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Fall of the Mighty BY SUCCESS ADEGBITE Episode 21&22
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Fall of the Mighty

Episode 21

Grandma", She said and rushed to hug Ms Amope.
" Orisabunmi, welcome", Ms Amope said and smiled.
"Grandma, who are these people? Why did they bring me here? I don't know how they brought me here, we just appeared here like the movie I watched in your house this afternoon", Juliet said.
" You don't need to worry about how you got here. This is a very good group and I asked them to bring you here because I love you. In this group, you are going to get whatever you need. If you want to be the best in your class, you would be. If you want fame or prosperity, you would get it", Ms Amope said.
" Grandma, I don't like the people here. I don't have any of my mate here", Juliet complained.
" You would soon have your mates here", Ms Amope said.
" My dad asked me to shout one name. He said I should shout Jesus", Juliet said.
Immediately she said Jesus, the coven shook and everyone there fell down except Juliet.
Juliet was confused. "What happened?", She asked.
Ms Amope stood up eventually after many efforts to stand up.
"Witch leader, send her away", One of the women shouted.
"We don't need her here", Another one said.
" She just got here for the first time and she did this, what would she do after coming here three times?", Another one asked.
" She is too young to be here", Another person said.
Juliet was scared. She clung to Ms Amope.
"Silence everyone", Ms Amope shouted.
"I didn't ask for your opinions. She is like a daughter to me and if I want her her, none of you can stop me", Ms Amope shouted.
" We are sorry, witch leader", The witch members chorused.
" She did that because of her naiveness. Orisabunmi, we have some rules and regulations here. I'll explain them to you later, but you must never call that name your dad told you again", Ms Amope said.
" You mean the name of Je.....",
Ms Amope covered her mouth immediately.
" I said you should never call it again. Don't even try to call it", Ms Amope said.
" Okay grandma", Juliet said.
" Also, you must not tell your mom,dad or anyone about anything that happens here", Ms Amope said.
" Okay grandma".
" Witch leader, are you sure that she won't tell her parents?", One of the group members asked.
" I'm sure that she won't. Besides, she spends a larger percentage of her time with me", Ms Amope said.
Ms Amope said some incantations and stretched her hands to the air.
Suddenly, a calabash appeared on her hands. She handed the calabash to Juliet.
"What should I do with it, grandma?", Juliet asked innocently.
" Drink what's inside it", Ms Amope said.
Juliet looked into the calabash and saw that it contained a liquid which looked like blood.
"Is this blood or wine or juice?", Juliet asked.
"Don't ask me questions. Just drink it", Ms Amope commanded.
Juliet drank it immediately. It didn't taste sweet in her mouth. Ms Amope made sure that Juliet completed the content inside.
"Grandma, it's not sweet", Juliet complained.
"It doesn't need to be", Ms Amope said.
" Suddenly, Juliet clothes changed to that of the other witch members.
All the witch members cheered.
"Grandma, what happened to my night gown? Why is everyone cheering?", Juliet asked.
" You ask too many questions. From today onward, you are a part of us. I'll instruct you on what you will be doing. You must not betray this group. If you do, you would bear the consequences", Ms Amope said.
Juliet agreed with all their terms innocently.
Since that time, she had been a part of the group.
She became very good in her academics and got the first position in all academic sessions. Anything she wanted was given to her. Anything she also thought in her mind happened.
There was a particular day that one of her classmate abused her. Juliet felt very bad and wished the girl that abused her became sick.
The girl that abused her became very sick and had to stay in the hospital for two years.
Juliet had everything she wanted, but, not happiness, peace and freedom.
Every Friday night, she would appear in the group and join the group members in the group meeting. Many times, she would be forced by the witch leader to kill some people. She was also instructed to cause road accidents and sickness in many occasions.
Her parents weren't aware that Juliet was a part of a witch group. Juliet couldn't tell them. She spent a large percentage of her time with Ms Amope and Ms Amope thought her a lot of things; how to say some incantations, how to kill people, how to save people, how to make people rich, how to make people poor, how to cause barrenness in women and so many more.
After some years, Juliet's mom resigned from Rinsol Company and started her own business. Yet, she never had time for her only child.
Soon, Juliet graduated from her secondary school and left for the university. She remained very close to the witch leader.
Although, she was the youngest in the witch group, she was the witch leader's favourite.

Tears rolled down Juliet's face as she remembered those memories. Although she had killed a lot of people in the past and destroyed many destinies, she didn't feel like destroying David's life.
"If my parents were there for me when I needed them, I won't be in this mess. Now, I'm stucked into this group for life. Quitting means getting ready to die", Juliet thought within herself.
She felt like calling the name her dad taught her to call whenever the witches appeared to her, but, that name was an abomination to her. She would face the consequences if she called that name.
"Mommy! Daddy! Help me", She cried and rolled on her bed just like she did when she was young.
Beatrice didn't notice her. She was thinking on how to make David's fall in love with her so that she could destroy his destiny and become the second in command.

It was a sunny day. Esther was done with her lectures and was about to return to the hostel when she heard someone call her name.
She turned back and saw.......

To be continued............
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 22

She turned back and saw Charles running towards her direction.
"Hi Charles", Esther said as Charles got to where she was standing.
"Good afternoon, Esther", Charles greeted.
" Where is David? ", Esther asked.
"He told me that he wanted to read with Juliet", Charles replied.
"Juliet? And you allowed him?",
"Should I have carried him on my head and taken him him to the hostel. He is not a baby, he knows the right thing for himself", Charles said.
" Okay, if you say so", Esther said.
They moved under a tree which served as a canopy for them.
There was complete silence between them for more than two minutes.
"I'm sorry", They both said uniformly.
Esther chuckled.
"Esther, I can't keep hiding my feelings. It's high time we both stopped pretending", Charles said holding Esther's hands.
Esther didn't say anything.
"Esther, we are old enough to make some decisions by ourselves. I want you to be my girlfriend, please", Charles pleaded.
" But, we are children of God. We are fellowship coordinators for crying out loud", Esther said.
" Esther, that does not matter. It would be a godly relationship. We would abstain from anything that can make us sin".
"What if Charles had gotten some one else then? Do you want to lose him? This guy truly loves you. True love is scarce nowadays, you can't find it just anywhere. Babe, give this guy a chance", Esther remembered Isabella's word.
" Okay then. I agree", Esther said.
"Thank you", Charles said happily and hugged Esther.
" You just said it's going to be a godly relationship and you are hugging me already", Esther said.
" That doesn't make you a sinner. I love you so much", Charles said.
" I love you too", Esther replied.
Her emotions had increased and was difficult to control. Charles was also feeling the same way.

"Why do you always like coming to this place?", Juliet asked.
She and David stood together in a desolate part of the campus.
"It's because I love nature. This place is filled with a lot of trees and flowers. Coming here makes me remember the wonders of God and also makes me reflect on how powerful He is. Everything He created us wonderful and beautiful and there is nothing He can't do", David said.
" Wow, that's great", Juliet replied.
"So, you said that you wanted us to read together", Juliet added immediately.
" Yes, but, I'd like to ask you some questions first", David said
" Go ahead", Juliet replied.
" Juliet, don't you love me?", He asked.
Juliet was surprised at the question he asked.
" Of course I do. I really love you", Juliet replied.
" You don't feel free whenever I'm with you. Honestly, I'm going crazy about you. Juliet, I don't understand my feelings for you anymore because they are more than what I can understand", David said.
" Learn to control your feelings. It can destroy you if you don't control them", Juliet said.
She was surprised at her response. She was the one sent to destroy David's life, but, she was preaching to him.
"What is wrong with me?", She thought within herself.
Meanwhile, Beatrice was walking around the campus looking for David and Juliet.
"I wonder where they always go to after lectures? What do they always do together? Is Juliet hiding something from me?", She thought as she continued walking around the campus.
She had checked the eatery and some departments, but, they were not there.
Soon, she got to a desolate part of the campus.
"They can't be here", She thought.
She was about going back when she heard the voice of Juliet from afar of. Juliet was talking to David.
"What the hell are they talking about!", She asked herself as she moved closer to them and hid behind one of the trees.
"Juliet, I understand you. You are trying to maintain godliness, righteousness and holiness. I'll try to control my feelings", David said.
Beatrice tried to hear what they were saying, but, she couldn't hear a word.
"Okay then, can we start reading?", Juliet asked.
" Not too fast, I need a hug from you", David said with a smile on his face.
" But, you just said.....",
Before Juliet could complete her statement, David had carried her.
Beatrice saw them and took a picture of them immediately.
"Put me down", Juliet protested.
"I knew it. I knew Juliet was trying to catch fun with this boy before destroying his life", Beatrice said within herself.
Beatrice had gotten what she needed. She left where she was silently and returned to her apartment.
David dropped Juliet and they continued talking instead of reading. After a while, Juliet told David that she had somewhere to go to. They both left the desolate part of the school.

"Mommy, I have missed you too. How is Daddy?", Esther asked her mom over the phone.
" He is fine dear. Your step brother, Joseph, is also here", Ajoke said.
" Mom, he is not my step brother. He is my younger brother", Esther said and chuckled.
" Okay then", Ajoke replied.
"I hope the house maid is taking good care of Joseph", Esther said.
" I don't need the house maid to take care of my son. I can take care of him even on my wheel chair. Besides, Joseph is old enough already, he can also take care of himself. He is going to clock seven years soon. He just needs some instructions and corrections", Ajoke said.
" Okay mom", Esther said.
" Esther, I have something importantly I'd like to tell you", Ajoke said.
" What's that, mom?", Esther asked.
"I had a dream last night. I dreamt that you and your friend, Charles, were trying to drag David out of a pit. Suddenly, two girls appeared and gave you and Charles bones to eat. You both left David alone and started eating the bones. Is there something going on wrong with David? Do you have any interpretation for the dream?", Ajoke asked.
Esther was quiet. She understood what her step mom was talking about. "Oh my God! We have allowed the devil to distract us. I knew something was wrong. I didn't ask the Holy Spirit about it.", Esther said within herself.
" Esther, are you there?", Ajoke asked.
" Yes mom. I'll work on what you just told me. Bye mom", Esther said and hung the call.
Esther stood up from her bed and started pacing around the room. She was the only one in the room; Isabella had not returned.
"What have I done? Why did Charles and I allow the devil to distract us?", Esther said as she paced around the room.
She dialled Charles' number, but, he wasn't picking up. She decided to message him on WhatsApp. As she got online, she saw a lot of messages from their fellowship group. She clicked on the group and saw a picture on the fellowship group.
Her hands started trembling.
"What? Who did this?", She shouted.

To be continued..........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

9 months ago