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Fall of the Mighty ©Success Adegbite Episode 11&12
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Fall of the Mighty
©Success Adegbite

Episode 11

His books dropped from his hands when he saw what was going on inside.
Deborah was seated on her bed half naked. She was having a video call with someone and she was using her ear phones which were connected to her phone. She didn't notice her brother was in the room.
"I miss you too, baby", Deborah said.
"I can't wait to see you", the caller said from the other end.
Don't worry, we are going to meet in school next week", Deborah said smiling looking at the screen of her phone.
She was communicating with her boyfriend, Alex. He was also looking at Deborah right from his phone. They met in the student fellowship when Deborah was in hundred level. Alex had been all over Deborah since he met her. He made sure he called her every night. They also chatted for hours daily. They were in different department, but, they saw each other everyday and stayed late in the campus talking to each other.
Deborah was deceived with the fact that Alex was always at the fellowship and he also knew some scriptures. Alex pampered Deborah with gifts, money and recharge cards. Deborah was also madly in love with him and she couldn't spend a day without him.
Alex wasn't too forward with Deborah, he wanted to have Deborah all to himself, her body, her love, her everything. He was always sexually aroused whenever he was with Deborah. The pornographic contents on his phone didn't help him, so, he wanted to practicalize everything he learnt on Deborah. He was a Pastor's kid and he grew up from a very strict home. He wanted to have all the experience be had been denied of since childhood.
He visited Deborah's hostel on many occasions. He had hugged her and kissed her so many times, but, he still wanted the main thing. He wasn't able to access Deborah's body throughout the semester. He maintained his relationship with Deborah during the break and called her daily.
"Baby, you look hot and sexy", Alex said over the call.
" Awwwwwn! Thank you", Deborah said laughing.
" Debbie, when are you going to send me your nudes, I really need them. I want to be seeing your body every night", Alex said.
" I can't. It can get leaked out", Deborah complained
"I understand you. I have missed your lips", Alex said.
"You are a bad child. I hope Pastor is not hearing you. He'd ground you", Deborah said and smiled.
" I'm very careful with whatever I do. My parents went to minister in a church, they are not around. Besides, I'm not a bad child. You also know that I'm a child of God", Alex said and chuckled.
David was still looking at his sister. He didn't hear what Alex was saying, but, he could hear his sister.
"Sweetheart, I'm going to leave the hostel when I get back to school. I've rented an apartment of campus", Alex said.
" Really!", Deborah said.
" Yes dear. You would be able to come to pay me visit in my apartment whenever you want to. There would be no roommate disturbing you. Infact, you can come over to my apartment to spend the weekend whenever you want to", Alex said smiling.
" That's very sweet of you", Deborah replied.
David couldn't take it anymore. He walked over to his sister and tapped her.
Deborah was shocked on seeing David.
"Baby, I'll call you right back", Deborah said and ended the call . She removed her ear phones.
" David, what are you doing in my room. Why didn't you knock before coming in", Deborah shouted as she stood up to wear a clothe.
" Big sis, I'm highly disappointed in you. You were having a video call with a boy and you wore only your bra and a bump short. He was seeing all your cleavages. Did you do that video call to breastfeed him? You saw me now and you are trying to dress up. What's the difference between you and the prostitutes in the street?", David said.
Deborah was very angry, she slapped David immediately.
" How dare you call me a prostitute? How dare you judge me? Didn't your Bible tell you not to judge others?", Deborah asked angrily.
" David held his cheek. "The same hell that I'm trying to drag people away from is the the same place my sister is going to", He said with tears rolling down his face.
" Mr Man, don't start preaching to me. Don't pretend you have an holier attitude. Do you want to tell me that you don't have a girlfriend? Am I not the one that took blame for all the wrong things you did when you were still young. Don't pretend that you are a saint here", Deborah said fully dressed in a modest gown.
" Sister mi (My sister), Open your eyes. Wake up from your sleep. You also know that what you are doing is wrong. Don't allow this guy to push you into a pit. You also know that the relationship you have with him is an ungodly one. Sister mi, wake up. Before you went to the university, you were very fervent in prayers and reading your Bible, now, you go to student fellowship in the university just for people to think you are a child of God. This is not the you I know. Sister mi, wake up. Wake up! Your name is Deborah. The Deborah in the Bible wasn't as careless as this. Sister mi, open your eyes. I don't want you to go astray", David said with tears rolling out of his eyes.
Tears had started gathering in Deborah's eyes also.
"Stop it, Stop it", Deborah shouted. " You are not the one who would tell me what to do. Who told you that I was going astray? I'm not doing anything wrong? I'm just in love with the guy of my dreams. You don't understand because you are still young. What do you know about being in love? You would understand when you get into the university? Right now, get out of my room and stop frustrating my life".
"Sister mi, I know a lot about being in love. I'm in love with Jesus. He sacrificed everything for me. He gave His life for me even when I was still a sinner. He did it voluntarily. Love entails sacrifice. Sister mi, what you have for that boy is not love. You just think it is love, it isn't. Sister mi, For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that is Love. He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and by His stripes, we are healed. Sister mi, that is Love. But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, that is Love. Behold what manner of love the father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God, my sister, that is LOVE", David said.
" David, I have gone too far with this. I can't end it now", Deborah said. She sat down on her bed with her face filled with tears.
" God can help you , sis", David said and sat with her on the bed.
Suddenly, three women appeared in the room. They were all dressed in a black and red clothe. Only David could see them, Deborah's couldn't see them .
"This is the same dress Esther's step mom wore when I saw her", David thought to himself . Esther's step mom wasn't among them.
" Who are you and what are you doing here?", David shouted.
Deborah was confused. " David, who are you talking to?",
"Sister Deborah, calm down. There is no need to panic", David said to his sister and moved to where the witches are.
" I repeat, who are you?", David asked.
" So, you can see us", One of the witches said.
" Of course, I can see you", David replied.
"Well, we are a part of the strongest witch group in this city. You delivered one of our prey today. We also lost one of our members because of you", The second witch shouted.
" I didn't do anything. God delivered your prey, not me", David replied.
" My colleagues, we are not here to discuss with this animal. Let's set him on fire and kill him. He has crossed his boundary. He caused the invisible fire in the coven. We don't need to say anything to him", The third witch shouted.
David laughed and said, "You can not do anything to me, for, I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus".
At the mention of the name, Jesus, the witches trembled.
After a while, they regained their stand.
"I told you that we shouldn't come in the first instance, this boy is going to set us on fire. You insisted that you wanted to revenge the pain the invisible fire caused you. We can't even lay our hands on him", The first witch said to the second.
Deborah kept looking at his brother. "I hope David isn't running insane. Who is he talking to?", She thought to herself.
" What are you still doing here?" , David shouted on the witches.
" You can not get away with all you have done. We would not leave until we revenge", The second witch said and made some incantations.
David laughed at their incantations. He was sure that they couldn't do anything to hurt him.
" My fellow colleagues, strangle his sister", The second witch said. Right from where the three witches were standing, they started moving their hands and Deborah was feeling the effect.
"David, help! Help me! Someone is strangling me", Deborah shouted and blood started coming out from her mouth.
David was confused. He knew that if he didn't make a quick decision, they were going to kill his sister. "God, what should I do?",

To be continued.........
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit..

Fall of the Mighty
©Success Adegbite

Episode 12

David was confused. He knew that if he didn't make a quick decision, they were going to kill his sister. "God, what should I do?",
"David, Save me, I'm dying", Deborah cried out.
Mrs Ajayi was watching the television in her room. She didn't know what was going on.
"Sister Deborah, only Jesus can save you. This wouldn't have happened if you were also a child of God. Just keep calling the name of Jesus while I pray to God to fight for you", David said and moved closer to the witches.
" Whosoever calleth upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Deborah is saved from your grip right now in the name of Jesus. Lose grip over her now in the name of Jesus", David commanded.
Deborah also kept calling the name of Jesus repeatedly where she was. She didn't know the scriptures very well, but, she knew Psalms 23. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want", She recited. The grip on her neck started reducing. Soon, she was completely free.
The witches lost their power over Deborah.
"Arrrrrgh! You have over stepped your boundary. Strike him with fire", The second witch shouted furiously.
They tried to strike David with fire, but they couldn't. They had became powerless.
"Sit down in the name of Jesus", David commanded.
The three witches sat down looking numb. They couldn't say anything or do anything.
David moved to his sister and raised her up. "Are you fine now?", He asked.
"Yes, I'm fine now. Who are those people? Why did they strangle me?",
" They are witches. They wanted to revenge on me by attacking you", David replied.
" Witches are real?", Deborah asked as she sat on her bed.
" Sure", David replied and chuckled.
"They are no longer here, right?", Deborah asked.
"They are still here", David replied and sat beside her sister.
" What? Can't you send them out?",
"Of course, I can send them out through the power in the name of Jesus",
" Then, why haven't you sent them out?", Deborah asked.
" Well, because I want to teach my big sister something", David said and smiled.
He continued," Sister Deborah, you remember that I did a lot of bad things when I was young. I stole, I lied, I spoilt some things in the house, yet, mom always placed the blame on you".
" I remember all that", Deborah replied.
" Well, four years ago, I got born again and I became a new person. Christ gave me a new life and I have been living in Him since them. I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.
Sister Deborah, in this world, we have principalities evil powers, spiritual wickedness in high places, rulers of darkness and so many more. Some people don't believe that they exist and many people rarely talk about them, but, they truly exist. In this generation, to succeed and survive, you need the power of God. Only the power of God can take you through the journey of life. To get the power of God, you need to surrender your life to Him, you need to surrender everything to Him.
My sister, do you also want the power of God?", David asked.
" Sure, but, I want those witches out of my room", Deborah replied.
"Can you see them?", David asked.
"No, I can't. That's why I'm afraid. I don't know what they would do next",
" They can't do anything", David said with a a smile.
David stood up from the bed and stood beside his sister. He placed his hands on his sister's eyes and said, "I pray your inner eyes be opened and you see the spiritual powers in this room".
After that, he removed his hands from his sister's eyes.
Deborah's eyes were opened and instantly she saw the three witches seated on the floor.
"Help!", She screamed as she held his younger brother tight.
"Don't be afraid. They can't do anything. They are powerless. I'm sure you know the definition of the power of God now", David said.
" Yes, I do. God is really powerful. Please, send them out"
" The Holy Spirit told me that if I send them out now, they would come back to revenge. They might cause a great damage. They are not repentant of what they have done", David said.
" Do what the Holy Spirit instructs you to do", Deborah advised.
David moved to where the witches were and prayed, " In the name which is higher than every other name, I pray that the fire of the Holy Ghost consume the three of you"
A fire appeared and started burning the three witches. After some seconds, the three witches disappeared.
"Thank you Jesus. Thank you God", David said and moved back to his sister.
Deborah was in tears.
"Big sis, what's wrong? Why are you crying? They are gone, they can't come back again", David said.
" I know. I just realized that I could have died some minutes ago if not for divine intervention. I don't deserve the mercies of God, I have done a lot of bad things", Deborah said.
" I understand you. God is a really merciful God. I didn't deserve His mercies too, but, He had mercy on me. Big sis, you have to give your life to Christ".
" I'm ready", Deborah admitted.
David led his sister to Christ and taught her some things.
David resumed back to his room after his sister had helped him with his homework.
He was very tired, but, he still prayed before he slept off.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!", The witch leader shouted as she woke up from her dream.
She dreamt about everything that happened at David's house and also saw that the three witches were burnt alive.
"I warned them. I told them to be patient. They didn't listen. Now, they are dead. I have lost four of my members because of that little boy. I sent one away, three are dead. I would make sure that this boy faces grave consequences. He would regret coming to this world", The witch leader said and returned to her sleep.

To be continued.........
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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