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Fall of the Mighty by Success Adegbite Episode 6,7&8
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Fall of the Mighty
©Success Adegbite
Episode 6

He was surprised by what he saw when he got to the class.
There was no teacher in the class. Some students were playing around. Some were talking to each other, some were sleeping, some were eating. Charles was reading his Bible.
"Hey David", Charles called and David moved towards Charles.
"Charles, What's wrong? Why is there no teacher in the class? I thought I would have missed a period already", David said immediately he got to Charles.
"All the teachers are in a very important meeting. I guess God heard me when I prayed that the lecture shouldn't start till you return", Charles said and chuckled.
" Where is Esther? I hope she is fine now", David said when he saw that Esther was no longer in the class.
"She was taken to the school clinic. I trust that she will be fine now. I was praying silently for you and Esther before, but, some minutes ago, I felt an inner peace in me so, I stopped praying and decided to read my Bible. How did your prayers go?", Charles asked.
" It went well. The root of the problem has been uprooted. Charles, I must really commend you, you are a very good friend. Thanks for your prayers. We fought the battle together"
" And we overcame ", Charles said with a smile.
" Yes, we did. We are more than conquerors through him that loved us", David said.
" And we would keep overcoming in all situations. 1 John 5:4 ; For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith."
Suddenly a teacher entered the class.
" We would continue our discussion later", David said and moved to his seat.
" Good morning, students. Where did we stop in our last class?", The teacher asked.

Charles and David decided to go to check on Esther during the break time. They walked to the school clinic together and David discussed what happened when he was praying to Charles. Charles was really overwhelmed. He admitted to David that he never knew that there were real witches who killed people in their city. Esther was already conscious when they got to the clinic.
"There she is", Charles said as he saw Esther.
"Hi Esther", Charles greeted.
"Hello Esther", David greeted.
"Hi", Esther replied faintly.
"We came to check on you", Charles said.
"Thank you very much", Esther said.
" How are you feeling now?", David asked.
"Better! Till now, I'm still confused about what happened to me? I was feeling okay this morning. Nothing was wrong with me except that I felt a little bit weak. I thought it was a result of stress. The last thing I remembered when I was in the class this morning was that I wanted to go to submit my assignment, the next thing was that I opened my eyes and found myself in the clinic. A teacher has informed my dad about what happened and my dad should be here soon. The doctor here is yet to find what's wrong with me".
David chuckled and said, " The doctor can not find what's wrong with you. What you should be grateful for is that you are alive. I'm happy that God revived you".
"Esther tried to sit up on her bed . When she was in a good sitting position, she said, " David, I don't understand what you are saying. Why can't the doctor find what's wrong with me? What's happening here? Charles, talk to me. You both know something. Tell me about it".
" Esther, you need a lot of rest. You don't need to stress yourself", Charles said.
" Yes! Yes! I now remember", Esther said as something flashed her mind.
"What do you remember?", David and Charles asked in unison.
" I had a dream when I was still unconscious. My step mom was holding my hands and taking me to somewhere. Suddenly, David came and tried to grab me from my step mom. They both struggled for some minutes. David was holding my right hand while my step mom was holding my left hand. They were both pulling my hands. After a while, David succeeded and took me away from my step mom",
David and Charles looked at each other in surprise.
" What you saw in your dream was what actually happened", Charles said.
Esther looked confused. " I don't understand", She said.
David explained everything in details to Esther. Esther didn't believe at the first instance.
"It can't be my step mom. My step mom is very kind and caring. She really loves me. She can't even think of killing me. Maybe it's someone else you saw", Esther argued.
" If it wasn't your step mom, why was it your step mom you saw in your dream also?", Charles asked.
" Oh my God! How could she be so wicked?", Esther said as she broke down into tears.
" Esther, this is not the time to cry. God has given you victory already. But, to overcome totally, you have to surrender your life to Christ. He is the only one that has the power over principalities, rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. When you are in Him, no power of darkness can have effect on you. Are you ready to allow Jesus to be your Lord and your Savior?",
" I'm ready", Esther said still in tears.
David led her to Christ and prayed with her.
"Esther, you have to be very careful with your step mom. You shouldn't create hatred for her because of what she did. Show love to her, respect her, pray for her always", David admonished.
" Okay, I'll try to do that", Esther said.
"We'll be on our way now", Charles said.
" Thanks for the visit. Most importantly, thanks for the prayers. I don't know where I would be now if God didn't use you for me. Please, remember me in your prayers", Esther said.
" Sure", David said.
"Bye", Charles said and walked out together with David.
They had few more classes and the school closed for the day.
"I can't wait to see what God is going to do today", Charles said as he and David walked to the fellowship centre.
"Me too! I'm getting excited already. Charles, I hope that you didn't forget that you are the one to lead the praise and worship today?", David said.
" Of course, I didn't forget. How can I forget something like that? I'm sure you would be surprised when see God touching lives through the songs that will be coming out from my mouth", Charles said in a jokingly manner.
" Well, it wouldn't be the songs coming out from your mouth, it would be the songs coming from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit", David corrected.
" Anyhow you put it. I'm sure that God would surprise us today".
Indeed God surprised them, they were met with a surprise as they entered the fellowship centre.
"Oh my God!", David and Charles said simultaneously.

To be continued........
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty
©Success Adegbite

Episode 7

"Oh my God!", David and Charles said simultaneously.
The fellowship centre was filled with over 100 students. The highest number of students that had ever attended the fellowship before was just 30. There were many students from the junior classes in the centre. Some of David's classmates were also there already.
"What's going on here? Is there a special program here today? ", Charles whispered into David's ear.
" Which type of question is that? We both got here together, how do you expect me to know? ", David replied.
Charles moved to a junior student and asked, " Are you all here for the fellowship?"
"Yes sir", The student replied.
" Wow" was all David could say.
" David, I think you should lead the praise and worship session. As you can see, there are a lot of people here", Charles said to David.
" Haha, What about the songs you wanted to sing that would touch lives? Are you not getting inspiration from the Holy Spirit again? Charles, you are the one that would lead the praise and worship session".
They were still talking when a student came to meet them.
"Good afternoon, Senior David and Senior Charles", The student greeted.
" Afternoon. How are you!", David greeted.
" I'm fine, thank you. Do you remember me sir?", The student asked.
" Not really", David replied.
" I came to the fellowship last week because one of my friends invited me. During the prayer session, you said that God told you that there was someone in the fellowship with ulcer . You declared healing into that person's life. I was the person you were talking about. I was suffering for intensive ulcer pain then and it had been like that for more than three months. With faith, I said Amen and since that day, the pain vanished. I stopped using all my drugs since then and I'm totally free from ulcer now.
" Praise God", Charles said. Charles and David were amazed at that testimony. David never knew that God carried out healing on someone's life during the fellowship program.
"God is really wonderful", David said.
"Yes, He is", The student replied. " Actually, I told all my classmates and friends about what God did in my life and some decided to start coming to the fellowship. Some of them invited their other friends also"
" That's great", Charles said .
" It's time for the fellowship. We should start right away", David said as he checked his wrist watch.
"Okay sir", The student said and went back to his seat.
"Charles, take the opening prayer and start the praise and worship session.
"Okay. I pray the Holy Spirit take control",
"He will", David said and Charles walked to the front.
" Praise the Lord", Charles said at the top of his voice.
" Hallelujah! ", The student chorused.
"Let's close our eyes for prayer", Charles said and led the opening prayers.
As he started the praise and worship session, the Holy Spirit took control. Right from the worship session, some people were on their knees crying. Everyone worshipped God with all their heart. The fellowship centre was filled with the presence of God. Charles wasn't the one controlling himself. The songs that were coming out from his mouth weren't the one from his head. The Holy Spirit was the one in charge. Charles didn't know when he went on his knees and started bursting in tongues.
Right from where David was, he knew that it wasn't Charles doing that by himself.
"Take glory, Father. Take glory, Son, Take glory, Holy Ghost. Now and forever more", Charles sang and the students sang along with him.
That wasn't the song he planned to sing, but, that was what the Holy Spirit was directing him to sing.
The effect of the song was evident after two minutes as some students started praying in tongues, some were singing in tears, some were rolling on the floor, a lot were in the Spirit. Indeed, the Spiritual was controlling the physical.
A teacher, Mr Williams, was passing by the fellowship centre when he heard the student's voices. He wondered what the noise was all about. He decided to feed his curiosity by going inside.
He got inside and saw students praying , singing in the spirit. He had never seen young people that passionate about God before. He was touched by what they were doing that he didn't know when he joined them in singing.
After thirty minutes, Charles stopped singing.
Charles went to take his seat and David walked to the front.
"I want to thank everyone for being here today. It's a great pleasure to have you all around. I pray that you would all have a divine encounter with God in Jesus's name. I can see that a lot of people are already having encounters with God.
We would not be going into much prayers today. The Lord has used his son, Charles, for us during the praise and worship session. We thank God for that.
Let's go into the word of God quickly. Can someone open the book of Isaiah chapter 59 verses 1 to 2 and read for us"
A young girl stood up and read, "Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened , that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear"
" Thank you for reading that for us. God bless you", David said to the young girl.
He continued, "Now , straight to what I'm going to be talking about today. Many times, a lot of us pray to God wholeheartedly. Some pray for hours, some pray for days, yet, their prayers do not get answered. Why? Can someone tell me why?".
Mr Williams, the teacher, stood up and answered, "There are a lot of reasons why prayers do not get answered . Your prayers might not get answered if you are praying the wrong prayers. For instance, if you were supposed to pray for wisdom and you are praying for money, God might not answer that. It's the same thing with giving headache pills to someone that has stomach pain".
The students in the fellowship giggled.
Mr Williams continued, "Also, some prayers do get answered sometimes because it's not yet the time appointed for them to get answered. For instance, Hannah in the Bible had been barren for years, she had also been going to the house of God for years. But, when the appointed time came, the Lord answered her prayers".
After that, Mr Williams sat down. " Thank you very much for that, Mr Williams. I have a last and important one to include. The main reason why our prayers do not get answered sometimes is because of SIN. Sin separates us from God. God doesn't hear the prayers of sinners. As a matter of fact, God is too holy to behold sin. Like the Bible passage read to us the other time, Our iniquities have separated us from God and our sins has hid his face from us that he will not hear. The Lord's hand is not shortened, it can save, but, if you are a sinner, it might not save you. The Lord's ear is not heavy, it can hear, but, if you are filled with all kind of immoralities, pride, hatred, fornication, uncleanness, strife, envy, drunkenness, the Lord might not hear you when you need Him.
If you are still struggling with sin, now is the time to come to Jesus. Not tommorow, not next week, not next month, now is the time to come.
David was lead by the Holy Spirit to make the altar call. He was surprised at the turn out of students when he did.
A lot of students were led to Christ, even, Mr Williams rededicated his life to Christ.
Many who had been into pornography, fornication, lesbianism, confessed their sins to God and asked Him to save them.
The fellowship was a very beautiful experience.

Esther's dad came to pick her at school. Esther was told by the nurse that her dad was around, she carried her school bag and went to the parking lot.
"Why did you come late dad? I have been waiting for you since morning. I thought my teachers called you to tell you about what happened to me. Don't you care about me anymore?", Esther said as she entered the car. She stopped talking immediately she noticed that her dad had a sad countenance.
"What's wrong, dad? Please, talk to me", Esther said.
" It's my wife. Your step mom", Esther's dad replied.
Esther's heart raced higher, " What happened to her?"
"I was called this morning that she is in the hospital with serious fire burns on her body. She is in a very critical condition", Esther's dad said sadly.
" So, how does that concerns me?",

To be continued........
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty
©Success Adegbite

Episode 8

"So, how does that concern me?", Esther thought within herself.
" No, I shouldn't say that. I'm now a born again Christian. I shouldn't repay evil for evil", She thought.
" What happened to her?", Esther asked her dad.
"I don't know. I left work and rushed to the hospital to check her. It was a very terrible sight", Esther's dad said almost crying.
" Dad, it's okay. She will be fine", Esther consoled.
"Esther, you don't know what I'm talking about. You can't imagine how my wife looks now. I couldn't recognize her again. Infact, the doctors didn't allow me get close to her. She was in serious pain. Her legs and her hands were seriously affected. I don't even know how it happened", Esther's dad said. He was indeed broken. He loved his wife, Esther's step mom, than anything in the world. She had been everything he needed ever since his first wife, Esther mom, had died. He couldn't imagine the thought of loosing her for a second. Esther wished her dad knew the monster his wife was, but, she decided to keep quiet.
"What about, Joseph, my step brother?", Esther asked.
"He is at home with the house maid. I was about paying the hospital bill deposit when a call came in my phone from one of your teachers that you fainted. I don't just understand why everything is going wrong today. Who have I offended? I'm sorry I came late Esther, everything was complicated".
" It's okay, dad. I understand", Esther said cheering his dad up by rubbing his shoulders.
" Thanks dear, So, how are you feeling now?".
"I'm fine. I experienced divine intervention, divine healing and divine breakthrough", Esther said gleefully.
" What's that", Esther's dad asked.
"You will get to know later. Let's go to check my step mom in the hospital now", Esther said.
" Okay dear", Esther's dad said and wanted to start the car.
"Wait dad", Esther stopped her dad.
"Dad, are you sure that you can drive. You are going through a lot of emotional stress now. Would you be able to drive? We can take a cab if you don't mind. You can come back here to pick your car tommorow"
Esther's dad smiled, " I'll manage. I drove down here by myself and nothing happened. Thanks for your care and consideration, you are so thoughtful and that's why I love you".
" I love you more, dad"
" Shall we?", Esther's dad said as he started the car.
" Yes dad", Esther replied and her dad drove to the hospital.

In the coven, the witches were seated in a circular manner. Their head was in the middle.
Esther's step mom, Ajoke, was seated with them with severe burns on her body.
"Ajoke, why did you allow this to happen to you", The leader shouted.
" I didn't know this was going to happen. I did everything exactly the way you asked me to do it. I have never met the boy before, I don't know why he decided to fight for Esther", Ajoke said groaning in pains.
" Peele Ajoke (Sorry Ajoke). Who do you think that boy is?", One of the witches asked.
" I think he is one of Esther's classmates", Ajoke replied.
" Esther's classmate? Where did he get his power from?", Another witch questioned.
"He is a child of the Most High", Ajoke replied.
"I don't care whosoever he is. He can't get away with this. He must get punished", One member said.
" Yes, he must be dealt with", Another member said.
"What he did is a big insult to the witch community, but, we need to be very careful. Ajoke said that he is a child of the Most High. Have you forgotten that the word of the Most High said, "Touch not my anointed". If we touch him, we are going to suffer grave consequences", The leader said.
" So, what should we do? ", Ajoke asked.
" I think we should use the method we used for Pastor Oluwatobi for him", One of the witches suggested.
" That's a very good suggestion. We need to do something to distract him from praying regularly and reading his Bible. After that, we would set a big temptation before him . Once, he falls through the temptation, he would lose his annointing. Then, we would disgrace him before his Christian sisters and brothers. They would all feel disappointed in him and he would be left alone. Then, we can attack him", Ajoke said.
" That's a very good idea, but, we need to restructure it and make it work"
Suddenly, the coven because hot, it was as if fire was burning there. It wasn't a visible fire that could be seen or stopped by anything. All the witches started feeling the effect of the fire on their body.
"Help! Help! ", Ajoke screamed as the pain she had before increased.
The other members too were feeling the effect the fire. It was burning everyone of them internally. None of them could leave the coven because they had not completed their meeting.
"What's happening? Is the boy attacking us because we are talking about him?", A member shouted in pain.
" This fire is going to kill us. Leader, do something", Another member shouted.
" The leader was also having burns on her body. She managed to get out of the coven and go to her secret room.
"What?", She shouted as she saw the person behind the fire.

To be continued........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.Fall of the Mighty.

To be continued........
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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