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Fall of the Mighty Episode 23,24&25
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Fall of the Mighty

Episode 23

"What? Who did this?", She shouted.
Someone in the group had posted the picture of David hugging Juliet. A lot of the group members reacted to the post.
"Is that not the fellowship president?", Someone commented.
" God, what's this world turning to? ", Another person commented.
" This student fellowship is a scam", Another person commented.
" Signs of the last days", Someone wrote.
" I'm sure that my Jesus will take control", Another person commented.
" What happened to the Spirit of God in him? What happened to the fire of the Holy Ghost? I thought he carried a special annointing that could overcome all sins and temptations", One of the group member commented.
" There is nothing really bad in what he did", Someone commented.
Some group members started abusing the person that said there was nothing bad in what he did.
"It even looks like they are kissing each other", Someone commented.
" I'm out of the student fellowship", Another person typed.
"I'm also out", Someone else wrote.
Esther's hand was shaking as she was strolling down the chats and reading those messages. She pinched herself to be sure that she wasn't dreaming.
Suddenly, Charles call entered her phone. She picked the call immediately.
"Hello baby, I saw your missed call", Charles said.
" There is fire on the mountain" Esther shouted.
"Fire? Which mountain? There's no mountain in the campus", Charles said.
" Charles, I want you to check the WhatsApp messages from the student fellowship group right now", Esther said and hung up the call.
Esther was still thinking on what to do next when Isabella entered the house.
"Charles one and only babe, how far? ", Isabella greeted as she entered the house.
" Never call me that again", Esther shouted.
"What happened? Did you fight with him?", Isabella asked.
" Let's put that aside. Look at this", Esther said and showed Isabella the messages from the student fellowship group.
Isabella read all the message and said, "I don't understand what is wrong with all of you in your fellowship? What did the guy do wrong? What's the big deal in hugging a girl? Why can't you all leave him alone and allow him to enjoy his life. Na wa for you people ooo. By the way, which idiot posted it".
" I don't know ooo", Esther replied.
Esther was confused. She didn't know what to do. Isabella couldn't give her any reasonable advice. She remembered what her mom told her.
"Truly, the devil distracted Charles and I just to get hold of David", Esther thought.
She looked at the time and it was 4:00 p.m.
" I can still do something today", She said and dressed up.
" Where are you going?", Isabella asked.
"I'll be back before 7:00 p.m. Bye", She said and picked her handbag. After that, she left the room.

Esther and Charles sat together under a shed.
"Charles, we allowed the devil to distract us. We stopped praying for David just because of our feelings", Esther lamented.
" I'm sorry, Esther. I should have controlled my feelings, but, the letter you wrote to me made it uncontrollable", Charles admitted.
" Letter? When? I didn't write any letter to you. You were the one that wrote a letter to me", Esther shouted. She was really annoyed.
" Me? Esther, stop kidding. Why do you want to increase the confusion on ground?", Charles asked.
Esther opened her hand bag and brought out the letter with her.
"Is this from your twin brother?", Esther asked as she handed the letter to Charles.
Charles read the letter immediately.
"Esther, I didn't write this. I can't write something like this, trust me. Besides, this is not my handwriting. I also saw a love letter in my bag after returning from lecture some days ago. Your name was on it. I don't have it with me here, I would have shown it to you", Charles said.
" If you didn't write it, that means someone tricked us with the letters to distract us ", Esther said.
" Yes, you are right. The person really got our weaknesses. Who could that be?", Charles asked.
" I don't know. What's important now is to look for a way to deliver David", Esther said.
" I hope it's not too late. A lot of things has gone wrong already. Some fellowship members are already leaving the fellowship group. I hope David would also listen to us", Charles said.
" I'm not also sure that he would listen to us. We need to inform someone he would listen to", Esther advised.
" Who would he listen to ?", Charles asked.
"His sister; Auntie Deborah. She is a child of God. Besides, David loves his sister so much. He would never disobey her", Esther said.
" Do you have her phone number?", Charles asked.
" Sure", Esther replied.
" That's great. Call her immediately. We don't have time to waste. We need to handle this before things get out of hand", Charles said.
Esther brought her phone and dialled Deborah's number.
Deborah picked the call after some seconds.
"Hi Esther", Deborah greeted.
"Good evening ma", Esther replied.
"It's been a while I heard your voice. How are you doing?", Deborah asked.
" I'm fine, thank you ma", Esther replied.
"I hope Charles and my younger brother are also fine", Deborah said.
Deborah looked at Charles' face.
"They are ..... Actually, they are fine ma", She said to Deborah over the phone.
" Actually, I wanted to call my younger brother before your call came in. I had a funny dream about him last night", Deborah said.
Esther and Charles became alert.
"What was the dream about?", Esther asked.
"I dreamt that you and David's friend, Charles, were trying to drag David out of a pit. Suddenly, two girls appeared and gave you and Charles bones to eat. You both left David alone and started eating the bones. Is there anything wrong with David?", Deborah asked.
" You also had that dream, ma?", Esther shouted.
" Did anyone else dream about what I just told you?", Deborah asked.
" Yes ma. My mom had the same dream. Auntie Deborah, David is in a big problem", Esther blurted.

" Charles must have done this", David said furiously as he paced around his room with his phone in his hands.
It was around six o'clock in the evening and Charles had not yet returned to the hostel.
"I swear to deal with him when he comes back. I didn't even know that he was spying on me. How could he do that to me? I'm his best friend and roommate for crying out loud. Did he do that because he was jealous of me? To cover up, he sent it to the group with a number that isn't his. We are not going to sleep in this room together tonight. Someone is going to sleep in the hospital", David said angrily.
Suddenly, his phone started ringing. He looked at his phone screen and discovered that it was his elder sister calling him.
"Big sis, this is not the right time to call", He mummured to himself and dropped his phone on his bed.
His phone started ringing the second time.
"Why is she calling me now? I'll call her after dealing with Charles", David said.
He ignored the call and continued pacing around the room angrily.
His phone started ringing for the third time .
"Arrrrrgh! Why must it be this evening that she chose to call?", He said angrily.

To be continued.........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 24

"Arrrrrgh! Why must it be this evening that she chose to call?", He said angrily.
David picked the phone from his bed and received the call.
"Hello David", Deborah said.
"Hi big sis", David greeted.
" Why did it take long before you picked my call?", Deborah asked.
" I'm sorry ma", David replied trying to keep his calm.
"What's wrong? You don't sound really good", Deborah said.
"I'm fine", David replied.
"No, you are not. I can tell when my little brother is fine or not. Tell me whatever the problem is", Deborah said.
" Big sis, you know my friend, Charles, right?", David asked.
"Yes, I know him. What happened to him?", Deborah asked.
" Well, he spied on me and took a picture of Juliet and I. Afterwards, he posted it in the fellowship WhatsApp group with a number that isn't his own. He has succeeded in soiling my reputation. Everyone in the fellowship now hates me. Many people have left the fellowship group. I know that Charles did that because he was jealous of me. I would not let him go away with what he did" David said angrily.
" What gives you the assurance that it was Charles who did it?", Deborah asked.
" If he wasn't the one, then who?", David asked.
"David, you need to calm down. Charles can never do something like that to you. Besides, who is Juliet?", Deborah asked.
David sat on his bed and said, " She is my course mate".
"Is that all?", Deborah asked.
" Well, she is a friend and we are kind of close", David replied.
" A friend? David, don't you smell something fishy about her?",
"Big sis, there is nothing fishy about her. She is the will of God for my life. I love her very much", David blurted.
" Will of God? Are you sure you heard rightly from God? When was the last time you heard from God? When was the last time you prayed?", Deborah asked.
" Ermmmmm...... Emmmmm. Actually, I... I", David stammered.
" David, answer my questions. When was the last time you prayed?", Deborah asked.
" Some days ago", David replied.
" Some days ago? David, this is not you. What has come over you. The David I know would pray everyday; in tbe morning, afternoon and night. David, what's wrong", Deborah asked.
" Big sis, stop being too religious. You know I'm in school and I have a lot of things to do", David replied.
" So, that's why you are too busy to pray. David, you are allowing the devil to take charge of your life", Deborah said.
"Big sis, you shouldn't condemn me. I won't allow you to start preaching to me. I was the one that led you to Christ. I'm more spiritual than you", David blurted.
There was few seconds of silence between the two of them.
After a while, Deborah said, "Few years ago, I was sinking into sin. I was lost in lust and worldly pleasures. I was going completely far from the light. One fateful day, my little brother came into my room. He preached to me. I didn't listen to him. I slapped him, but, he stayed. Some invisible forces appeared in the room and that day, I witnessed the power of God. I saw how great God was and how powerful the name of Jesus was. I was saved from death and brought into light. Since that day, I started experiencing more of God and his mighty God. Now, my little brother that led me to the right way is going astray. He doesn't want to hear from God anymore. Now, he is full of lust. David, what's wrong with you?", Deborah shouted over the phone. She was getting sentimental already.
"Big sis, leave me alone. Leave ..... Me ...... Alone", David shouted and hanged up the call.
" Did he just hang up the call?", Deborah and herself.
"This is really a big problem. Devil, I would not allow you to take over the life of my younger brother", Deborah said and went on her knees to pray.
Charles and Esther were still under the shed.
"I'm sure that Sister Deborah would have called David. Do you think David would listen to her", Charles asked.
" Let's just hope for the best", Esther said.
" Instead of hoping, why don't we pray?", Charles suggested.
"The time is 6:30 p.m already. I'll soon be returning to my hostel", Esther said.
"We can still pray for some minutes before you return to your hostel", Charles said.
" You mean here? ", Esther said. She was a kind of person that never loved praying outside. She preferred praying indoors.
" Yes, here. Tbe situation warrants that. We need to wage war against the principalities and powers over David's life. It's very important that we pray for him now", Charles said.
" Okay then", Esther said.
They started by worshipping God and thanking him for making them realize their mistakes. They asked for forgiveness for being distracted and went on to intercede for David.

Juliet entered her apartment visibly angry.
"Beatrice, how could you?", She shouted angrily.
Beatrice was seating on tbe bed eating popcorn.
"Beatrice, you just spoilt the whole plan. It wasn't in our plan to disgrace him among his peers. Why did you do that?", Juliet shouted.
Beatrice smiled wickedly and stood up from her bed.
"I guess the lover girl is angry. We came here on an assignment; you ignored the assignment and fell in love. You refused to allow me to handle the assignment for you. You think I don't also want to be the second in command?", Beatrice said.
" You would pay for this. You are going to pay for what you did to David", Juliet shouted as she moved closer to Beatrice.
" You can't do anything to me. Just because you are the witch leader's favourite doesn't mean I can't destroy you. I'm also powerful", Beatrice said.
" Arrrrrrrrrgh", Juliet shouted and started strangling Beatrice.

To be continued............
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 25

"Arrrrrrrrrgh", Juliet shouted and started strangling Beatrice.
Beatrice struggled with her and tried to get lose from Juliet's grip.
Suddenly, the witch leader appeared in the room.
Juliet and Beatrice released each other and bowed their heads.
"Greetings to the witch leader", They both chorused.
"Hold your greetings to yourself. What's wrong with you? Are you insane? Why did I send both of you here? What was I thinking of? Both of you can't handle that little boy and you are here fighting with each other", The witch leader shouted.
" It's Juliet that........ ", Beatrice said, but, was interrupted by the witch leader.
" I'm not done talking yet. I didn't ask for your opinions or excuses", The witch leader shouted.
" I'm sorry, ma", Beatrice said still bowing down her head.
"Orisabunmi, I'm so disappointed in you. I took you as my daughter. Is this how you repay me? I saw everything you did in the secret room. You were trying to protect David. You were trying to protect my enemy. Have you forgotten what he did to our witch group. He killed three of our members in a day. Ajoke was sent away from the group because of him. We also lost a lot of our captives because of him. Orisabunmi, you were also in the group when an invisible fire started burning all the group members", The witch leader said furiously.
" I'm sorry, ma", Juliet said. She was very scared.
"No need to be sorry. I'm going to make sure you complete that assignment tonight", The witch leader said.
Juliet's heart skipped a beat.
" Grandma?", Juliet said.
"You heard me right", The witch leader said.
"I can complete it on her behalf ma. I'll do anything you ask me to do. I can't wait to be the second in command", Beatrice said.
The witch leader looked at Beatrice with dismay and said, "I didn't send you here for the assignment, I sent you to accompany Juliet and help her whenever she needs your help".
Beatrice was disappointed.
" So, you were just using me. I joined the group thinking I would get everything I wanted. I didn't know that the witch leader is corrupt. You favour Juliet always because she is like a daughter to you. I won't allow you to cheat me", Beatrice shouted.
The witch leader smiled wickedly and touched Beatrice's forehead. Beatrice fell down and died immediately.
"Beatrice! Nooooooooo!", Juliet shouted as she touched Beatrice's lifeless body.

Meanwhile, Deborah, David's elder sister, was still praying for David.
"God, arise and fight for David. Let there be confusion among David's enemies. Let them kill themselves and turn against themselves. Almighty God, please set David free from bondage. Open his eyes, God".
It was 7:00 p.m already, but, Charles and Esther were still under the shed praying wholeheartedly.
"Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against his anointed. God, please arise for David. Do not let the plans of the enemies come to pass over his life", Charles prayed.
Esther was also praying in tongues.
David was feeling some uneasiness in his hostel. He felt like praying, but, he refused to pray.
"I must deal with Charles today. This is just seven p.m. He would come and meet me here", He said as he plugged in his ear piece and started watching a romantic ymovie on his phone.

Juliet was still lying beside Beatrice lifeless body and crying. The witch leader touched Beatrice's body and it disappeared.
"Where did you take her body to?", Juliet asked angrily.
" An ocean shore. Anyone that sees her there would think the ocean waves washed her body to the shore", The witch leader said.
" You are very wicked. Beatrice was right. You are using us. You are using me. You initiated me into the witchcraft when I was still very young. You make me do things I don't want to do. I'm not surprised you don't have a family.", Juliet said and tears dropped from her face.
The witch leader wasn't angry at Juliet's words .
"Everything in the world has a price. I was a member of a witch group before. My husband and children died in a road accident for me to be a leader. You should consider yourself lucky that I didn't request the life of your parents from you", The witch leader said.
" I hate you", Juliet sneered.
" I initiated you into the witch group because I didn't have any child to take over my position when I die. Now, I'm fully assured that you are going to take over my position", The witch leader said.
" I would never take over your position", Juliet shouted.
The witch leader saw an arrow coming to her. She dodged the arrow immediately.
"Juliet, your negligence is about to destroy us. David's friends are praying for him. Our trick didn't work on them. You have to do something fast. Listen up, I don't care if you are my favorite. If you don't do what I ask you to do, I'm going to kill you as I killed Beatrice", The witch leader said.
" Ms Amope, I'm not a part of the witch group again. I would not do anything you ask me to do. I don't care if they destroy us or you kill me. I'm not going to do anything", Juliet shouted.
" Very well then, you have given me no other option, but, to kill your parents. Which one of them should I kill first? Your mom or dad?", The witch leader asked wickedly as she showed Juliet her palm. On her palm , Juliet could see her dad in his office and her mom preparing to close her supermarket.
Although, Juliet's parent weren't there for her when she was growing up, she still loved them wholeheartedly.
"Please, don't kill my parents. I really love them", Juliet pleaded.
" You are now talking. Pick your phone right now and call David, give him the direction of this place and ask him to come here immediately. Anything it takes to destroy his life must be done", The witch leader said.

To be continued..........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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