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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
10 months ago

Why Develop for Android?

If you have a background in mobile application development, you don’t need me to tell you that:

❑ A lot of what you can do with Android is already possible. ❑ But doing it is painful.

Android represents a clean break, a mobile framework based on the reality of modern mobile devices.

With a simple and powerful SDK, no licensing fees, excellent documentation, and a thriving developer community, Android is an excellent opportunity to create software that changes how and why people use their mobile phones.

Android is backed by more than 30 OHA members and is surrounded by significant industry buzz.

In market terms, the growth in portable devices is a worldwide phenomenon, with mobile-phone own-ership outstripping computer ownership in many countries. The increasing popularity of smartphones

— multifunction devices including a phone but featuring cameras, Internet access, media players, Wi-Fi, and GPS services — combined with the increasing availability of mobile broadband and Wi-Fi has cre-ated a growth market for advanced mobile applications.