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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
3 months ago

On March 9, 2022, we began the process of moving existing ad blocking messages from Funding Choices to the new AdSense Privacy & messaging page. All of your existing ad blocking messages will be moved to this page for you automatically. Ad blocking messages with no recent traffic will be moved and unpublished. We will notify you in AdSense when your messages have been moved.

Once your messages have been moved, you can sign in to your AdSense account and click Privacy & messaging in the sidebar to create and manage ad blocking messages (now referred to as "ad blocking recovery messages").

Using Privacy & messaging and its integrated Funding Choices functionality, you can create and display a message to your users to help recover revenue lost to ad blockers. You can use ad blocking recovery messages to ask users to allow ads on your site or offer them alternative ways to support your site.

Structure of a message

An ad blocking recovery message contains a single "screen" (or "page") that is shown to users when they view your message.

Ad blocking recovery messages include the following elements:

  1. Logo: Your site's logo. To include a logo here, add a logo to your message.
  2. "Allow ads" button: Allows users to adjust their ad blocker settings to allow ads on your site. Closes the message.
  3. (optional) Custom choice button: Allows users to choose a custom option you have implemented for your site. For example, a "Subscribe" button would allow users to opt in to a solution you have implemented to allow them to subscribe to your site without seeing ads. Learn how to implement a custom choice option
  4. Custom Choice requires you to implement the <a href="https://developers.google.com/funding-choices/fc-api-docs#googlefc-controlledMessagingFunction" target="_blank">googlefc.controlledMessagingFunction</a> function of the Funding Choices JavaScript API before publishing your message. Click View code to review a sample code snippet.

Allowlisting for AdBlock and Adblock Plus users

AdBlock and Adblock Plus are browser extensions that site visitors can use to block ads from being displayed when they visit websites. In some cases, AdBlock and Adblock Plus users may choose to allow ads on specific sites that they visit by adding those sites to the allowlist in their browser extension.

To simplify the allowlisting process for site visitors, the allowlisting functionality is added to the “Allow ads” button that already appears in your message. When site visitors click the "Allow ads" button, your site is added to the allowlist in their browser extension and they will continue to see ads on your site.

To find this setting, click Privacy & messaging Ad blocking recovery Settings and turn on the Help users allowlist your sites with one click toggle.

A message may occasionally be displayed on your site to remind users that they're seeing ads because they previously chose to allow ads on the site's ad blocking recovery message.

Participation in the Acceptable Ads Standard

Certain publishers, ad networks, and ad partners participate in the Acceptable Ads Standard, an opt-in standard that allows some ads to be shown to ad blocker users with their consent.

On the ad blocking recovery message Settings page, you can choose whether to show ad blocking recovery messages to users who allow Acceptable Ads.

To find this setting, click Privacy & messaging Ad blocking recovery Settings and select one of the options in the For Acceptable Ads users section.

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