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Fall of the Mighty By SUCCESS ADEGBITE Episode 18,19&20
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Fall of the Mighty

Episode 18

"You are waiting for Juliet, right?", Beatrice said as she joined David who was seated on a lounge.
"Yes, she told me that she'd be here soon", David said.
Juliet went to accomplish a mission which the witch leader sent her . Beatrice had completed her own mission. They were both sent. The mission was to distract Esther and Charles. They just had to plan a little trick.
Beatrice was really envious of Juliet. She wanted to be the one to destroy David so that she could become the second in command.
"You have cute lips", Beatrice said to David.
"Thank you", David replied coldly to Beatrice.
He was only in love with Juliet. He wasn't interested in Beatrice at all.
"Why does Juliet always get whatever I want. David isn't interested in me at all. Anyways, I'm not going to give up. David is a really big fish, if I succeed, I'm going to earn the trust of the witch leader", Beatrice thought within herself.
She sat closer to David and placed her hand around his neck. David removed her hands immediately.
Beatrice decided to expose her cleavages to him. She wore a very tight gown which made her look sexy, but, David didn't look at her dress.
Despite exposing her cleavages to David, David was unmoved.
Juliet got to where they were and was surprised to see Beatrice seducing David.
She quickly gave Beatrice a look of, "What are you doing? You would destroy the plan".
David saw Juliet.
He stood up and moved to hug her.
" Juliet, you kept me waiting since", He said to her and released her from his hug.
" I'm sorry, darling. I had to do some things", Juliet apologized.
"I go love ooo. Both of you are acting like Romeo and Juliet", Beatrice said and gave a fake smile.
" That's because we are. You should also go to find a guy for yourself", Juliet said to her.
Those words pained Beatrice.
"Is she trying to make fun of me? Does she think I don't have a boyfriend? She is very proud because the witch leader gave her this assignment. I'm going to deal with her", Beatrice thought to herself.
" Beatrice, I would meet you in the hostel. I need to go to somewhere with David", Juliet said.
" Where are they going that I can't go?", She thought.
" Okay, you can go to wherever you want to go. David, release her on time so that she wouldn't get home late", Beatrice said.
" Sure, I will", David replied and walked away with Juliet.
Beatrice walked back to her apartment filled with jealousy.
Juliet and David walked hand in hands to a desolated part of the campus.
They sat down on the grass and started discussing. David told Juliet about himself. Juliet pretended to be very interested in his story.
She actually knew part of David's story before because she had made some investigations about him before coming to his university.
She felt really bad for David who was smiling and talking in front of her. If he only knew who she truly was.
Juliet didn't feel like continuing the assignment the witch leader sent her.
"This boy is innocent and nice. What do we gain truncating his destiny", Juliet thought. A part of her had started to love David.
She felt like telling him the truth, but, her life was at stake if she did.
"Juliet, I have been talking to you since. Why are you not saying anything?", David asked.
" I'm sorry. I got carried away. What were you talking about?", Juliet asked.
"I was just talking to you. The truth is that I really love you. Words can't explain my feelings for you", David confessed.
" I love you more", Juliet said.
She wasn't supposed to have any feelings for David, but, she couldn't control it.
David wanted to kiss her, but, Juliet pushed her back .
"What's wrong?", David asked.
"Nothing. It's just that we are children of God", Juliet lied.
Juliet stopped David from kissing her to protect him. She knew that kissing would automatically destroy his life.
"I'm sorry I was too forward. You are truly a child of God. Thank you for stopping me. Your love has increased in my heart", David said.
" Thank you", Juliet replied.
Juliet wished she wasn't the one given that assignment. She remembered what the witch leader said the last time she and Beatrice went to the coven.
"Don't waste time on that assignment. David might find his way back to God if you do. Be very fast with it and do it perfectly",
Juliet was confused. She looked at David and saw love and compassion.
"David" , She called .
"Yes dear. Do you want to tell me something?", David asked.
Juliet couldn't risk her life.
" No. I was just calling your name. I think you should be going to your hostel now", Juliet said standing up.
" Okay dear", David said standing up.
They both left together.

Charles got to his hostel tiredly. He was surprised to see that David had not returned to the hostel. He thought he had gone to the hostel when he didn't see him in the campus. They usually returned to the hostel together before, but, things had changed.
"I wonder where he went today", Charles said and dropped his bag on the bed. It was the bag he took to school daily.
He opened his bag to pick his phone. He was about to pick his phone when he saw a strange letter in his bag.
"Who dropped a letter in my bag?", He thought.
Quickly, he searched for his purse in his bag. He relaxed after seeing it.
"Thank you Jesus. I thought someone stole my purse and left a letter. How did the person who dropped the letter gain access to my bag", He asked himself. He couldn't find the answers.
He opened the letter anyways.
He smiled as he read the contents of the letter.

To be continued........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 19

He smiled as he read the contents of the letter.
"Hey Charles, there is something I've always wanted to tell you, but, I don't have the courage to tell you directly. Besides, I don't know how you would feel about it or react. I decided to express myself in this letter.
We have been friends for a long time and I have really gotten to love and admire your personality. I love your sincerity, honesty, courage and Godliness. I admire your prayer life and your hunger and thirst for the things of God. I love the way you relate with all your friends. I wish you could really understand how I feel about you. It's really driving me crazy.
You mean a lot to me.
I'm sorry if I'm not handling this the way I'm supposed too. I hope you would understand me.
From Esther".
Charles read the letter three times.
" Esther, I also love you more than I can imagine. It's unexplainable", Charles said putting the letter on his chest.

Esther was in her room eating indomie. Her roommate was also in the room with her.
"Esther, won't you give me out of your indomie?", Isabella asked.
" But, I asked you before cooking. You said you have eaten spaghetti", Esther replied.
" The aroma of your indomie is inviting", Isabella said.
Esther chuckled and said, " You are a foodie",
"Anything you call me is accepted. It's not your fault. Should I bring my spoon?",
"No. Let me give you yours to cook. It's in the wardrobe".
" Babe, don't be stingy now".
" I only cooked two. I don't want you to shorten my ration. You should go cook yours", Esther said.
" I'm not eating again if that's the case", Isabella said.
Esther laughed and said, " Lazy bone".
Isabella moved to Esther school bag looking for anything eatable.
"If I see any junk in your bag, I would pick it ", Isabella said.
" I only have books in my bag. I didn't buy anything on my way home", Esther said.
Isabella opened the bag and removed all the books. There was really no junk in the bag. She was about returning Esther's book to the bag when a beautiful envelope fell from one of Esther's handbook.
"Esther, I guess this is from your crush", Isabella said showing her the envelope.
Esther looked at her direction and saw the envelope.
"Where did you see that envelope?", Esther asked.
" From your bag of course" , Isabella replied.
"That's not possible. This is my first time of seeing it".
"Seriously, I picked it from your bag now", Isabella admitted.
" Who could have dropped an envelope in my bag? Isabella, bring it. Let me see what's written in it", Esther requested.
"No, I must read it first", Isabella said.
"Isabella, bring it", Esther said.
"No, I won't".
Esther started chasing Isabella around the room. Isabella was catching fun and laughing, but, it wasn't funny to Esther.
"Stop nah. I'm tired already", Esther said.
Isabella opened the envelope and read it while Esther was still running after her.
"Awwwwwn", Isabella said as she read the letter.
"Isabella, why are you like this? It's not funny", Esther said.
" Babe, don't take it serious. I'm just playing with you. But, honestly, someone is in love with you . I'm jealous ooo", Isabella said and gave Esther the letter.
" Na wa for you ooh", Esther said and tried to read the Esther.
Isabella hurriedly picked Esther's plate of indomie and started eating.
"My indomie! Isabella, which type of girl are you?", Esther asked.
" There is love in sharing", Isabella said as she licked the spoon and continued eating.
Esther shook her head in disappointment at Isabella's behavior and tried to focus on reading the letter.
"Dear Esther, I'm writing this to you to reveal my hidden feelings for you. I have tried my best in concealing it for a long period, but, I can no longer conceal it. Your smile lightens my heart and your sparkling beauty makes me forget all problems. Your kindness warms my heart. You are really an angel.
I love your intelligence, dignity and kindness . I love your dedication to the things of God and your close relationship with God. My love for you is unexplainable. I love you with everything I am. I just wish you could love me the same way".
From Charles.
" Can Charles really write something like this?", Esther said aloud.
"Babe, what's wrong? Did he write something bad? I notice the way you talk to him on phone and whenever you are together, I know you are also in love with him. What's your problem. You are already in three hundred level and you still believe that Jesus is your boyfriend. Do you think Jesus would come down from heaven to marry you? You better give this guy a chance before he goes to another lady", Isabella said and licked the plate of indomie. She had finished eating the indomie.
"But, I'm still young", Esther said and sat down on her bed.
" Young wetin? Is it when you turn to a grandma that you would go into a relationship?", Isabella asked.
" Isabella, relationships are for people preparing for marriage. I'm not ready for marriage yet", Esther said.
" So, it's when you are ready to get married that you would go into a relationship. What if Charles had gotten some one else then? Do you want to lose him? This guy truly loves you. True love is scarce nowadays, you can't find it just anywhere. Babe, give this guy chance. Besides, having a relationship with Charles would make you experienced and matured. Trust me", Isabella said.
" Okay, I'll give it a trial. I really love him too and I don't want to lose him", Esther said.
" Now, you are talking", Isabella said and smiled.
" But, that doesn't make me forget about my indomie. You must cook another one for me", Esther said.
" No, I won't", Isabella replied.
Esther stood up from her bed and started chasing Isabella around the room.

Juliet got to her apartment very tired. She met Beatrice sitting on her bed.
"Hey Beatrice, how are you?", Juliet said removing her shoes.
" How was it? Was it successful? Did you kiss him?", Beatrice asked immediately.
" Em...... Actually, I....... Beatrice, the truth is that when we got there. Emmmmm", Juliet stammered.
" Juliet, stop stammering. Tell me what really happened", Beatrice said.
" Actually, he is too spiritual. He was just talking about spiritual things when we got there. He started preaching to me and I couldn't do anything. I tried to seduce him, but, none worked. I hurriedly excused myself away from him when he wanted to pray for me. You know what his prayers could do to me, right?", Juliet said sitting down on her bed.
Beatrice moved to her and shouted angrily, "Do you think I don't know what you are doing?".

To be continued..........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 20

Beatrice moved to her and shouted angrily, "Do you think I don't know what you are doing?".
" What am I doing?", Juliet asked looking scared.
"You are trying to catch all the fun you can catch with him before you destroy his life", Beatrice shouted.
" No, I'm not", Juliet replied.
"Then, what are you doing? Juliet, the truth is that you can't handle that guy. Let me handle him for you. I promise to grant all your requests when I become the second in command", Beatrice said.
" I can't let you take my assignment up for me. I'll handle him by myself", Juliet replied.
Beatrice was very angry. She felt like strangling Juliet, but, she knew the witch leader would kill her if she did that.
"So, what are we eating tonight?", Juliet asked.
" My hands", Beatrice replied ironically.
"Beatrice, don't be angry. I need your cooperation and support to complete this assignment. Take me as your sister", Juliet pleaded.
Beatrice hissed and lied down on her bed.
"It's not her fault. I'm supposed to be in my own institution receiving lectures, but, I'm here carrying out a dumb assignment", Juliet thought within herself.
She sat down on her bed and remembered how she got to the witch group. She had tried to erase that memory from her head, but, it remained stucked to her brain.

Some years ago, Juliet was a very cheerful and vibrant young girl. She loved playing and watching movies. She was the only child of her parents.
Her parents, Mr and Mrs Akinfemi were both working in Rinsol Company LTD. Their work was a very tedious one and they both arrive home around 8: 00 p.m in the night.
Juliet's school wasn't far from her house. She usually walked to school every morning and walked back home at the closing time. She always stayed with her neighbor whenever she was back from school.
Her neighbor, Ms Amope was a woman in her early fifties. She had no husband or child for reasons known to her alone.
Ms Amope also loved Juliet and welcomed her to her house whenever she was back from school. She always called her Orisabunmi instead of her real name, Juliet. Juliet was okay with that name.
Juliet would eat lunch at Ms Amope's house and watch movies. Sometimes, she might sleep off and her parents would come to pick her whenever they were back from work.
That was the daily routine apart from Sundays. It was only Sunday that was different. Juliet parents never go to work on Sundays.
The Akinfemi's always showed their gratitude to Ms Amope.
One day, Juliet came back from school and was watching a movie in Ms Amope's house as usual. Ms Amope was in her room, sleeping.
The movie Juliet was watching was about some witches trying to destroy the life of a family. The movie was very interesting and Juliet really loved the movie.
After the movie ended, Juliet picked a black wrapper and tried to act like the witches she watched in the movie.
Her drama woke Ms Amope. She walked to the living room and saw Juliet acting. Ms Amope smiled.
Juliet didn't know that Ms Amope was watching her. She continued acting like the witches in the movie.
Ms Amope moved to the kitchen and served jollof rice inside a plate. She said some incantations to the food and returned to the living room.
On seeing her, Juliet stopped acting.
"Orisabunmi, I can see that you are very good at acting", Ms Amope said and chuckled.
" This is your lunch", She quickly added and placed the plate on the table.
"Thank you ma", Juliet said.
As soon as Ms Amope left the living room, Juliet started devouring the meal. She finished eating and slept afterwards.
Around 8:30 p.m, Juliet's parents returned from work.
Juliet's mom went to Ms Amope's house to pick Juliet. She knocked at Ms Amope's door and Miss Amope opened the door for her .
"Welcome. How was work today", Ms Amope asked.
"It was fine and stressful ma. How is Juliet?", Mrs Akinfemi asked.
"She has slept off. You can come in" , Ms Amope replied.
Mrs Akinfemi entered the living room and saw Juliet sleeping on the sofa.
"Thank you for taking care of her ma", Mrs Akinfemi said and carried her.
" You don't need to thank me. She is just like a daughter to me", Ms Amope said.
Mrs Akinfemi tapped her daughter twice before she woke up.
"Mommy" , She said faintly as she saw her mom.
"You are back. Good afternoon", She quickly added.
"We are not in the afternoon. It's evening already. Let's go home", Mrs Akinfemi said.
Okay mom. Bye grandma", Juliet said referring to Ms Amope as grandma.
Juliet got home and ate dinner with her mom and dad before going to her room.
Her room was a very beautiful one and everything in her room had a touch of pink which was her favorite color.
She sat down on her bed and carried her favorite teddy out of all the beautiful teddies on her bed. She switched off the light in her room and lied down on her bed cuddling her favourite teddy.
Suddenly, she saw three women in her room. She thought she was hallucinating because there was no one in the room when she entered. The three of them were old enough to be her mom. They started moving closer to her and even in the dark, she could see that they were real.
"Mommy! Daddy! Help me", Juliet screamed.
Her mom and dad were in their room in a romantic mood when they heard her voice. They jumped out of their bed and rushed to her room.
"Mom! Dad! Please, come. Mommy! Mommy!", She shouted and started crying loudly.
Her parents got to her room and switched on the light. They saw her seating on the bed and crying.
"Juliet, what happened?", Her mom asked.
"I....... I don't......... I don't know why they are in my room. They might hurt me. I didn't see them here before. I don't even know them. I think they are dangero.....", She stopped abruptly when she noticed that the three women were no longer in her room.
"Who are you talking about?", Juliet's father asked.
" Three women. They were in my room before you came. I don't know how they left. They were all wearing a black and red clothe ", Juliet said.
Juliet's mom who got tensed because of Juliet's loud noise earlier burst into laughter.
"Juliet, you mean there were three women in your room wearing a black and red clothe", She asked still laughing.
" Yes mom", Juliet said still afraid.
"Which movie did you watch in the afternoon?", Juliet's mom asked.
"I watched Strong Powers. There were some witches trying to destroy the life of a family", Juliet said.
" The movie you watched caused what you are seeing in your room. The women in your room are not real, they are just your imaginations. You should not scream to disturb me again. You can see that I and your dad are tired. Next time you scream, I would lock you in the visitors' toilet", Juliet's mom said harshly.
" My dear, don't be harsh on her. Let's allow her to sleep with us on our bed for tonight", Mr Akinfemi said.
" Sleep on our bed? Then, what happens to me and you? How would you be able to have fun with me?", Juliet's mom said.
"You shouldn't talk like that when Juliet is beside you, I've corrected you countless time. Besides, you just told Juliet that you are tired", Mr Akinfemi said.
" I'm not tired. Let's go to our room joor. Juliet, let this be the first time and last time you will disturb us with your noise. If you can't handle your imaginations, don't watch those kinds of movies again", Juliet's mom said.
She switched off the light in Juliet's room and dragged her husband out of the room. Afterwards, she closed the door of the room.
Juliet was very scared. She couldn't sleep.
The three women appeared again. Juliet screamed more loudly the second time.
Juliet's mom rushed to her room.
"What's wrong again?", She shouted loudly at Juliet.
" Mom, they came here again", Juliet said crying.
"I just told you that they are not real. They can't do anything to you. I don't want to come here to warn you again. If you shout the third time, I would come here and beat you with one of your dad's belt", Juliet mom said and was about to leave the room when her husband entered.
" Honey, I've told you to let us allow her sleep in our room. It's just for tonight", Mr Akinfemi said.
" No , I can't. I'm in the mood tonight, what if I'm not tomorrow", Mrs Akinfemi said and her husband understood what she was saying.
"Okay then. You can go to the room, I'll join you in some minutes time. I want to talk to my daughter", Mr Akinfemi said.
" Whatever", Juliet's mom said and moved out of Juliet's room.
Juliet's dad moved to Juliet and sat down beside her on the bed.
"Juliet dear, you know that daddy loves you so much and would do anything to protect you. Your dad is a super man", Mr Akinfemi said and Juliet laughed even though there were tears on her face.
"But, there is another daddy that loves you more than I do. Whenever they come into this room again, just shout Jesus. Did you get that?",
" Yes dad. Thank you",
" That's my daughter", Juliet's dad said and hugged Juliet.
" Are you not yet done?", Mrs Akinfemi said as she entered Juliet room.
"I have to go now. Sleep tight darling", Me Akinfemi said to Juliet and moved out of her room.
Juliet's mom and dad returned to their room while Juliet remained in her room.
For the next ten minutes, nobody appeared in her room.
She concluded that it was an imagination, just like her mom said earlier.
She lied down on her bed and closed her eyes. She reopened her eyes and saw the three women seating down on her bed.
Before she could remember the name her dad told her, the three women dragged her and she disappeared with them.
The four of them appeared in a beautiful room containing a lot of women wearing black and red clothe seated on black stools.
One of them was seated in the front on a very big chair. Juliet concluded immediately that the woman seated in the front was the leader. However, the leader looked familiar. She looked closely and it turned out to be Ms Amope.
"Grandma", She said and rushed to hug Ms Amope.

To be continued..........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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