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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
3 months ago

Updates to the Auto ads interface

March 15. 2023

To make it easier to navigate and understand the differences between Auto ads formats, we've made the following updates to the Auto ads settings panel:

  • We've reorganized the formats into two groups based on their behavior:
  • "Overlay formats" (anchor, vignette, and side rail) are ads that are placed over a page's content without affecting its layout.
  • "In-page formats" (banner and Multiplex) are ads that are placed within areas of a page based on the page's layout and amount of content.
  • The format previously called "in-page ads" is now called "banner ads" and is part of the "In-page formats" group.
  • The controls for banner ads and Multiplex ads are now independent. Previously you had to turn on banner ads before you could turn on Multiplex ads.
  • Each format is now easily identifiable from the menu by an illustrative icon.
  • We've added an ad gallery showing examples of each format.

These updates will be available the next time you visit the Auto ads settings panel. Learn more about Auto ads settings.

Example of auto ads feature in the AdSense interface

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