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Fall of the Mighty BY SUCCESS ADEGBITE Episode 26&27
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Fall of the Mighty

Episode 26

It was 7:30p.m in the evening. Charles and Esther rounded up their prayers.
"I'd have loved us to pray longer, but, it's late already. You should continue praying for David when you get to your hostel, Charles said.
" Sure, I'll. Let me be on my way now", Esther said.
"Okay bye", Charles said and waved to her.
"Bye", Esther also waved.
Charles got to his room very tired. He met David lying on his bed watching a movie.
He heaved a sigh on discovering that he was fine.
"Good evening, David", Charles greeted.
David removed his earpiece and stood up from his bed. He rushed to Charles and gave him a resounding slap.
"Guy, what did I do?", Charles shouted holding his cheeks.
" Charles, I thought you were a friend. I took you as my brother, yet, all you could do to repay me back is to post a picture of I and Juliet to the fellowship group. What wrong did I do to you? What offence warrants that type of punishment? ", David shouted.
" David, I didn't do it. You have to trust me on this. I was also shocked when I saw the picture", Charles said appealingly.
" Charles, you disgraced me among everyone in the fellowship. I'll make sure that you are disgraced also. You call yourself a child of God, yet, you sent the members of the fellowship away because are envious of me. What did I ever do to you?", David said angrily.
Charles could see that he was really pained by what happened.
"David, I didn't do it. Trust me", Charles said.
"I don't trust you. You are going to regret......", David said but was interrupted by an incoming call.
" Who is calling me again?", He said angrily and picked up his phone.
It was Juliet. He picked the call immediately.
"Hello dear", He said trying to sound calm.
"Da.... Da..... David, pl..... please come to my ap..... apartment right away. I'm dying..... I'm dying..... Beatrice isn't around....... Please, come. I'll text you the address now",
The call ended immediately.
" Oh my God! What is happening to Juliet?", David said and hurriedly wore a T- Shirt.
" David, don't tell me you are going out. It's late already. It's past 8:00 p.m ", Charles said.
" Will you keep quiet? How is it your business?", David said and moved towards the door.
Charles rushed to David and held his hands.
"David, please listen to me. This might be a trap, don't go", Charles pleaded.
" My girlfriend is dying and you call it a trap. Leave my hands right now", David shouted .
" Okay, David, I know this might sound somehow, but, pray before you go", Charles said.
" Are you insane? Didn't you hear me clearly? Leave my hands now. Let me attend to Juliet first, I'm going to seriously deal with you when I come back. You would regret knowing me", David said and forced his hands out of Charles' hands. He moved out of his room immediately.
"God, what do I do now?" , Charles said.
He picked up his phone and dialled Esther's number.
"Hello Esther", He said immediately she picked the call.
"Hello Charles, have you gotten to your hostel?", Esther asked.
" Sure, but there's a big problem. As a matter of fact, there are two problems", Charles said.
" What happened?", Esther asked.
" David thinks that I sent the picture to the fellowship group. He slapped my face and threatened to deal with me. Well , that's not the real problem. Right now, as I'm talking to you, He is not in the hostel. He has gone to Juliet's house".
" And you allowed him?", Esther shouted
"What was I supposed to do? Juliet called him and told him that she was dying. I don't believe that. I warned David not to go, but, he refused. I'm thinking that Juliet might be trying to trap him. I don't have a good feeling about it", Charles said.
" This is very serious. I'll call his phone number right away", Esther said.
"He is not going to pick his call", Charles said.
" We really need to pray for him. I'll call his sister to join us in prayers", Esther said.
" Okay then. If there is any update, I'll call you. Bye", Charles said and ended the call.
Charles went on his knees and started praying for David. Esther called Deborah and told her what happened.
Deborah was really worried about David, she assured Esther that she would pray for him.
Esther ended the call and went on her knees. She started praying in the Spirit.
Deborah was also praying for David.
"Father, you said in your word that they shall surely gather together, but not by you: whosoever shall gather together against us shall fall for our sake. God, let all the gathering against David start falling for his sake", Deborah prayed.
" God, you said that If we shall ask any thing in your name, You will do it. God, please don't allow the plans of the enemies to come to pass in David's life in Jesus' name", Charles prayed.
The trio; Charles, Esther and Deborah were praying in different places, but, were in one accord in the spirit.

It was 10.30 p.m already. Charles had tried calling David several times, but, he wasn't picking his calls. Esther had also dialled his number several time, but, he wasn't picking. Deborah too, tried calling him, but, it was the same issue.
Where was he?
Juliet was sitting down on her bed. The witch leader was beside her.
Who else was with them?

To be continued...........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 27

Juliet was seating down on her bed. The witch leader was beside her.
Who else was with them?
Nobody else was with them. It was only two of them in the room.
"Where is David?", The witch leader shouted on Juliet.
"How am I supposed to know? We have been in this room together since. You were here when I called him to come", Juliet replied.
" You must have done something. Did you sent him a message or give him a signal?", The witch leader asked.
" I didn't. Have you forgotten that you collected my phone after I ended the call?", Juliet said.
The witch leader returned Juliet's phone and asked her to call David's number.
Juliet called the number three times, but, he wasn't picking up. A part of Juliet was happy that David wasn't picking her calls, another part of her was scared of what the witch leader could do to her.
"What could have happened? Did any of his friends give him a hint", The witch leader said and stretched out her palm.
She made some incantations. Juliet moved closer to her to see what was going to show on her palm.
"Oh shit", The witch leader shouted as she saw David's location.
"How did he get there?", Juliet thought.
"Well, now that something has happened to him, I think I'm done with my assignment. Can I return to my institution tomorrow?", Juliet asked.
" No, you can't", The witch leader shouted angrily.
"You must finish this assignment. I'll do all I can to get him out of there", The witch leader added.
" What else do you want from him? His life is destroyed already", Juliet said.
" No, he can still repent. I want you to have sexual intercourse with him and transmit demons into his life", The witch leader said.
Juliet remained quiet.
" Orisabunmi, is that clear or you want me to strangle your parents?", The witch leader asked.
" It's clear, grandma", Juliet replied.
The witch leader disappeared from the room. Juliet lied on her bed worried.
"Should I tell my parents about what is going on ? If I do, they would know who to run to", Juliet thought and picked up her phone.
" Don't try it! Don't even think of doing it", The witch leader said as she reappeared in the room.
Juliet was disappointed. "How did this old witch know what I'm thinking?", She thought.
" I'm not as foolish as you are. Of course, I know what are you thinking", The witch leader said after reading Juliet's mind.
" Can't I just have peace?", Juliet said.
"Of course, you can have peace, but, that's after you complete your assignment", The witch leader said.
Juliet covered her body with a blanket and shut her eyes hoping the witch leader would leave her soon.
But, where was David? He was in the prison.
Prison? How did he get there?

Few hours earlier, David was rushing to get to Juliet's apartment. The address Juliet sent to him was far from his hostel. He stood by the road for minutes trying to get a cab to transport him.
After few minutes, he started hearing gunshots. He was alarmed. He didn't know where to run to. There was a shop beside the road, but, it was closed already. He ran to the back of the shop and lied on the ground.
Soon, he started hearing siren. Some police men were patrolling the area . Sone alighted from the police can with guns and headlights.
One of the policemen sighted him and shouted, "One is here".
On hearing that, David took his heels. One of the policemen caught up with him.
"Where do you think you are running to?", The police man shouted.
David was handcuffed and carried into the police van.
The police men mistook him for one of the cultists disturbing the school area.
"I wished I had listened to Charles. What is going to happen to me now?", He thought.
David was driven to the nearest police station and kept in a cell with some other guys who were arrested earlier.
"I wish I had listened to Charles", David lamented.
He had never been in a cell before. Now, he was in a cell together with other criminals. He was lucky not to be placed in a cell with hardened criminals. There were only there guys with him in the cell. Each of them seemed to be bothered by their own problems.

The next morning, Deborah took the first bus going to David's institution. She got there before 8:00 a.m. Esther and Charles were at the bus stop , waiting for her. She had called them earlier to come to meet her.
"Welcome ma", Esther and Charles said in unison as Deborah alighted from the bus.
"Thank you", Deborah said and moved to where Charles and Esther were.
Deborah attended the same university Esther and Charles were, so, she was familiar with the environment.
"Both of you haven't heard anything from David since yesterday? ", Deborah asked.
" Yes ma", Charles replied.
" Do you know where the lady is living?", Deborah asked.
"We don't know ooo", Esther replied.
" Do you know anyone close to the lady?", Deborah asked.
" There is a lady close to her. They walk home together after lectures. I think her name is Beatrice. David mentioned that he went to a restaurant with Juliet and Beatrice the day he wasn't around at the fellowship, but, I don't really know her", Charles said.
" Yes, I remembered asking David who they were that day", Esther said.
" The Holy Spirit told me to come here. Presently, none of us know David's whereabouts. It would be spiritually unwise of us to start searching for him without asking from the Holy Spirit", Deborah said.
" True ma", Charles said.
" Let's inquire where he is so that we wouldn't have a fruitless search. Whatever power is against him is going down", Deborah said.

" Where are your colleagues?", The police man asked for the umpteenth time.
"I've told you the truth. I'm not a cultist. I don't have any colleagues. You people are just toturing me for something I know nothing about", David shouted.
" Put his face inside the hot water. I'm sure he would confess after much toture", The first police man said to the second police man.
The second police man did as he was instructed.
"Yeeeeeeeee! I will confess", David shouted as his face was put inside a bowl of hot water.
" So, where are your colleagues?", The second police man asked as he removed David's face from the hot water.
"I........ I........ I said I don't know anyone. Please, don't do anything to me. I'm just a student. I was going to meet a friend of mine", David said.
" So, why did you try to run away when you were caught? E be like say you no no where you dey. Sergeant, please, bring an hot iron", The first police man said.
Suddenly, the witch leader appeared in the room.
None of the police men saw her. David couldn't also discern that she was around.
"Release him", The witch leader said quietly.

To be continued.............
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

9 months ago