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Fall of the Mighty BY SUCCESS ADEGBITE Episode 33&34
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Fall of the Mighty

Episode 33

Juliet stood up to run out, but, Charles caught her quickly.
"Don't let her go out. The spirits are the one controlling her body", Deborah said.
Charles held Juliet tight.
"Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!", Deborah and Esther called continuously.
The evil spirit forced out of Juliet's body and went back to their kingdom.
Juliet lost consciousness.
"They are gone", Charles said happily.
"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!", Esther said happily.
"Today had really been a great day. We fought a lot of battles, but, we overcame. The Holy Spirit told me that I had to be here today, I'm happy I didn't disobey him", Deborah said.
" The way God does wonders keeps amazing me. I mean He is really amazing", Charles said.
" Yes, He is. When is Juliet going to wake up?", Esther asked.
"Soon", Deborah replied.
Few minutes later, Juliet opened her eyes.
"Praise the Lord", Charles said happily.
"What happened to me?", Juliet asked.
"The evil spirits in you didn't want to leave your body. They were adamant, but, God helped us to overcome them.
"You mean to tell me that I'm complete free from the evil spirits and demons?", Juliet asked.
" Yes, you are", Esther and Deborah replied.
" Thank you Jesus! Thank you", Juliet said as she rushed to hug Esther and Deborah.
" She isn't a bad person. She was just a victim. I would have been worse than her if I was initiated to the witch group by my step mom. I'm happy she is saved now", Esther thought.
" Juliet, I was about to lead you to Christ when the spirits showed up. Can we do that now", Deborah asked.
" Yes ma", Juliet said.
Deborah led her to Christ and Juliet knew that something had changed in her.
"I'm happy I met you guys. God just planned everything just for me to be saved. I'm really happy. The joy is coming from within", Juliet said.
"I understand that feeling", Esther said and chuckled.
"So, when are you going back to yourself institution?", Deborah asked.
" Tomorrow. I have missed a lot of lectures, but, I should be able to catch up", Juliet said.
" You are a law student, right?", Charles asked.
"Yes", Juliet replied and smiled.
"Awwwwwn, Barrister Juliet", Esther said and they all laughed.
A phone started ringing. It was Juliet's ringtone. She opened her bag and removed her phone.
"It's my mom", Juliet said.
"Pick the call", Deborah said.
" I feel somehow about her. She is the reason behind everything that happened. She neglected me when I needed her. She wasn't there for me. I became a witch just because of her ", Juliet said.
Her phone stopped ringing.
" Juliet, you have to forgive her. You are now a child of God. Old things have passed away, all things are become new. If God should forgive you for everything you did wrong, you should also be able to forgive her", Deborah said.
"I forgive her", Juliet said and tears rolled down her face.
" Great! You've done the right thing", Deborah said.
Juliet's phone started ringing again.
" My mom is calling again", She said.
"You can pick it now, right?", Esther asked
" Yes", Juliet said and picked the call.
" Hello mom", Juliet greeted.
"Hello Juliet, how are you?", Mrs Akinfemi asked.
"I'm fine", Juliet replied.
"How is school?", Mrs Akinfemi asked.
"School is fine, but, I'm not in my institution presently. I went to another institution to do something", Juliet said.
" You didn't tell me that you travelled to another institution", Mrs Akinfemi said.
" Well, I've told you now", Juliet said.
"It's fine. Actually, I received a bad news from someone today", Mrs Akinfemi said.
" What happened?", Juliet asked.
"I was told that Ms Amope is dead ; The woman you call your grandma", Ms Akinfemi elaborated.
" Oh! Grandma is dead?", Juliet asked.
"Yes. Juliet, I don't want you to feel bad about it. She is old already. Besides, she has gone to heaven", Mrs Akinfemi said.
The call was on loud speaker so everyone could hear what Mrs Akinfemi was saying.
Esther nearly burst into laughter.
"Heaven? Which heaven did she go to ?", Esther said quietly.
" It's fine, mom. I'll be strong", Juliet said.
"Okay dear, bye", Mrs Akinfemi said and ended the call.
" So, the woman really died?", Deborah asked.
"Yes, she did", Juliet said.
" God has a reason for that. Let's go to a restaurant to eat and lighten up our mood", Charles said.
" Foodie!", Esther teased.
"Charles is right. I haven't eaten since morning, let's find something to eat", Deborah said.
" Sister Deborah, you travelled all the way here because of Charles?", Juliet asked.
" Sure! It was worth it. Besides, the spirit of darkness isn't sleeping, why should I? You also travelled down from your school because of him, so, it wasn't a big deal for me to come here also. I'm really happy that you are saved now", Deborah said and smiled.
" Thank you ma for everything", Juliet said.
"God deserves all praises. I just hope David too would be fine and completely restored to God", Deborah said.
" I hope so too", Charles said.
" He would be fine. Or should we go on another round of prayer for him?", Esther asked.
" What? We have been praying since morning. I'm famished already", Charles blurted.
Deborah and Juliet laughed.
" Charles, if you know the number of days people spend in the forest without eating just because of power, you wouldn't see fasting as a problem", Juliet said.
" Don't mind him. He is too lazy", Esther said.
" David would be fine. Let's go to eat so that Charles wouldn't faint", Deborah said and they all moved out of the fellowship centre.

"Now, there's no where to run to? You thought you could go scot free", The first man in black said.
David was sitting down on the floor. His hands and legs were tied. There were two other men in black standing beside him. The first man in black was their leader.
"I'm sorry. Please let me go", David pleaded.
The two men standing beside him laughed.
"Go? You are not going anywhere. This is where you are going to die", The leader said and brought out a gun
" Please, don't shoot. Please!", David pleaded.
The leader aimed the gun at David's heart and corked it.
"Noooooooooooooo", David shouted.

To be continued........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 34

"Noooooooooooooo", David shouted.
Immediately, David woke up from his sleep. He was sweating profusely.
"So, it was a dream", He said to himself as he sat up on his bed.
Earlier, after sending everyone out of his room, he had tried to reconcile with God, but, he couldn't bring himself to pray. He felt too filthy. He wasn't sure if God would answer his prayers. He thought, "I'm not worthy to ask for forgiveness. I have missed it".
Where would he start from?
The student fellowship was broken, many students had stopped attending. His personal fellowship with God was broken. His prayer life was nothing to write home about. He had stopped reading his Bible since he met Juliet. Her beauty captivated him and her charm really worked on him. He wasn't hearing from God anymore.
As he was seated on his bed, he remembered the dream he just had.
"My life is in a mess already. Who else is seeking to kill me. God has abandoned me", He said and burst into tears.
Suddenly, he fell into a trance.
An old man dressed in white was seated beside him on his bed.
"My son, I didn't abandon you", The old man said.
" Daddy, you abandoned me. You did. You didn't warn me about the trap the devil was preparing for me", David said as more tears rolled out of his face.
" I warned you about it several times, but, you didn't listen. I've been warning you about it since you were young. Many years ago, your friend, Charles, told you a dream he had about you. He told you that you were both running together on a field. Suddenly you fell down, he stretched his hands towards you to help you get up, but, you didn't take his hands. You refused to get up. He kept urging you to get up, but, you didn't.
You never prayed about it after he told you about it. You considered it not important. What happened is the fulfilment of the dream.
Truly, you were interested in winning souls for me, truly, you were interested in doing the things of God, truly, you were a vessel unto honor, truly, you were doing exploits, but, you weren't being careful. You never examined your own life. You weren't securing yourself. Truly, your spiritual exercises made you grow spiritually, but, you weren't fighting your own battles. You were only fighting other battles. You felt that since you were in God, there was no longer any battle for you, but, that's not true.
That you are my child doesn't mean that you won't encounter battles, infact, because you are my child, the devil would wage war and fight against you. The assurance you have is that I'm with you always to help you; ask me to fight for you and I will. If you don't ask me to help you , prepare to fight them by yourself when they come. If you think there would be no battles because you are in me, prepare to handle them when they come.
The devil is very cunny. He is walking about like a roaring lion, seeking for whom to devour ; that's why you have to be sober and vigilant".
" I have learnt my lesson. I'll try to be sober and vigilant from now onwards. Thank you very much, Baba. Thank you because I didn't die in that battle. I had a dream sonw minutes ago. Some people were trying to kill me. Does that mean that some people are trying to wage war against me again? ", David asked.
" No! Actually, it's about you waging war against yourself. Before I came to you, you were weary and tired. You were about giving up on faith entirely. You felt I wouldn't forgive you. You have forgotten that I'm a merciful God. You have forgotten that I always receive prodigals sons back to my myself.
The devil is planning to waste your life. Do you know what would happen if you fail to retrace your steps and come back to me?", The old man asked.
" No, I don't", David replied.
" You would conclude that I can never forgive you. You would become a backslider and never mind my things anymore. You would start smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks. Also, you would join a cult group. Some members of the cult group would team up and kill you because you are better than them", The old man revealed.
" God forbid. That would never happen to me in Jesus's name", David said.
" That's what the devil has in stock for you. You better retrace your step before it's too late. I came here to tell you these things because Juliet is disturbing me with her prayers. Although, she is in an eatery with your sister and friends, she is groaning deep inside of her and interceding for your cause", The old man said.
" Juliet?", David asked confused.
Suddenly, a white screen appeared . It was like a 3D and David could actually see everything happening as if he was there. He saw clearly Juliet, Esther, Deborah and Charles eating in an eatery. Charles wa talking and they were all laughing. Although, Juliet was also eating with them, she was deeply interceding for David in her heart.
"God, please, let David be restored to you. Do not allow the plans of the devil come to pass. God, as worst as I was, you saved me. You can save David also. Please! Please, bring him back to you", Juliet prayed and her spirit cried for David.
"I thought she is a witch sent to destroy my life. That's what the witch leader said", David said after the screen disappeared.
" You are right, she was a witch. She was just a victim", The old man said.
"Is she your child now? Is she born again?", David asked.
"Yes, she is. She got born again today. Your elder sister led her to Christ", The old man said.
" She just got born again today and you are answering her prayers already?", David said.
" Of course, she is now my child", The old man said and stood up from David's bed.
"Before you go, I want to ask one more question. The first time I saw Juliet, I heard a voice saying that she is the one for me. Were you the one that said that? ", David asked.
" Yes", The old man reply.
" That statement was what made me fall", David said.
" No, it wasn't that statement that made you fall, it was your actions. You didn't ask what she was the one for? ", The old man said.
" That's true! I know my mistakes now, so, you were trying to tell me then that she was the one sent to destroy my life", David said.
The old man smiled. " Not really! The truth is that she is the true woman for you; The bone of your flesh. But, after I told you that, you took the wrong steps. You were supposed to start interceding for her and maintain a normal friendship relationship with her. THAT THE WILL OF GOD FOR YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN REVEALED TO YOU DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD JUMP INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH THAT PERSON. You need to know the person first, intercede for the person frequently, ensure the person is growing spiritually and receive a go ahead from me to start a relationship. Sometimes, I show people my will for their life so that wouldn't be distracted with another person, not, because, I want them to go into a relationship immediately".
" Wow, that's clear. I fully understand now", David said happily.
" I hope you wouldn't make the mistake you made previously now that you are convinced that Juliet is the one for you?", The old man asked.
"I won't make that mistake. Thank you very much , Baba", David said.
" A word is enough for the wise. Bye", The d man said and disappeared.
David opened his eyes and he was seating down on his bed.
"I wasn't dreaming, was I? There was an old man here. Baba! Baba!", He called and ran out of his room, but, he saw no one.
" I must have been in a trance. So, God came to visit me. Kai", David said and broke into tears as he returned to his room.
" Despite my wrong doings, He is still merciful. God, I'm sorry. Baba, I'm sorry. I'm ready to come back to you. I'm ready to retrace my steps. Baba, please, receive me back", David cried on his knees.
He continued praying on his knees for hours.

To be continued.........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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