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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
10 months ago

What Does It Have That Others Don’t?

Many of the features listed previously, such as 3D graphics and native database support, are also avail-able in other mobile SDKs. Here are some of the unique features that set Android apart:

❑Google Map Applications Google Maps for Mobile has been hugely popular, and Android offers a Google Map as an atomic, reusable control for use in your applications. The MapView widget lets you display, manipulate, and annotate a Google Map within your Activities to build map-based applications using the familiar Google Maps interface.

❑Background Services and Applications Background services let you create applications that use an event-driven model, working silently while other applications are being used or while your mobile sits ignored until it rings, flashes, or vibrates to get your attention. Maybe it’s an application that tracks the stock market, alerting you to significant changes in your portfolio, or a service that changes your ring tone or volume depending on your current location, the time of day, and the identity of the caller.