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Episode 3
©Miriam Edem

I ran to the farm and sat down there so pissed the more. Does my father thinks he is the only one who can embarrass someone? I thought and had to find fruits there to eat because my father does not permit anyone to eat on Sunday morning even if you want to die.
Dusk was falling on me and I didn't want to go to the house. At a point my anger fled and what I felt was fear of what my father will do to me when I get home, but then I still believed I was doing the right thing and my father will have to apologize to me.

I left the farm to the church and took the keys from where we do hide it and decided to sleep in the church.
The next morning I slowly got home and saw Pius fetching water and he saw me,
"Where did you go to? He asked coming close to me.
"I was just close by, I replied.

"You slept outside Love, daddy will kill you, he said.
'Really? Has he sharpened a cutlass already? I asked.

"Just return that way to wherever you're coming from, don't try to enter my house, I heard and turned to see my father looking at us and my mother came out.
"Love, she said and approached us where I stood looking at my father.

"If you know that girl, tell her to return to wherever she slept last night. Oh so it has come to the point you challenge me and also sleep outside right? My father asked.
"Dear please, my mother said and attempted to meet him but my father gave her a stop sign and went in and my mother turned to me.

"What's all this Love? Who is doing this to you? My mother asked.
"Where do you think I slept last night? I slept in the church, I replied.

'For what reason? When did that start? She asked.
"Is it the first time I am sleeping in the church? Don't we tarry in the church anymore? I asked back.

"Stop playing games with me and stop lying to me. Besides tarrying in the church is different from what you did, you slept out last night after insulting your father and you're still lying that you slept in the church when I was there yet you're not sober for what you've done. You have to apologize to him now! She shouted.
"I didn't insult him but told him the truth and I guess we both owe ourselves apology. I am not lying to you, and am very sorry because i am not apologizing to your husband. He will have to apologize to me first because he wronged me or else mommy, this will continue, I said to her and she slapped me.

"This is not you I trained and I see the school and friends you have there has influenced you this way. You will have to repeat that class that is making you feel you have arrived and you sit for the exams next year because I am changing your school! My mother shouted.
"What! I asked.

"Yes, I think I have been too cold on you and that is making you grow wings. I'll show you that you're still a child under us and we are the ones feeding and training you. And until you give us that respect and return back to your senses, we won't stop until you become the daughter you are supposed to be in this family. You are no longer going to school and don't you dare disobey me! She shouted and stormed in while I speechlessly looked at her and Pius breathed out.
"Just apologize Love and let's forget this ever happened, Pius said and my mother came out with the uniform I washed after I returned from church before I ran out and threw them on the floor.

"Mommy what are you doing? Pius asked taking my uniform from the ground but she grabbed it from him and squeezed it throwing it back.
"I am burning them. I paid for them so I am burning them! If she feels she's a big girl, let her go hustle and buy her own uniform and send herself to school, My mother replied and went in and Pius looked at me.

"Love won't you do something? Just apologize to them and stop acting dumb and big when you will regret it! Pius shouted at me but I was glued to where I stood looking at my uniform on the ground, before I knew it, my mother returned with the gallon of kerosene and matches and set it on fire right before my eyes.
"You are no more going to that school that is turning you to a monster, and until you apologize to us, you won't go to school, she sternly said looking at me and went in and Pius worriedly rubbed his head.

"Jesus Christ! Mommy you've gone too far! Pius shouted and I ran out from the compound.

My heart was beating as if it wanted pulling out of my chest and I watched as my mates were already leaving their houses for school. I didn't know how to cover my wet face and I was even walking barefooted because of how I escaped from the house. I ignored the villagers who asked what's going on with me and found my way to the farm and sat down crying my eyes out.
Out of anger I began destroying what I could in the farm and breathed out looking at my bruised hands,
"I'll make you pay! I heard myself said and left the farm to the house.

Entering into the compound I saw my father leaving the house for the farm and I quickly hid myself and saw how he took through the back and I came out knowing my mother must be in the market.
I saw my burnt uniform and took the ashes and squeezed it smiling, threw it away and got in. I had enough food to eat, took my bath and picked my few clothes in a bag and left to my parents room to find money.

My parents trust us when it comes to money and never have they complained of their money missing, but that day their money will have to miss, and without counting I just took what I saw into my bag and left.
"Love are you traveling? Was asked by the villagers who saw me but I didn't bother to answer anybody, I was finding my way to the park because it was important to me.

I had no place to go honestly, but as I arrived at the park, I told myself the first bus that is almost full is where I am going to.
I saw two buses that were almost full and they were going to different places. I entered the bus that was going far because I didn't want anybody to find me.
I breathed out when the bus took off and felt like crying, but then I consoled myself that it is better to live on the street than to stay in a place that is reducing your life span on earth. I was beginning to hate my own parents and I could not help it, going away was the only thing I could think of.

With the few stopping on the way so the passengers can buy refreshment it didn't bother me, I just leaned my head on the window thinking of where I will go or stay.
"Here, a lady beside me stretched me a bunch of bananas.
"Thank you, I said taking it from her.

"You're welcome. You're too quiet and seems to be lost in thought, are you okay? She asked and I sat up well and shook my head.
"Who are you visiting? She asked again.

"No one, I want to go look for a job, I replied and she nodded.
"But you have to stay somewhere first, she said.

"Is it that difficult to find a job? I heard it's very easy, I said.
"For a day job yes, but a one with accommodation it's not that simple, she said.

"But....but.... What should I do now? I asked.
"I don't know, you should have a roof to stay before traveling, its not easy out there outside the village as they do tell you, she replied and I got very weak to eat the bananas she bought for me.

When the bus finally came to a stop, I was not aware not until I heard noises and I woke up to see people leaving and it was dark,
"What's going on? I confusedly asked.
"We are here, she replied and I came out also and held my bag not knowing the path to go and I was feeling cold.

"Yes aunty I just arrived, The lady beside me made a call as I slowly approached her.
"Okay aunty I'll be waiting, she said and dropped the call and looked at me.

"Any problem? She asked.
'Ermm yes, please what says the time? I asked.

"Okay it's past 9pm, do you have money for a guest house? She asked and I nodded.
"How much do you have there? She asked and I hurriedly checked my purse and showed her 3,000naira.

"Is this all you have? She asked and I nodded.
"It's not enough? I asked back.

"Of course its not enough to keep you going even for a week, what were you thinking when you ran away anyway? She asked despite I never discussed it with her and tears swelled up in my eyes as I looked at the money.
Maybe It would have been better if i should have just apologized to my parents and continue living my life that way because I was so scared in a strange land, no money, phone or anyone I could run to.

"Please help me, just for this night. I'll run around and find a job I promise, I replied.
"Seriously? In this wicked world? I am squatting with my aunty, she just invited me for the very first time and I Can't help you, she said and I breathed out and nodded.

"I understand, I'll find a way then, I said and wanted walking away.
"Why not sleep at the park? But be careful though, the lady said.

"Thank you, I said and walked away with my bag clung on my shoulder and the banana she bought for me in my hand.
I left the park and walked on the busy road until a car horned and parked,
"Hey come in, I saw the lady and I smiled.

"Thank you, I said as she opened the door for me and I greeted the young guy I saw in the car with her.
"I spoke with my aunty and she said I can bring you. Besides this is her son, she said introducing the guy to me.

"Thank you very much, I said to him.
"Its alright, he said and I just closed my eyes thanking God for providing a place for me.

"You're still with the banana? She asked and I just smiled and began to eat it relieved.

We arrived and came out from the car and I slowly followed them behind and got into the flat which I greeted the couples there,
"You're welcome. What's your name? The man asked.
'My name is Love sir, I replied.

"Okay, and you have no place to stay? He asked
"Yes sir, I replied.

"Where are your parents? The woman asked.
"Orphan? The man asked before I could reply.

"Yes sir, I replied just to cut the long questions short.
"Sorry about that. So you ran away from the village? The woman asked.

"Yes ma, am here to look for a job, I replied.
"Thats risky though for someone of your age, and Do you have your SSCE? The woman asked.

"Uhmmm no ma, I stopped in Ss2, I was about to write the mock exams but I can do any job please, I replied and the woman looked at her husband.
"Well, I was looking for a sales girl in my shop and I don't want any kind of person to work there. I think i'll keep you here and monitor you to be sure you're a good girl, the woman said.

"I'm a good girl ma, I'm even a past...... I stopped and swallowed.
"You wanted saying something? She asked.

"I mean to say that I have even served a pastor, I slowly replied.
"Okay, let me be the judge of that. So Prisca you'll share the room with her right? The woman asked the lady at the park.

"No problem auntie, She replied.
"Okay, you two should go change up and have something to eat, the woman said.

"Thank you so much sir, thank you ma God bless you, I said bowing my head and left with Prisca.
"Lucky you, she said falling on the bed when we got to the room while I stood at the door looking around.

"Hey feel free, loose yourself up no one will bite you here, Prisca said.
'Thank you so much, i really appreciate despite you don't know me, I said to her.

"Nah it's okay. So who did you run away from? She asked sitting up.
"Uhmmm my aunty, I replied.

"Oops we all have the good and bad aunties then, but mine is the best, she said and I smiled.
'Lucky you, i said and she stood up stretching her body.

"I have to take my bath and have something to eat, she said opening the bathroom door while I slowly sat on the bed and covered my face. So within seconds Love is now an orphan in the mercies of strangers, I thought to myself as I was still uncertain of what the future holds for me here.



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