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Few Reasons For Your Low Engagement On Social Media:

Reason 1⃣
You are posting selfish content that is all about you.

Solution ✅
Post content that promotes conversation and genuinely helps your audience.

Reason 2⃣
Your content is too text-heavy and difficult to understand

Solution ✅
Use fewer words and more diagrams to explain complex stuff.

Reason 3⃣
You are not as sociable as you think

Solution ✅
Spend more time making new connections and building real relationships
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4 days ago
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Stop making excuses and start taking action.

The market is not the problem - it's your mindset and approach.

Focus on developing your skills, building relationships, and finding the right clients.

With dedication and perseverance, you can achieve anything!
You built me up
You tore me down
You gave me love
You broke my heart
I believed in you
Even with all your faults
I gave you my all
It just was not enough
I never gave up on you
I always believed
No one in this world
Has ever had more faith in you than me
You promised me the world
I never gave it a thought
You would not be part of my forever
I will let you go even though it hurts
But I promise I will never forget
All the lessons you taught me
© JMM 2012

As a content and article writer with a background in graphic design, I have a unique set of skills that allow me to create engaging and effective content for a variety of mediums. With a strong understanding of language and grammar, I am able to craft content that resonates with readers and drives desired outcomes. In addition to my writing skills, I also have experience as a graphic designer. I understand the importance of visual appeal when it comes to marketing materials, and I have the technical skills to create. Contact : Mohsina7011@gmail.com
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