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Fall of the Mighty Episode 13,14&15
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Fall of the Mighty

Episode 13

Few weeks later, Ajoke, Esther's step mom was discharged from the hospital. Although her skin was healed, the scars were still there. The fire affected are hands and legs. She couldn't walk properly with her legs anymore, so, she had to use the wheel chair. Esther was very caring, supportive and obedient to her step mother. She made sure she did everything required of her. The house maid also was always there to prepare Ajoke's food, wash her clothes, do the house chores and any other thing Ajoke wanted.
Mr Jacobs, Esther's dad, also made sure Ajoke didn't lack anything. He took good care of her son, Joseph. He also shared his will evenly.
Ajoke became very close to God and fervent in prayers. She regretted every bit of what she did in the past and decided to make it up to God by dedicating her life to Him. The Holy Spirit was also there to guide Ajoke and lead her in the path of righteousness. Esther was very happy with the way things were going with her family.
David and Charles were also doing well in school. They didn't lose concentration in their education. God gave them wisdom and they excelled in their academics. They did the right things at the right time and the fellowship wasn't left behind. It kept growing and expanding in God's grace.
Deborah, David's sister, had also returned back to the university. Her life in Christ was filled with wonderful experience and adventures. Since the day she gave her life to Jesus, her inner eyes had been opened. She could see invisible things other people couldn't see. God also showed her visions and revelations numerous times. Her life was perfect with God and His Grace was sufficient for her in all situations.
Also, she had cut off contacts with Alex and ended her relationship with him. She blocked Alex's number from her phone and barred him from reaching her in different occasions. She tried avoiding him throughout the first week she returned to school. Alex wondered why Deborah was playing the 'hide and seek' game with him. He tried to give his best to seeking Deborah.
Deborah was about returning to her hostel after her lectures on a particular day when she bumped into someone. It was Alex.
She tried to ignore him and walk away, but, Alex grabbed her hands.
She knew she couldn't continue running away anymore.
"Baby, what's wrong? Why have you been avoiding me? You have refused picking up my calls or reading my WhatsApp messages. You have also been playing hide and seek with me. I have been expecting you to call me and visit me in my new apartment, but, you didn't. What did I do wrong? ", Alex asked with a look that could have melted Deborah's heart if not for the Spirit of God.
"Deborah!", Deborah said.
"What?", Alex asked confused. Why was Deborah mentioning her name?
"That's my name", Deborah replied.
"I know that your name is Deborah. Why did you say that? ", Alex asked.
" You just called me baby. I'm trying to remind you my name in case you forgot", Deborah said.
" Deborah, what's wrong with you? You have changed. You voluntarily call me baby, sweetheart, honey and other pet names before. What has come over you? ", Alex asked.
" What do you want from me? ", Deborah asked.
" Are you replying my question with another question?
"Yes", Deborah said confidently. "Alex, what is the point of the relationship we had? You wanted to flirt around with me and dump me. You wanted to truncate my destiny. You wanted my body. You wanted to feel like a man. You wanted to also experiment what your mates were doing. Alex, you didn't choose me to be your girl friend, you chose me as a scape goat. The destiny of a lot of ladies have been destroyed by boys like you. They deceive them into lust making them think it's love. They deceive them into thinking they have a future together when all they want is to ruin the lady's future. A lot of ladies have aborted children who are going to be leaders , doctors, engineers, presidents because of boys like you. A lot of them have lost their womb, a lot of them lost their lives. Some only lost their virginity, but, they have scars that would be with them for life.
Alex, you are a Pastor's child for crying out loud. Your parents did a great work in bringing you up in the ways of the Lord. The only way you thought of repaying them for all what they did is becoming the son of a belial in the universe. Alex, what about the teachings and word of God your day brought you up with? Now you are filled with lust and you want to have fun with your life fully knowing that the fun is fornication.
Alex, if I have never told you before, I'm telling you now. We are over. We were once in a relationship and that is in the past. I pray you would retrace your step back to the cross before it's too late".
Alex couldn't say a word. He was sure that it wasn't the same Deborah who he had kissed passionately several times and hugged romantically who was standing in front of him. He looked at the way Deborah dressed and got the hint.
Her wine gown covered her cleavage and didn't reveal her sexy figure.
"One of those SU has deceived you into joining them right", Alex said.
" Well, not just one of them. I had an encounter with a man hanged on a cross bleeding and dying just because of me. He changed my life around", Deborah replied without trepidation.
"Well, I guess you made your choice. I would also love to gladly move on with my life. I have a lot of beautiful ladies dying to have me. Hopefully, I would hang up with one of them. I'm sure they would give me everything I want including maximum enjoyment which you have denied me of", Alex said.
Those words pierced deep into Deborah's heart. She was really hurt. She knew Alex meant every bit of what he was saying. He'd really get a replacement . She felt like walking out on him right away, but the Holy Spirit kept her unmoved.
"Why are you holding me back?", She asked searching answers in her spirit.
" Open your eyes",
She opened her inner eyes and saw the angel of death lurking around Alex.
"Oh my God!", She exclaimed. She was very terrified.
"Don't tell me that you are afraid to lose me. You started all these and now I'm going to play my part", Alex said to Deborah after hearing her exclamation.
"I'm taking him next week", The angel of death said.
"No, you won't", Deborah replied.
Alex thought Deborah was talking to him.
"Of course, I'm going to play my part. I'm a very good player. In two weeks time, I would be on top of the world having all the fun I want", Alex said smiling.
If he could only see that death wanted to take away his life before that two weeks time, he would have chosen his words rightly.
God gave an explanation of why death was around Alex through a brief revelation.
"Many people sleep and don't wake up the next day. Friends say they saw them the previous day and nothing was wrong with them. Here is a boy who thinks he has the whole world under his feet when his death is around the corner", Deborah thought and tears dropped on her face.
" Baby, C' mon, you don't have to cry. I hate to see you cry. The truth is that I still love you. I'm ready to take you back. I have forgiven you", Alex said trying to give Deborah a hug.
Deborah pushed him away slightly. She was afraid of pushing him too hard because death was around him and she didn't want to be responsible for his death.
"Your father healed a mad man last week", Deborah said.
" How do you know?", Alex asked. He was shocked.
"How did she know? It wasn't in the news or was it? Some reporters could be very annoying. That was a private matter, how could they have reported it? Is that why she was crying?", Alex thought.

To be continued..........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 14

"How did she know? It wasn't in the news or was it? Some reporters could be very annoying. That was a private matter, how could they have reported it? Is that why she was crying?", Alex thought.
" Some reporters can be very crazy. Is it over the news?", Alex asked.
"It isn't in the news. The people who caused the man's madness wants to revenge on your dad by taking your life. Look at your back", Deborah said.
Alex looked at his back fearfully.
" I know you can't see it, but, that's death hanging around your back", Deborah said.
" God forbid", Alex said instantly.
" Is it the same God you made fun of some minutes ago that you are telling to forbid evil?", Deborah asked.
" Deborah, this is a very expensive joke. Stop it", Alex said. He was getting scared already. No man hears the date of his death and remain strong.
"Have I ever joked with something like that? What did you dream about before you woke up this morning? ", Deborah asked.
Alex started shivering immediately. Truly, he had a very scary dream before he woke up that day. He saw himself in a coffin. His mom , dad and relatives were weeping beside the coffin. He had told them to stop weeping, but, none of them could hear him.
"Yeeeeeeeee! Daddy mi ti ko ba mi (My dad has implicated me)", He shouted as he sat on the floor and burst into tears.
" Alex, this isn't the time to cry. The truth is your death is near, but, God can still save you", Deborah said.
" Debby, I must not die ooo. I can not die yet ooo. I have not bought a car yet. I have not built a house yet. I have not graduated yet. I have not married yet. My parents have not started eating the fruit of their labour yet. Devil, wherever you are, I rebuke you. Satan, I rebuke you", Alex shouted.
Deborah didn't know when she burst into laughter.
" Alex, when did you get the power to rebuke the devil? When did you become a child of God? An angel couldn't rebuke the devil, he had to say, 'Satan, the Lord rebuke thee'. Here you are, you don't know God yet and you are rebuking the devil. The devil must be laughing at you. You are such a drama King".
" Deborah, please don't laugh at me. This is the matter of life and death. I need your prayers. I need Jesus", Alex said still crying.
" Alex, stop crying. Jesus is going to save you, you just need to surrender your life to him",
" I'm ready. I'm fully ready. As a matter of fact, I'm extremely totally ready", Alex said.
" Bros, calm down. All is well. You shall not die but live to declare the works of God in the land of the living in Jesus' name. Death is not your portion in Jesus'name. The angel of death should depart away from you right now in Jesus'name", Deborah prayed.
" Amen", Alex shouted continuously on his knees.
Instantly, the angel of death disappeared and left Alex.
"Thank you Jesus", Deborah worshipped.
She preached to Alex and led him to Christ. Alex surrendered his life to Christ. She counseled him about some things and wanted to bade him bye but Alex wouldn't allow her to go.
"Please, don't leave me alone. Don't let me go back to my apartment. I don't know what awaits me there. I admit, I rented that apartment just because I wanted to flirt with you. I'm scared. Please, let me follow you", Alex pleaded. He didn't have any bad intentions, he was just afraid.
"Alex, I can't accommodate you in my room. I have roommates and you know that. Even if I don't have roommates, I can't. You are a new being, old things have passed away and all things are become new. You don't need to be afraid. For God has not given you the spirit of fear, but, of love, power and self control. Whosoever the son hath set free is free indeed. Alex, you are free. But, if you are still scared of death, you can stay with the student fellowship president in his apartment for some days".
" That's a very good idea. Thank you", Alex said.
Deborah called the fellowship president and briefed him about what happened. He agreed to allow Alex stay with him.
Deborah and Alex took a cab to Alex's apartment. Deborah waited for him outside as he packed some of his things. He hurriedly moved outside with a few important things. After that, they left for the fellowship president's apartment.
He received Alex warmly and Alex felt calmed.
Esther walked back to her hostel very tired. As she walked, she reflected on some things.
If she didn't get born again, she might have gone to Alex's apartment and stayed with him for some days without knowing about any angel of death. Alex might have died whenever they were together and she could have been implicated. She appreciated God for how He worked everything out.
"God is really merciful", She said as she entered her hostel.

Two weeks passed and Alex was still alive. Nothing happened to him. He was growing spiritually daily and he was spiritually strong. He had returned back to his apartment and he maintained his relationship with God.
He also remained close to Deborah, but, this time around, they didn't engage in an ungodly relationship. They attended school fellowships together and they sit down to do Bible study together after lectures . They also prayed together many times.
They both got to the fellowship centre earlier before the fellowship started one evening. They chatted for a while about spiritual things and Esther started singing;
"Something more than gold, I've got something more than silver,
Something more than life, I've got something more than riches,
If all I've got is Jesus, I've got something more than gold,
I'll tell it to the world, Jesus is more than gold".
Alex joined her in singing and started singing in tears. He didn't know when he burst into tongues and started praising in tongues. Deborah looked at him and was surprised. The power of God came upon him and he started prophesying.
In twos and threes, people arrived for fellowship and was surprised to see Alex speaking in tongues and prophesying. The Spirit of God took over and the fellowship members praised the name of God for his wonders.
Deborah and Alex's hunger and thirst for the things of God. They saw God in a dimension they had never seen him before, He took control of their lives and used them to do exploits. He made them vessel unto honor as they released themselves to Him. They refused to be distracted. Everyone saw the power of God in them and wanted that power.

Few years later, David was already in the university studying Medicine. Charles and Esther were also in the same university with him. Charles was also studying Medicine while Esther was studying Pharmacy.
David, Charles and Esther still maintained a very good relationship with God. The trio were in three hundred level already ; still burning for God.
Deborah and Alex had graduated from the university already and had gotten jobs. They still maintained a close relationship with each other and Alex was convinced that Deborah was the will of God for his life. They had not started courting yet, but, they were a team in working in God's vineyard.
David was happy with the way things were going. Everything was going smoothly, his academics and his relationship with God. He was the president of the student fellowship while Charles was the vice president. Esther was the prayer coordinator. David felt all his problems were over and he could never encounter problems again.

"It's not over till it's over. David had caused more havoc than anyone. We must bring him down"

To be continued...........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 15

"It's not over till it's over. David has caused more havoc than anyone. We must bring him down", The witch leader said furiously.
" But, it's more than four years already", One of the group member said.
" No, you are wrong. It started four years ago and he is still destroying things till now. I got a report from another witch community that the boy is still setting their captives free. This is the time to actualize our plans. It's high time the boy knew he is playing with fire", The witch leader said.
"Yes", All the witch members chorused.
"Orisabunmi!", The witch leader called.
That was the youngest member of the witch community. Her beauty was unexplainable. Orisabunmi wasn't her real name. Her name was Juliet. She had been in the witch community since she was nine years old and she is twenty already. Although she got everything she wanted through the witch community, she lacked peace and happiness. She became a member of the witch community by circumstance.
"Mummy! Daddy! Help me",
That scene crossed before her eyes; the witch leader's voice brought her back to the reality in the coven.
"Orisabunmi, I have called you three times. What were you thinking about?", The witch leader asked.
" I'm sorry, witch leader", Juliet apologized.
"You are the right person for the job", The witch leader said.
"Ah! I don't think I can handle that boy. I was in this group when he sent an invisible fire to burn us and he killed three of the group members. I was still sixteen then. I'm too young ma", Juliet said.
" Exactly the reason I'm sending you. You are age mates with the boy. You would be able to handle him"
" But, we are not in the same institution. They don't transfer students in three hundred level. Also, I learnt he is studying Medicine. I'm studying Law in a different university", Juliet complained.
" I'll work that out. Just give this work your best. All you need is to lure him into kissing you or sleeping with you. Once that happens, you would automatically be promoted and become the next in authority to me", The witch leader said.
Many of the witch members became envious of Juliet. The position of the second in command to the witch leader was what everyone wanted, but, no one wanted to be roasted by fire by the boy.
"You can send me too", Beatrice said.
She was a twenty three year old lady from a Christian home. She joined the group when she entered the university. She wanted to attract boys, get famous, become influential, get power and wisdom for her academics. However, since she had gotten into the group, she had been envious of Juliet for no reason. Juliet received favour from the witch leader always and was far beautiful than Beatrice.
Beatrice wanted to go with Juliet so that she could take up that work instead and get the position of the second in command.
"Okay, if you want to go with her, I'd allow you, but, you must not fail me. The devil himself is interested in this job", The witch leader said.
" We would not disappoint you ma", Juliet and Beatrice chorused.
"Okay then, it's done", The witch leader said.
" Yes, it is", The other witch members chorused.

" Esther should be here in a minute", Charles said to David. They were seated in a restaurant in the campus. They had told Esther to meet them there earlier.
"Do you want to order for anything else", David asked Charles.
"No, I'm fine with this soft drink and meat pie. I can see you are done with your doughnut and your drink also remains half of it's content. I'll not give you part of mine ooo", Charles said and chuckled.
" You are very stingy. If not for Esther that came late, you wouldn't be here saying this", David said and laughed.
" Here she comes", Charles said.
"Hi David, Hi Charles", Esther greeted as she sat on a chair beside David.
"You kept us waiting for hours", David complained.
" I'm sorry. The lecturer spent more than the time he was supposed to. I also had to speak to my mom for a long time on the phone", Esther said.
" Oh! You mean your step mom", Charles said.
"She is now my mom. She is no longer a step mom to me, she is now my mom", Esther said.
" I love that. How about her legs? Is she still using a wheel chair?", David asked.
"She is still using a wheel chair, but, I trust she would start walking by herself soon", Esther said.
" I still feel bad whenever I remember that I caused what happened then", David said sadly.
" You don't need to feel bad about anything. God wanted it that way. He needed to disable her legs so that she could walk with Him. My mom even asked of you and Charles. She urged us to be consistent in our prayers", Esther said.
"We will", Charles said.
" Esther, you need to order fried rice and chicken for us to compensate us for keeping us waiting", David said and chuckled.
" No problem. My mom just sent me an allowance which was two times my normal allowance. My dad also sent me money yesterday", Esther said .
" Esther, you are really enjoying. I need to finish my meat pie on time so that I can eat fried rice with you guys. I have been eating my meat pie bit by bit to manage it since", Charles admitted.
" Your childish attitude has not left you", David said to Charles.
They both smiled. Esther called for the waitress and told her what they wanted. Some minutes later, they were served.
"I hope you didn't forget the programme we have in fellowship tomorrow", David said.
" We didn't forget", Charles replied.
"I shared the flier of the programme to everyone in my department and all the students in my hostel", Esther said and took a sip from her drink.
" Wow, that's great. I'm sure that God will manifest in the programme", David said.
" I'm sure He is going to manifest", Charles said.
They continued discussing and ate their food.

The next day David woke up in the morning and did his usual morning duties. He went for his lectures when it was time for him to go.
The lecture went well that day and he was about leaving the lecture room when he saw a figure he had never seen in the lecture room before.

To be continued..............
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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