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Fall of the Mighty episode 9&10
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Fall of the Mighty
©Success Adegbite

Episode 9

What?", She shouted as she saw the person behind the fire.
She saw, Esther, Ajoke's step daughter, sitting beside Ajoke in the hospital and praying for her. Esther's dad was also beside her. They were both praying together.
"Almighty God, please, heal my step mom. Intervene in her life. Let her experience a divine encounter with you. All the powers holding her back, let the fire of the Holy Spirit burn them in Jesus'name", Esther prayed.
" Amen!", Esther's father was saying to Esther's prayers.
"That boy has made our prey powerful. He would not get away with this", The witch leader said and rushed back to the coven.
All the witch members were still in the coven with burns on their body.
"Ajoke, your step daughter is responsible for the invisible fire", The witch leader announced.
" Haaaaaaaaaaa! ", The group members shouted.
" The only solution to stop this fire is to remove you from this group. Henceforth, you are no longer a member of this group".
Some of the group members mumured even though they were in pains.
"Witch Leader, please, don't remove me from this group", Ajoke pleaded .
" Other members are in in pains because of you. This would continue to happen as far as you are in the group", The witch leader said.
" Ajoke, please, leave this group. I can't bear the pain anymore. It's an invisible fire. You can see fire burns on all the part of my body", One of the group member said in anguish.
" Yes. Leave!", Some group members said in support of the group member who talked.
"Witch leader, I don't want to lose my powers. Please, don't let me leave. I can warn Esther to stop praying, I can even poison her food. Please, don't send me out of this group", Ajoke begged.
" You can no longer do anything to your step daughter. She is now powerful. If you touch her, you would bear the consequences. Ajoke, listen to me carefully, you are no longer a member of this group", The witch leader said. She said some incantations and joined hands with all the group members. Immediately, Ajoke disappeared from their midst.
Immediately Ajoke was gone, the fire stopped.
"Thank you for saving us, witch leader", One of the witch members said.
" That fire would have roasted us if you didn't send Ajoke away", Another witch said.
"Ajoke was also foolish. She should have killed the girl long ago before now. If she had done that, this would not have happened", Another member said.
The witch leader sat down on her seat. She said, "That boy caused everything. He caused a great havoc on all of us here. Firstly, he delivered Esther from Ajoke when she wanted to strangle her, Secondly, he made Esther powerful. That's a great insult to our group. He would not get away with this. We would deal with him"
" Witch leader, are you sure that he would not destroy us with fire if we try to do anything to him? ", One of the group member asked in fear.
" We would just have to restructure our plan and work it out", The witch leader said.

" Please don't send me away! Please! Please!", Ajoke shouted from her deep sleep.
" What's wrong with her. I thought they said she is in coma. Doctor! Doctor!", Esther's father called and rushed to the doctor's office.
Slowly, Ajoke started to open her eyes.
"She is fully awake", Esther said happily as she stood up from the chair she was sitting on to look at her step mom.
Ajoke was terrified when she saw Esther. Esther, the same girl who caused invisible fire in the coven, was the one standing beside her.
"Help! Help! E gba mi ooo (Help me)", Ajoke screamed.
The doctor and Esther's dad rushed to the scene.
" Esther, what happened to your step mom?", Esther's father asked.
" I don't know. She just woke up now and started shouting for help", Esther replied.
" Ma'am, Calm down. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. We are giving you a great treatment here, you are going to be fine. You don't need to panic", The doctor said to Ajoke.
"Mr Jacobs, this is just a shock because of the state she found herself", The doctor said turning to Esther's father.
"I understand sir", Esther's father replied.
"Please, help me out of here. She is going to kill me. She is powerful. Help me!", Ajoke cried pointing to Esther.
Esther was confused.
" Doctor, is my wife running insane?", Esther's father asked.
"We would do some medical tests on her. She should be fine", The doctor assured.
" Please do!", Esther's father said.
" I'm not running insane. I'm telling the truth. She is going to kill me. Sweetheart, believe me, she caused the fire", Ajoke shouted.
" What's she talking about?", Esther's father asked.
"I'll call a nurse to inject her with a sedative now", The doctor said.
" Please, don't inject me. She will kill me. Esther, please don't kill me. I'm sorry that I attempted to kill you in the first instance. I promise, I won't try that again. Esther, please" Ajoke cried.
" Doctor, do something. My wife is running insane", Esther's father, Mr Jacobs shouted.
The doctor dialled a number on the telephone in the hospital room.
" Nurse Sofia, come right away to ward 10 with a sedative", The doctor said over the telephone.
" She will be here in a minute", The doctor said to Mr Jacobs.
"Please, don't inject me. I'm telling the truth. Esther would kill me. My husband, please trust me for this once. Esther, I'm sorry. Please", Ajoke cried.
"Ma'am, you are in a very delicate condition. It wouldn't be good enough that you stress yourself. Your skin is still weak. Stay calm on the bed, don't try to move", The doctor said.
" Don't tell me what to do. I know what I'm saying. Esther, please have mercy on me. Please!", Ajoke begged.
Nurse Sofia entered immediately.
"Thank God the nurse is here", Mr Jacobs said to himself.
"Inject her",The nurse said.
" Don't, please", Ajoke pleaded.
Nurse Sofia moved closer to Ajoke to inject her but she was stopped by someone's else voice.
"Stop! Don't do it. She is telling the truth",

To be continued.....
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty
©Success Adegbite

Episode 10

"Stop! Don't do it. She is telling the truth", Esther said.
" Esther, what are you also saying? ", Mr Jacobs asked.
Esther requested that the doctor and nurse excuse them and they did.
Esther narrated everything David told her to her dad. She also added that the fire burns on her step mom's body was as a result of David prayer. Mr Jacobs was shocked beyond words.
"Tell me she is lying. Tell me that she is not telling the truth", Mr Jacobs shouted on Ajoke.
" I'm sorry", Ajoke cried.
"So, you are truly a witch and you want to kill my child. What wrong did she ever do to you? Henceforth, you are no longer my wife", Mr Jacobs said angrily.
" Daddy, calm down. You can't leave her in the condition she is. Forgive her. I have also forgiven her. She can't do anything to us again", Esther pleaded.
" I'm sorry, please forgive me. I don't have the power to do anything again. Esther's prayers made them send me away from the witch group. I'm sorry, please, forgive me", Ajoke pleaded in tears.
" Esther, you have a very good heart. You forgave someone who wanted to kill you just like that. I forgive her also".
" Thank you dad", Esther said and hugged her dad.
"Thank you very much Esther. Thank you sweetheart", Ajoke said still crying.
" Ajoke, see the mess you are in. See what you caused yourself because of envy and material things. I'm not sure your skin can go back to the way it was before", Mr Jacobs said.
Esther used that opportunity to preach Christ to his step mom and father. She was surprised at the turn out. They both accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Her step mom was very repentant. She confessed every evil she had done and promised never to do them again.
Esther and her dad stayed with Ajoke at the hospital and made sure she got a good treatment.

It was past six in the evening. David just returned home from school. It wasn't his first time of returning late from school, so, his mom wasn't worried about him.
"Good evening, mom", David said as he entered the house tiredly.
"David! David! David! What's wrong with you? How many times do you want me to warn you? Other students have returned home since three p.m. You are just coming back home at six p.m. Also, you have not eaten since morning. Do you want to kill yourself?", Mrs Ajayi asked furiously.
" Mom, I'm fine. I would eat soon. I'm sorry that I came home late, the fellowship took longer time than I thought", David said.
" I only have two children, yet, they disturb me as if they are a dozen children. I told your sister, Deborah, to wash the plates in the kitchen since morning. I returned back from work and met the plates in the kitchen unwashed. You are also coming back from school at past six in the evening. What's the problem of both of you. I'm happy that Deborah is returning to her tertiary institution next week, I will be able to focus on you alone then", Mrs Ajayi said.
" My sister is going back to the university next week?", David asked.
" Sure! Her break is over. Do you expect her to stay here forever?", Mrs Ajayi asked.
" No ma. I thought she had two weeks more. Mom, I'll be going to my room now. I need to change my clothes", David said.
"I'm giving you ten minutes to do everything you want to do in your room. After that, I want to see you in the dinning eating your food. You have not eaten since morning, do you want to have ulcer?",
" No mom. Don't worry about me, I'll eat when I'm ready", David said and went to his room.
" I wish his dad was back from his business trip. He would have forced David to eat. David and his sister just like giving me problems. The plates I asked Deborah to wash are still in the kitchen. Iru awon omo wo leyi (Which type of children are this?). Would I go into the kitchen and start washing the plates myself. Deborah! Deborah!", Mrs Ajayi shouted as she stood up.
David got to his room and knelt down to pray. He appreciated God for everything He did ; for Esther, for the students who gave their life to Christ in the fellowship, for the students who were saved from bondage and for the Spirit of God that came upon Charles. He also prayed to God that He should uphold all those that just gave their lived to Christ. He prayed that God would empower Esther and give grace to Charles to continue dwelling in Him. He sang some praises and ended his prayer session. After that, he went to the dining room to eat.

Dear readers, let us have a little pause here and reflect on some things before we continue. David prayed for everyone, but, he didn't pray for himself. He didn't pray to God to uphold him or give him sufficient Grace. He didn't even pray about the dream Charles told him in the morning. He didn't pray to God to protect him against Esther's step mom witch group. He didn't pray for his family.
Many times, we all feel like we don't need prayers. We feel others need them more than we do. We feel like God knows all our heart desires and He should be able to give us everything we did. But, He said in His word that, "Ask and it shall be given to you". He didn't say think and it shall be given unto you. Sometimes in our lives, God is limited by our prayer requests. If you don't ask Him, he won't intrude.
David did not commit sin by not asking, but, do you think he did the right thing?
Let's continue with our story

David blessed his food and ate. He packed his plates to the kitchen. When he got to the kitchen, he discovered that there were unwashed plates there. He washed all the plates including his own. After washing the plates and drying them, he returned to his room.
It was around seven p.m . He started doing his assignments, but, he didn't understand some. He picked his assignments notes and headed to his sister's room.
He knocked at his sister's door three times but there was no reply. He decided to open the door to check if she was inside.
His books dropped from his hands when he saw what was going on inside.

To be continued.......
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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