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Fall of the Mighty BY SUCCESS ADEGBITE. Episode 28,29&30
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Fall of the Mighty

Episode 28

"Release him", The witch leader said quietly.
The two police men instantly lost their sense of reasoning.
"Mr man, what are you doing here?", The first police man asked.
David was confused.
" You were the one that brought me here", David replied.
"Get out", The second police man shouted.
"I can't get out. My hands are handcuffed. Besides, some police men would stop me at the gate", David said.
The first police man removed the handcuff in David's hands and made him stand up. The two police men led him out and threw him outside the police station.

"In Jesus's name we've prayed" Deborah said.
"Amen", Charles and Esther chorused.
" What did the Holy Spirit tell you, ma?", Esther asked.
"He hasn't told me anything. Let's stay here for a while", Deborah replied.
The trio were in the student fellowship centre. They were the only ones there.
"I hope you won't miss any of your lectures", Deborah said.
" No ma. I don't have lectures today", Charles replied
"I don't have any lecture also", Esther said.
Suddenly, Esther's phone started ringing. It was her step mom, Ajoke. She picked up the call.
"Hello mom", Esther greeted.
"How are you, my dear?", Ajoke asked.
"I'm a little bit fine", Esther replied.
"Why is a little bit? Don't tell me that you are missing me and your younger brother already. What about your friends ; David and Charles?", Ajoke asked.
" That's why I'm not completely fine, mom. David has been missing since yesterday's night", Esther said.
" Jesus!", Ajoke shouted.
" Where did he go to?", Ajoke asked.
"Charles told me that he left for Juliet's house", Esther replied.
" Who is Juliet and when did David start to go to a female's house in the night?",
" Mom, Juliet is a mysterious young lady. I have never seen her since I have gotten to this institution untill someone posted her picture with David on the group. David didn't also know her from anywhere until some weeks ago. Ever since he got to know her, he has been tied to her", Esther said.
" Do you think that Juliet is an ordinary girl? This might have something to do with the dream I had some days ago",
" You are right, mom".
" Can you send the picture of that girl to me on What'sApp?"
"The only picture I have of her is the one someone sent to the group. I'll send it to you right away", Esther said.
" Okay dear, I'll talk to you later. Bye", Ajoke said and ended the call.
" Sister Deborah, do you think it's necessary to send that picture to my mom?", Esther asked.
" Sure! She might know something about that lady", Deborah replied.
Charles was reading his Bible.
Esther sent the picture to her mom.

Ajoke was on her wheel chair watching the television when Esther's message came in. Immediately, she checked the picture Esther sent.
She shouted immediately she saw the picture.
"Orisabunmi ko ree (Is this not Orisabunmi)?".
Ajoke's house maid rushed to her immediately.
"I heard you scream, ma. I hope everything is fine", The maid said.
"Yes, everything is fine. You can go to continue what you are doing", Ajoke said.
Immediately the maid left, Ajoke called Esther.
"Hello mom, have you seen the picture?", Esther asked.
" Esther, that is Orisabunmi", Ajoke shouted.
" Orisabunmi? Who is Orisabunmi? The name of that lady is Juliet", Esther said.
" Yes, her name is Juliet. It's the witch leader that calls her Orisabunmi", Ajoke said.
" Witch leader? Is she a witch?", Esther asked.
Charles and Deborah were alarmed. They moved closer to Esther.
"Yes, she is a witch. As a matter of fact, she is the witch leader's favourite. She is the youngest in the group. I hope David has not had anything to do with her. If he has sexual intercourse with her or kisses her, his life would be doomed. Demons would be transmitted to his life. You have to warn David", Ajoke shouted.
Deborah was scared. Charles was also afraid.
"Mom, we don't know where David is. He said he was going to the girl's house yesterday. He has not returned since then", Esther said.
"Well, I'll continue praying for him here. Continue looking for him. I just hope he hasn't done the forbidden. Bye", Ajoke said and ended the call.
" Yeeee! My younger brother is done for. I warned him ooo. I warned him", Deborah shouted and broke into tears.
"Calm down ma, he would be fine", Charles said.
"He would be fine? Didn't you hear what Esther's mom just said?", Deborah asked.
"Sister Deborah, lamenting is not the solution for now. It's not over until it's over. Let's inquire from the Holy Spirit. It's possible that David didn't end up sleeping with her yesterday. We can still do something before it's too late", Esther said.
Deborah went on her knees with tears on her face.
" Holy Spirit, where is my younger brother?", She asked.
Suddenly her eyes opened and she saw David in the hostel lying on his bed.
"He is in the hostel", She heard.
Deborah stood up immediately.
" He is in the hostel",
" Hostel? Are you sure you heard right ma? I'm sorry I asked, but, he wasn't in the hostel when I left this morning", Charles said.
" Charles, don't question the Holy Spirit. Let's go to your hostel", Esther said.
" We don't have much time, we have to get there on time", Deborah said.
They all left the fellowship centre and headed to the hostel.

Juliet was in the bathroom taking her bath when she saw someone at her back.
"Orisabunmi, I have released him. Go to his hostel right now and do the needful", The witch leader said.
" Go to his hostel? I thought the plan is to invite him here", Juliet said.
" There is change in plans. We don't have time. You have to go to his hostel fast, before his friends turn his heart back to God", The witch leader said.
" How do you expect me to do something like that in his hostel. What if someone enters? What about his roommate?", Juliet questioned.
" Don't question me? Go there now. He is the only one on his room presently. You have to get there before anyone else gets there",
" His hostel is far from here", Juliet complained.
" No distance is far for you. You know you can get to anywhere you want to", The witch leader said.
Juliet felt very sad. She wished she had her way out of doing that assignment, but, her hands were tied.
She finished taking her bath and dressed up.
After dressing up in a beautiful and seductive dress selected by the witch leader, she disappeared from her room.

David had just finished cleaning up. He wore a T-shirt and used a perfume.
"Those police men are crazy. They arrested me for something I knew nothing about and released me after toturing me. They are very lucky that I didn't have a lecture today, I would have sued them to the court", He said combing his hair.
Suddenly, he heard a knock at his door.
"Who could that be? Is it Charles?", He asked and moved to the door.
He opened the door and found Juliet standing at the door.
"Hey baby", Juliet greeted.
"Juliet, how did you get here? I'm sorry that I couldn't make it to your place yesterday, something happened. I have missed you", David said and hugged Juliet.
"Can I come in?", Juliet asked.
"Sure! Pardon my manners", David said and allowed her in.
Would Deborah, Esther and Charles get there before it's too late?

To be continued...........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of tbe Mighty

Episode 29

"Sister Deborah, I'm tired. Let's rest here", Esther said.
They trio had been walking for thirty minutes.
"Sorry, Esther. We would have taken a cab, but, there's no cab going to the direction of my hostel for now", Charles said.
" Esther, sorry for the inconveniences. We just have to get there fast. David is worth walking for to save him, right? ", Deborah said.
" Yes ma'am", Esther said.
" In fifteen minutes time, we should get there. It's not that far from here", Charles said.
They continued walking and prayed as they walked.

" So, how did you get to know my room?", David asked Juliet.
"Erm... Em...... Actually, I guessed", Juliet said.
" You guessed? You must be very good at guessing then because there are many rooms in this hostel", David said.
" I'm just kidding. I asked someone at the gate", Juliet said.
"I thought as much", David said.
There was complete silence between both of them for two minutes.
Juliet's heart was heavy.
"I'm not sure I can do this. This guy is innocent", Juliet thought.
Juliet broke the silence.
"David, I have some thing important to tell you", Juliet said.
"What's that?", David asked.
Suddenly, the witch leader appeared in the room.
" Tell him and I would kill him and your parents instantly", The witch leader said.
Tears gathered in Juliet's eyes.
It wasn't her first time of destroying people's lives, but, there was something special about David.
She had caused many mighty people to fall in the past. She knew a lot of techniques.
She caused the fall of a great man of God when she was in hundred level in the university. The man of God, Pastor Oluwatobi by name, came for a revival program in her university.
After the programme, she stayed behind with many others who wanted to see the man of God. When it was her turn to speak to Pastor Oluwatobi, she told him that she had a serious issue and wanted to meet with him somewhere else to discuss.
Pastor Oluwatobi was deceived by her innocent and gentle face. He granted her request and met with her in a confidential place.
Juliet told him with tears on her face that her parents disowned her because they thought she was possessed. Pastor Oluwatobi hpitied her.
He moved towards her to comfort her. Juliet in turn rested her head on the man of God shoulder.
The man of God got carried away and before he knew what was going on, he was already in bed with Juliet. That was the end of his career.
There was another fire branded lady, Ariana, who was age mate with Juliet. Juliet moved close to her and pretended to be a friend. Juliet noticed that Ariana didn't know how to caution her mouth. Ariana could say anything. Ariana didn't know the power of her tongue, but, Juliet knew better. She encouraged Ariana to abuse whosoever offends her and curse anyone who did anything bad. Juliet made her to know that doing that would make her strong and respected by people. Ariana agreed to the advice.
Soon, the presence and spirit of God and left her.
On a fateful day, Ariana was going for lectures, a woman of God bumped into Ariana mistakenly.
"Don't you have eyes?", Ariana shouted.
Ariana abused the woman and qualified her with different animals. The woman was hurt.
The woman didn't say anything to Ariana in return, but , her heart didn't pray for Ariana.
Since that day, Ariana never prospered in anything she did. Everything started going wrong in her life. She was expelled from her institution.
Soon, she joined some sets of prostitutes and totally forgot about God.
There was also a young male singer named George. He was a singer of the gospel and his songs went a long way in bringing people very close to God and having a rapid spiritual growth.
Juliet pretended to be a strong fan of George. She sent him different messages frequently to commend him and hail him.
George was carried away by Juliet's hailing. He became very proud and refused to return glory to God.
He stopped spending time in the presence of God and in the secret place. Soon, he stopped getting inspiration from God.
When he noticed there was no more inspiration, he joined worldly musicians and started singing with them. That was the end of his relationship with God.
Truly, Juliet had destroyed the life of a lot of people in the past.To do what the witch leader wanted wasn't an herculean task, but, she didn't want to do it.
"I can't do this", Juliet shouted.
David was confused.
" You can't do what?", David asked.
The witch leader looked at Juliet mischievously and showed her the images of her parents.
"That was what a girl said in a movie I watched. That movie was very interesting", Juliet said.
" Wow, I would love to watch that movie with you someday", David said.
" Sure, you will", Juliet said.
" Juliet, be fast. We don't have much time", The witch leader shouted.
" There's no way out of this. I'll just have to do it because of duress", Juliet thought.
" What should I offer you?", David asked.
" Nothing", Juliet replied charmingly. She moved to David and sat down on his legs.
David gave her a peck.
"Baby, I'm tired. Can I lie down on your bed?", Juliet asked.
"Sure" David replied immediately.
Juliet lied down on David's bed and drew David to herself.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
"Who could that be?", David said angrily.
"It's fine, you can open the door", Juliet said. She knew if it was David's friend, she wouldn't be able to carry out the assignment she was sent.
"Don't allow him to open the door. If he does, you are in big trouble", The witch leader shouted.
" Baby, it should be Charles. I think I should open the door for him and tell him that I have a visitor. I'm sure he would understand and excuse us.
"I don't want you to open the door for him", Juliet said.
"Okay dear, anything you want", David said.
Meanwhile, Esther, Deborah and Charles were outside the room.
"Charles, the door is locked. I don't think anyone is at home", Esther said.
" I said it. David wasn't in the hostel when I left this morning", Charles said.
" Charles, open the door first. Let's get inside before concluding", Deborah said.
Charles brought out his key and tried to open the door.
The witch leader saw what was going on outside and created a spiritual lock for the door immediately.
"Juliet, do something fast. They are about to enter. Kiss him", The witch leader shouted.
Juliet ignored the witch leader and pretended not to hear what she was saying.
"I can't open it", Charles complained.
"Are you sure that you are using the right key?", Esther asked.
" Of course", Charles replied.
"Give me the key", Deborah said.
Charles handed the key to her.
Deborah inserted the key in the key hole and said, "In the name of Jesus, this door should open".
She pushed the door and the door opened.
"Don't enter", Deborah said.
"What? Why? We came all the way here to enter", Esther said.
" The Holy Spirit said we shouldn't enter", Deborah said.

To be continued........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 30

"The Holy Spirit said we shouldn't enter", Deborah said.
"Why would you tell me not to enter my own room. Nothing would happen. Besides, I don't think anyone is inside", Charles said and entered the room.
Immediately he entered, the witch leader struck him with blindness.
"My eyes! My eyes! Esther! Sister Deborah! Help me!", He shouted.
"Sister Deborah, something has happened to Charles", Esther shouted.
"I know. Don't go in", Deborah said.
"Okay ma", Esther replied.
Deborah held Esther's hand and they started praying in tongues. They were in one accord and the power of their unity was stronger than anything.
David was confused when he saw Charles in the room shouting that he couldn't see.
He stood up from the bed and moved to him.
"Charles, what's wrong?", He asked.
"I can't see. I can't see", Charles shouted.
Juliet moved to them . She looked at the witch leader and knew that the witch leader had done something to Charles.
"Orisabunmi, do something fast", The witch leader shouted.
" I can't do anything here. Select another person for the assignment. I want to go back to my institution", Juliet said in her thoughts so that only the witch leader would hear her.
" Orisabunmi, don't force me to kill your parents", The witch leader said.
" You can also see that something is going on here. What do you expect me to do? ", Juliet asked.
Deborah and Esther continued praying in the spirit. The power of their prayer started manifesting in the witch leader. She couldn't leave the room.
Juliet was also feeling heat. The heat was unbearable for her. She was sweating.
"I need to go", She said to David and stood up to leave.
" You are not going nowhere", Deborah said as she entered the house with Esther.
" Sister Deborah, what are you doing here? What is Esther also doing here? What happened to Charles' eyes? " David asked as he moved Charles to his bed.
" Charles is paying for his disobedience. David, I'm highly disappointed with you. So, everything I heard about you is true. Where were you yesterday? ", Deborah asked.
David could answer.
" Answer my question. Where were you?", Deborah asked.
" I was arrested by some police men who were patrolling", David replied.
"You deserve that, David. They shouldn't have released you. That would have made you learn your lesson. Who is this girl? Who is she?", Deborah asked.
" She is my friend", David replied.
" Just a friend?", Deborah asked.
"She is my girlfriend", David said.
"Have you had anything to do with her?", Deborah asked.
David didn't answer.
" David, talk to me. Have you had sexual intercourse with her?", Deborah asked.
" No ma", David replied.
Deborah heaved a sigh.
Esther too was relieved. "Thank you Jesus", She said.
Deborah could feel the presence of the witch leader, but, she couldn't see her.
Deborah turned to Juliet.
" Young lady, confess. Who are you? Tell us who you truly are", Deborah shouted.
Juliet didn't say anything, she was just crying.
"I command you to tell us the truth in the name of Jesus", Deborah commanded.
Juliet fell on her knees and stammered, "I..... I...... ".
"Noooooooooooooo! You can't say anything", The witch leader shouted as she appeared physically in the room.
Everyone saw her except Charles who was blind.
David was very shocked. He nearly ran away from his room.
"Ho..... How...... di..... did she get here?", David asked.
" She has been here since", Deborah said.
"David has crossed his boundary, he can't go on punished. He deserves death. Don't interfere", The witch leader said to Deborah and Esther.
David was afraid.
" Please, don't let her kill me", David pleaded as he rushed to hide behind Deborah.
" Orisabunmi, I trusted you to do this assignment, but, you didn't. I'll make sure you pay for it", The witch leader said to Juliet.
" Young boy, I was planning to have demons transmitted into your life before, but, now that it didn't work out, I'll kill you right away. You no longer have power to fight against me. You've lost the spirit of God through lust. You stopped praying, reading the word of God and seeking God. The trap I set for you did great work in making you lose the presence of God. Right now, you are powerless", The witch leader said to David and looked at him straight in the eyes.
David shouted in agony as the witch leader looked at him. Life was slipping away from him.
Deborah knew that it was time to save her brother just as he saved her some years ago.
"I come against you in the name of Jesus", Deborah shouted.
" Do..... Don't interfere", The witch leader shouted.
Esther closed her eyes tightly and started praying in the spirit.
Juliet was still on her knees crying. She knew the worst was about to happen. She had never prayed to God since she had joined the witch group became it was forbidden for her to do so. She didn't know how to pray, but, she decided to communicate with God.
"God, I don't know you, but, I'm sure you know me. You know that it wasn't my wish to join the witch group. Please, don't kill me. Please, don't let me be destroyed by fire", She cried silently.
The atmosphere in the room was very tense. Charles was struggling with his eyes while Deborah and the witch leader engaged in a fierce spiritual battle.

To be continued.........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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