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Episode 11
©Miriam Edem


"My mother was in the hospital and I needed money. I asked for salary advance from my boss but he refused and I didn't know what to do. Once in the bar a guy asked why I was moody and I told him I need money but he said he has a business for me to do. He took me to the back and told me someone is in need of pretty girls and if I can bring one to add with the ones he has already seen he will give me 20,000 naira. I asked what he will use the girls for but he said its just for work but if i am not interested i should forget about it. I told him 20,000 is too small and he accepted to make it a 30k but on a condition that the guys must see the girl first and they should like her before payment can be made.

I thought of who to give out but saw none, then Love came to mind because she was aware of the small small cuttings I do cut from the boss and I got scared she may blow up one day because I know my gender very well. I had to invite her to my place So that the guys can see her and they liked her. They planned to take her the next day when we'll be going back home, I am so sorry, Bella narrated.

"You are sorry? Where did they take her to that's what I want to know, I said.
"I swear I don't know, she replied.

'Where is this guy that took her? Take me to them, I said getting up.
"I don't know the guys I swear and I don't know how they saw Love either. The guy who told me about this only came to tell me the guys has accepted her that's all, she said.

'Then take me to this guy! I screamed on her face.
"Okay okay you won't see him now but he do comes to the bar which I am very sure he will be at the bar tomorrow to drink. Come in the night you'll see him, she said and I violently held her on her cheeks.

"Are you playing with me or something? You think am stupid huh? I asked.
"I lie not, she said.

"You lie! I want to know where he stays because I have to pay him a visit and I don't have that time to wait till tomorrow now get Up! I shouted and she shakily stood up which I opened up the door for her to go out.

We walked on the street slowly and got into the other lane and she pointed at a house for me.
"He stays there, she said but the place was locked and immediately the power holding brought the light just when I was trying to find out if anybody was there or not.
"Can I go now? She whispered to me.

"Go to where? Are you not ashamed of yourself to say that after selling your friend for ordinary 30,000 Naira? I asked.
"What friend? Who told you Love is my friend? For the fact that we work in the same place does not make us friends. If she was my friend why didn't she give me the money when i needed it most? Didn't they say a friend in need is a friend indeed? Look here don't think I am afraid of you, she said pointing her finger at me.

'Are you still talking? I asked very surprised with her guts and she scoffed.
"Are you forgetting this is my territory? You should be the one scared, I am not afraid of you! She shouted and I quickly covered her mouth to drag her out of the place but she struggled and began to shout the more calling some names.

I had no intention to hurt her, all I wanted to know was Love whereabout but she was not ready to do that. I heard some guys voices and I had to hit her on her back and she passed out, then I tried escaping through the bushes I saw but the security lights around exposed me.
"Freeze! Don't move we don see you, I heard behind me and I slowly raised my hands up.
"Wetin you dey find here and wetin you do our banny? They asked seeing Bella by the side.

"We were only talking and she fainted, I replied and one hit me on the bed while the other searched me and brought out the dagger I carried.
"See weapon o! Take this guy na thief! The one who searched me shouted showing them the weapon. I wanted fighting but it was no use because they were seven guys surrounding me, and that was how they dragged me in the midst of beatings to a room.

They tried finding out what I wanted from Bella but I told them nothing. The next morning when they were able to revive Bella, she told them I was asking about Love.
"Who get that name? One asked.
"The girl wey i give you, she replied and I understood he was the one who met her.

"Okayyyyyy, na the boyfriend? The guy asked.
"Brother, and where is she? I asked back.

"Oh sorry brother just forget am, Love no dey here again, you grab? He asked.
"I will find her and if you have already harmed her, I will kill you, I replied and he cleaned his mouth and looked at me carefully and began to laugh.

"Chai! They no tell you say I dey like that kind thing? I dey like am die, in fact I wan see as you wan do am. You fit kill me? He asked and I just looked away.
"Answer me, you fit kill me? He asked slapping my head so I can look at him.

"It will be a surprise, a day you won't expect, I replied and he nodded and passed me a blow.

They kept me there as a symbol of mockery for more than a week with tortures. One day the guy walked in smoking and laughed at me,
"How far na, we dey treat you well ba? See as we don give you free tattoos for body, He said and I looked at him.
"Don't think you can break me, you're making me stronger and I will kill you. Don't forget that, I replied and he opened his mouth and shook his head.

"Ah ah ah I love this guy. Do make I carry you go meet people wey your mouth go run well, the guy said and left but I was not disturbed. I was sure I will leave that place and find Love no matter what, my only fear was anything happening to her.

Some guys entered and untied me from there I was and dragged me out while I struggled. My two hands were still tied and I was put into the boot and the car took off.
I laid in the dark boot and remembered what my father who was a military man taught us about when you're being tied both hands and put in the boot.
I turned and saw where I can press to open the boot and smiled, then I laid still waiting for the right opportunity.

My ears were very attentive and I noticed they slowed down and it looked like a checkpoint. I heard the guys hailing the police men on the road and that was when I pressed that button and the boot of the car opened.
My mouth was sealed with my body with wounds and other cars saw me,
"Catch that car o, someone is in the boot o! A woman raised alarm and the car took off with speed and other cars pursued.

They could not stop to meet me at the back and I could not throw myself out either with the vehicles coming behind and the race continued for minutes which they stopped and fled into the bush and I was taken out from the boot.
"Sorry, where were they taking you to? A man asked taking the dirty cloth they tied on my mouth.
"I don't know, thank you so much for not giving up, I replied.

"Its okay, you have to be careful because they may come back. Lets take you to the hospital, a young guy said.
"No no please i can manage, let me go home, I stopped them and I was taken back home.

Despite my face was swollen and my body was with bruises I didn't care. I thought of reporting it to the police but the guys i saw will make things difficult and they might escape from the police, but as for Bella I'll settle my score with her at the right time. Luckily I left my phone at home and I quickly called my friends up asking if they were at home. I am also a bad guy but I swallowed it up and accepted to hustle legally but I had people that if I report anyone to, you'll be sorry. Cunny man must bury cunny man.
When they saw my face they began shouting and when I told them what happened they got more angry.

"You go that Kind mission and you no call your guys, what if you been die? My close pal asked.
"But I never die first na. Guys you need to help me, as long as that girl been dey stay with me and Una don chop her food before. She don welcome una despite say some girls fit behave anyhow with una, abeg help Love, I pleaded kneeling down.

"Get up jare why you go kneel down beg us? E never reach like that na, but this girl wey carry her sell where I fit meet am? One asked.
"That bar na where I carry you go once but she no sabi where Love dey. The person wey sabi na the idiot wey do me this thing, I replied.

"Okay I Know say that guys fit they hide by now ........ "They no go hide, in fact they go dey expect us. Abeg na, we no get time at all. The more Love dey there something fit happen to am, I cut in.
"Don't worry, we need to get that guy and squeeze out where our banny Dey, just tell us where the nigga dey dwell and we go lap there, the other of my pal said tapping me and I nodded.

"See as they rubbish you, leave woman first make we treat your wounds, the other said taking my shirt off.

I had to stay with them while they monitored the guy who held me captive and blocked him when he walked alone after some days. They brought him to their own camp but he was very stubborn. Days were going and I was just tired of everything,
"See let me tell you, keep me here till next year I no sabi where those guys dey, I no dey lie! The guy kept saying and I angrily held him on his throat when I could not bear it anymore.

"Mozzy Mozzy! My friends shouted holding me when I almost strangled him and dragged me to a corner.
"What are you doing? How do you expect us to find Love? If we know where to find her you think we will keep him alive for more than two weeks now? My friend asked and I rubbed my head.

"Love is heading to 2 months now if not more since she got missing. The police knows nothing and he also knows nothing, what do you want me to do? I feel so useless, I replied leaning on the wall and I saw one of my friends bent down looking at the guy we held.
"See guy just give us small information we fit use as compass to find that girl and I'll personally let you go, the guy calmly said when violence was not helping issues.

"Truth is eh I go still die even if you free me because those guys go kill me. Make Una do am fast, the guy replied.
'We go protect you, na promise be that abeg, the guy said while I anxiously looked at the guy as he looked at us for a while and gave an address. I was the first who ran out to check it out if it's true but the place was empty. I called the guys telling them no one is there at the location he gave to us,

"I no dey lie. Those guys no dey steady for there. Una go get patience be that to monitor them because I no go fit reach them for phone sef except na them call me when they dey town, the guy said when they asked him on phone and I rubbed my face.
"Mozzy come back, my friend told me and I went back very disappointed.

We monitored the place for months. Sometimes I slept in the surrounding bushes just so I can see anybody entering the place, and finally just about 3am a car drove in when I dozed off but the headlights entered my eyes and I woke up to see 3 guys Coming out from the car at the compound he told us and a guy who wore dark glasses as if he just got operated was helped out but he angrily beat their hands.
"Why are you holding me? Am I now blind? That girl will pay for what she did to me, the guy with glasses said.

"I've told you to calm down, the boss get that babe now and anyone wey go touch am na dead be that, the guy who drove the car said while I was texting my friends over there.
"You don't know me, no one touches me and go unpunished. I go do that girl something, over my dead body that girl no go survive, I thank God say she go follow do that drug operation, the guy said and they went in, and I slowly left also when the guys texted me to come back.

The guy who we held captive was still with us, though not in torture but we had our eyes on him. He told us the guys will stay for three days before disappearing for months again and we decided to plan the operation that night.
That night was bloody and we brought one down while the other was seriously injured,
"You were three this morning, where's one? I asked him.

"You go ask tire, he replied and we took him to the camp. When he saw he was about to bleed to death, he had no choice than to disclose where the hideout was so we can help him which was about 5 hours drive.
"Is that where the other guy went to? I asked him.

"Yes, he went to revenge the girl who punctured his eye, he replied.
"This girl, is she there? I asked showing him Love picture and he Weakly saw it,

"She's the one who punctured his eye and he took a deadly drug with him, he replied and my eyes bulged out.
"Mozzy calm down, my friends said when I went backwards in shock.

"We have to go now please before its too late, nothing should happen to Love please, I said as they held me.
"We will go Though its too sudden but we can't wait anymore, one of my pal said and we got The car arranged and four of us set off that night leaving two behind to watch over the guys in our custody.



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