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Fall of the Mighty.By SUCCESS ADEGBITE Episode 16&17
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Episode 16

The lecture went well that day and he was about leaving the lecture room when he saw a figure he had never seen in the lecture room before.
He turned around to see the figure properly. It turned to be a very beautiful lady. She had a long curly dark hair and an ebony skin color. She was really beautiful. Her smile wasn't that of this world and the clothe she wore complemented her beauty. The young lady was talking to some of the students in the department.
"I have never seen this face before in my department. It's not possible for a new student to join us now, she must have been here since last year or hundred level. How come I haven't seen her before?", David questioned himself.
He was still thinking about that when the beautiful lady walked up to him.
"Hi David", Juliet said.
"She knows my name?", David thought within himself.
" She is the one", A voice told him.
David reflected what he just heard and he was extremely happy. Hs didn't ask what she was the one for. He concluded within himself that the Holy Spirit must be telling him that she was his future wife.
"What's wrong? You are not replying me", Juliet said to David who was just staring at her.
" Oh! I'm sorry", David said and stopped staring at her.
" I'm sorry, I don't think I have seen your face before", David said.
" I'm not surprised. You are always focused on your academics, you never take note of your course mates. Anyways, my name is Juliet", Juliet said in her sweet voice.
" Wow, what a nice name for a beautiful person like you. I'm sorry that I have never noticed you. Like you rightly said, I'm focused on my academics. I'm really sorry about that", David apologized.
" Hey Juliet", Beatrice said walking up to them.
" Hi", Juliet greeted and winked at Beatrice. David didn't notice that.
"David, this is my friend, Beatrice. She is also in our department", Juliet said.
" Oh my God! There are a lot of students I don't know in my department. It's nice meeting you, Beatrice", David said.
" Well, we were just thinking of going for lunch. Do you mind joining us?", Juliet asked.
" It would be a great pleasure to join you guys. I don't mind joining you", David said.
Beatrice winked at Juliet and smiled.
The three of them walked to an eatery to eat.
Beatrice ordered for jollof rice and soft drinks for the three of them.
They were served and they started discussing about their institution. After a while, Beatrice changed the topic as started talking about her life and her family. She told a fake story about herself and David believed her.
David was also interested in knowing about Juliet. Juliet told him a few things about herself .
They discussed for a long time, they laughed, crack jokes and told stories.

"Have you seen him?", Esther asked Charles the moment she got to him.
" No, I haven't", Charles replied.
"But, you were both in the lecture room this morning. Didn't you leave together?", Esther asked.
" Actually, I was talking to one of my course mate. He was also talking to some of our course mates. After I was done talking to my course mate, I looked at where he was before and he was gone", Charles said.
" Have you called his number?", Esther asked.
" His number is switched off. You know that David switches off his phone whenever he goes for lecture", Charles said.
" What do we do now? The fellowship would start in thirty minutes time and the there are a lot of people at the fellowship centre already", Esther said.
" Esther, I have searched for him in other places, but, I didn't see him. I believe that God would take control",
" Charles, do you remember the person he was talking with before you didn't see him again?", Esther asked.
" No, I didn't see their faces properly. They were two", Charles said.
" Maybe, he has gone to the hostel", Esther said.
"He isn't at the hostel. You know that David and I are roommates. I have gone to check him in the hostel and he wasn't there", Charles said and kept dialling David's phone number.
The number was still switched off.
"Charles, I know what I'm about to say is not good enough, but, are you sure that David has not been kidnapped. He is nowhere to be found; his phone number is switched off; he was talking to some of your course mates that you don't know. Can't you see the correlation?", Esther said
" There is no correlation", Charles replied.
"Stop thinking like a lady, David can't be kidnapped", Charles said.
" Did you expect me to think like a man? Charles, I'm getting scared. I hope David is safe", Esther said.
" He should be", Charles said. He felt like hugging her to comfort her, but, he controlled his emotions. Esther also had feelings for Charles, but, she knew it wasn't time yet.
"Let's go for the fellowship. I'm sure God will take control", Charles said holding Esther's hands.
" I hope so", Esther said and followed him to the fellowship centre.
The fellowship centre was filled with a lot of people.
Esther was anxious; Charles assured her that the fellowship would go smoothly.
The programme started and Esther led the praise and worship session with her beautiful voice. Once again, the power of God came down and they all worshipped God in the Spirit.
Chains were broken, people in bondage were set free, people experienced the power of God in a new dimension.
Charles led the prayer and the Spirit of God came upon people in the fellowship. As Charles was praying in the fellowship, he saw David in a fire struggling to come out, but, he couldn't.
Charles was afraid of that vision.
"Why did God show me a kind of vision like this? I hope David isn't in a problem", He thought within himself.
He turned to the fellowship members and said, "The fellowship president isn't around today . He went somewhere, but, I want us to pray for him. Let's pray that God would uphold him and empower him to stand against the wiles of the devil".
They all prayed for David. Esther prayed that prayer with the whole of her heart. Soon the fellowship ended and everyone went home in twos and threes.
Charles told Esther the vision he had about David and Esther was more scared.
"Is there any fire incident in the school?", Esther asked.
"Esther, calm down. The fire might not be a physical one. It's a vision and God shows us spiritual things in vision. We just need to continue praying for him.
Esther picked her phone from her hand bag and dialled David's phone number.
To Esther's and Charles' surprise, he picked the call.
"Hello David", Esther said.

To be continued.............
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 17

"Hello David", Esther said.
"Hi Esther. How are you doing?", David asked.
" I'm fine, thank you. Where are you? ", Esther asked.
Charles moved nearer to Esther to hear what David was saying over the phone.
"I'm in the hostel", David replied.
"I went to the hostel to check in the afternoon, but, you weren't there", Charles said.
" Yes, that's true. I went to the cafeteria to eat with Juliet and Beatrice", David said.
" Are you kidding me? ", Charles shouted.
" What's wrong? ", David asked.
"You were at the cafeteria eating when you were supposed to be at the fellowship. That, is what's wrong", Esther said.
" Oh! I'm sorry. I totally forgot about today's fellowship", David said.
" Your apology isn't necessary. The deed has been done", Charles said.
" By the way, who are Juliet and Beatrice?", Esther asked.
" They are my course mates", David replied.
Charles thought for a while.
"Course mates? David, we don't have any course mate by that name", Charles said.
" How many of our course mates do you know?", David asked and chuckled.
" Anyways, I don't blame you. I also just met with them today and they are so friendly and cool to be with", David quickly added.
" What? You just met them today and you are going to the cafeteria to eat with them already", Esther said.
" What's wrong with that?", David asked.
"It's very wrong", Charles replied.
"You need to be very careful", Esther said.
"Thank you for your advice. Charles, come home on time so that we can prepare dinner together. Bye Esther, see you tommorow", David said and hanged up the call.
" Charles, David doesn't go to the cafeteria with anyone else expect us. Don't you smell something fishy? I don't know what is wrong with him", Esther said.
" I don't know either", Charles said.
"We really need to pray for David", Esther said.
"Yes, we need to, but, it's 6:30 p.m already. Pray for him in your hostel, I'll also pray for him. See you tommorow", Charles said.
" Okay, Bye", Esther said and they parted in different ways.

"David, don't you think something is wrong? How would you be meeting your course mate for the first time in three hundred level. Something must be wrong somewhere", Charles said to David.
They were both in their room seated opposite to each other on their beds.
David sat properly on his bed and said, "Nothing is wrong. You are just being dramatic. This girls are really nice. As a matter fact, God told me something about one of them".
" What's that", Charles asked inquisitively.
" He said she is the one for me. She is the will of God for my life", David replied.
Charles burst into uncontrollable laughter.
" Are you kidding me? You just met someone today and suddenly you know that she is the will of God for your life. David, you are still very young and immature for a relationship", Charles said.
" Charles, never call me immature and young anymore. I'm going to clock twenty years soon. God is definitely working out everything for my good".
" David, you can't handle this together with your academics and your spiritual life", Charles said.
"Charles, are you the one to tell me what to do? ", David asked.
" I'm just advising you as a brother", Charles said.
*Keep your advice to yourself. I don't need it. Besides, I don't have any brother. I only have a sister and she isn't here", David said rudely..
"I'm sorry. Let have our night prayers", Charles said.
It has always been their custom to pray together in the night before we sleep.
"Charles, pray alone. I'll do my prayers by myself tonight. I need to settle some things with God", David said.
" Okay then', Charles said and picked up his Bible to read.
David lied on his bed and started thinking of Juliet. Her smile, dimples, natural beauty, body figure and sweet voice flooded in his thought. He was deeply in love with her and couldn't wait to see her the next day. He thought about how they were going to get married after they were done with their national youth service and their wedding night. The excitement in his heart couldn't be compared to anything.
"Thank you God for your will for my life. I love her. I can't wait to be with her forever", He said silently.
Soon, he slept off forgetting to pray .
Charles continued reading his Bible. After a while, he decided to ask the Holy Spirit some questions.
"What's wrong with David? What's going on",
" Pray for him", He heard.
Charles went on his knees.
"Almighty God, do not let the plans of devil come to pass over David's life. Take control of his life. Destroy the plans of the devil over his life",.
He prayed in tongues and continued praying for hours.
Esther was also in her room praying.
"God, I don't know what's wrong with David. Please, intervene in his life. God, please take control".
She continued praying in the spirit.

In Juliet and Beatrice apartment, they were both feeling uncomfortable. They couldn't sleep.
"Juliet, I'm not comfortable. Something is wrong somewhere. What's happening?", Beatrice asked.
" I think David's friends are praying for him", Juliet said.
" I'm scared already. I hope they are not going to destroy us with fire", Beatrice said.
" We won't allow them to do that. We need to do something very fast. Let's go to the witch leader", Juliet said.
" You mean now?", Beatrice asked.
"Of course", Juliet replied and held Beatrice's hand. They both disappeared and appeared in the coven.
The witch leader wasn't surprised to see them. She had also sensed that something was wrong. The other witch members were not in the coven, the witch leader was the only one there with Juliet and Beatrice.
"What is happening?", The witch leader asked.
"David's friends are praying for him", Juliet replied.
The witch leader stretched her palms; Juliet and Beatrice moved closer to see.
They saw Charles and Esther praying in their various hostels.
"I know that guy. He is in the same department with David", Beatrice said.
" The lady's face is familiar", Juliet said.
" She is the step daughter of Ajoke; our witch member that was sent away because of the invisible fire".
"Oh! I see. Witch leader, what do we do?" Juliet asked.
"We just need to distract them", The witch leader replied.
"Distraction? How?", Juliet asked.
"When I was looking at my palm the other time, I saw something that the both of didn't see. The two of them praying are destined for each other. As a matter of fact, they have feelings for each other already. They just keep hiding it", The witch leader said.
"What do we do then?", Beatrice asked.
The witch leader smiled. Beatrice and Juliet understood the smile immediately.

To be continued..........
Written by Success Adegbite,
By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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