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Africa: Wake up!

Lately, I have started to wonder what is the difference between black man and his western counterparts.

Maybe because they are not same and equal in knowledge

Maybe because they are not same skin complexioned

Maybe because they brought development to Africa

It could be because they brought their religion to Africa
My appreciation to them

However, I don't get it when dead Africans, our ancestors, are referred to as darkness, the devil, Ekwensu, Ogbanje and all sorts of name portraying them to be demonic.

These our ancestors were people who lived upright life before their demise.
Like My father, Mr. Ejem has been an upright man, a man of peace, justice and equity.
Should he transition today, God forbid, and some men would refer to him as belonging to the dark world with intent to describe him as evil, a description I would never accept.

Contrarily, the Asians, Americans and Europeans value their dead relatives, canonizing them, declaring them Saints according to their religions and forcing us to remember them in our prayers.

African ancestors are never remembered in prayers; any attempt to have their photos around our Altars are resisted and criticized by our pastors, it's called idol worship.

The photo below taken from 'Eye of London' would have been described as idol in Africa, especially, in Nigeria. This is a statue of one of their ancestors.

Who did this to us, Africans?

Ours is ours?

Happy New month of February, 2023
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