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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
3 months ago

Reports in AdSense are designed to give you insight into your account performance. They include charts and tables so you can view trends and compare important metrics. The pre-made Performance overview report lets you quickly check your earnings. You can also create, save, and schedule custom reports to help you keep track of how things change over time.

Find your way around

  1. Report list: Create a custom report or run pre-made reports.
  2. Date ranges: Switch between dates and compare date ranges.
  3. Breakdowns and Filters: Add breakdowns to organize your data and add filters to refine the data.
  4. Charts and Metrics: Present your data based on the metrics you chose, or click to switch between chart types. If your chart is broken down by dates, you can click to view historical changes to your account and add your own notes.
  5. Table data: Use the eyes in the table to add data series to your chart.
  6. Settings and Save options: Change the time zone or currency of your report and manage your channels. You can save, schedule or export reports.

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