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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
4 months ago

Better Ads Standards Fix issues with the ad experience on your site One or more of your sites are in violation of the Better Ads Standards

If you've received a notification that one of your sites is in a "failing" or "warning" state, it means that Google systems have detected ad experiences on your site that don't comply with the Better Ads Standards. To help publishers improve their ads experiences, we review sites daily and record videos of the ad experiences that have been found non-compliant. If your site is in a "failing" or "warning" state, your Ad Experience Report will include these visuals, along with information about the Better Ad Standards and how the issues may impact your site.

Google is a member of the global, industry-wide Coalition for Better Ads and fully supports the Better Ads Standards. Compliance with the Better Ads Standards is required by the Google Publisher Policies. We strongly encourage AdSense publishers to take a look at their Ad Experience Report and address any issues that have been identified. Here's how:

  1. Accessing the report
  2. The Ad Experience Report is part of Google Search Console, which means you need to be a verified site owner to access it. You can either ask your webmaster to add you as an owner or user, or verify ownership yourself. Learn more.
  3. Understanding the report
  4. If your site has been reviewed and the status is "Warning" or "Failing," the report will show videos of the ad experiences that are likely to annoy or mislead your visitors. Click on desktop or mobile reports to see the specific experiences identified.
  5. Note: Chrome will filter ads on your site if it's been in "Failing" review status for more than 30 days. Note that desktop and mobile reviews are managed independently. For example, if the Report indicates that your site has a status of "Failing" for mobile ad experiences (but not desktop ad experiences), and you do not fix the issues within the 30 days notice, ads will be filtered in Chrome on mobile devices (but not desktop devices).
  6. Fixing the issues and requesting a review
  7. Once you've identified the violating experiences, you can take action to remove them. After that, describe how you addressed each of the issues in the "Request review" area and click I fixed this. You'll receive a confirmation email saying your review is in progress. Learn more.

After you've addressed all the issues in the Ad Experience Report, the notification in your AdSense account will go away.

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