnings independently. For each payments account you:

For more information, see: AdSense for YouTube.

Access your payments account

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Payments and then Payments info.
  3. Tip: To switch to another payments account, click the dropdown and select a different payments account.
  4. Example of payments info in Google Ad Sense.

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