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Fall of the Mighty BY SUCCESS ADEGBITE Episode 35&36
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Fall of the Mighty

Episode 35

It was around 5:00 p.m in the evening. Deborah, Esther, Charles and Juliet had left the restaurant and they were about to go on their separate ways.
"Thank you so much for everything. All of you really made a great impact in my life. I can't thank you all enough", Juliet appreciated.
" You are welcome dear. When you get to your institution, be fully grounded in Christ. Join a fellowship that would help you to grow spiritually and know about God", Deborah said.
" I'll do that ma. I just hope the rest of the witch members wouldn't start appearing to me to revenge", Juliet said sadly.
" No, they won't. You are now a child of God. You are now light and they are darkness. The light shineth in darkness and darkness couldn't comprehend it. Darkness can never have overcome light. Whenever they try to harm you, God would fight on your behalf", Esther said.
" Thank you very much. I don't feel like leaving all of you anymore. I feel like staying with you forever. You are now my family members", Juliet said.
" Awwwwwn", Esther said.
They all had a group hug and Juliet started shedding real tears. It was a really emotional moment.
Meeting them really transformed her life. A mighty and powerful witch now a child of God!
Esther was moved by Juliet's tears. She also broke into tears.
"Stop crying, girls. We would meet again. We would be great workers in God's vineyard", Deborah comforted them trying hard to fight her own tears.
"You girls are always emotional", Charles said and chuckled.
They stopped hugging each other.
"You'll be going back tomorrow, right?", Esther asked.
" Yes", Christina replied.
" Okay then. Do have a safe journey", Esther said.
" I'll. Charles, please make sure David goes back to the ways of God and stands firm in it", Juliet said.
" I'll do my best", Charles said.
" I'll be on my way now. Bye!", Juliet said and left amidst of countless 'byes'.
"Sister Deborah, you are going to stay in my apartment today", Juliet said gleefully.
" Sure! I'll be pleased to stay with you", Deborah said.
" Okay then, I'll be going to my own hostel", Charles said.
" Charles, please take care of David ooo", Deborah said.
"I'll try my best. Bye, Sister Deborah. I hope to see you again.", Charles said and walked to his hostel.
Deborah and Esther walked together to Esther's hostel.

Charles got to his hostel very tired. He was surprised to see David praying on his knees in tears when he got inside his room.
Charles was happy that David was reconciling with God and retracing his steps.
Charles didn't want to disturb David. Charles said a little silent prayer and slept off.
He woke up by 8:00p.m and was surprised that David was still praying.
"I don't understand what's going on again. It's going to almost three hours that this guy has been praying. What's wrong?", Charles thought.
David was on his knees praying for complete recovery and total restoration.
Charles watched him as he prayed. He remembered the dream he had about David when he was still in secondary school.
"I'm happy that he is getting back on his track", Charles said and started reading his Bible.
Thirty minutes later, David was done praying.
He opened his eyes and sat down on his bed.
He saw Charles reading his Bible.
"Charles, I'm sorry for every wrong I have done to you. I really apologize. I'm sorry for the times I shouted on you and the times I got angry with you. I'm sorry for slapping you thinking you leaked out the picture to the fellowship group. I'm sorry for everything I did", David apologized.
"It's okay, bro. You are my guy, I can't be mad at you", Charles said and gave David an handshake.
"Thanks for not giving up on me", David said.
"You are welcome. You should know that I would never give up on you. You would have done the same if you were in my shoe", Charles said.
"What about my sister?", David asked.
"She is in Esther's apartment", Charles replied.
"What about Juliet? ", David asked.
" You are asking for Juliet?", Charles asked. He was surprised.
" Yes! Why did you say that? ", David asked.
"I mean despite everything she did to you, you are still asking for her", Charles said.
" Charles, you don't understand. She restored me back to Christ", David said.
" How? ", Charles asked.
David narrated to Charles everything that happened in his trance.
Charles was really amazed.
"That girl has a good heart. She told us that she would be traveling tomorrow. She will be returning to her institution", Charles said.
" I would like to see her before she goes", David said.
" You have her address, right?", Charles asked.
"She sent it to my phone. I lost my phone while trying to escape from the police men", David said unhappily.
"I'm sure that you read the address when she sent it . Have you forgotten it?", Charles asked.
" I have forgotten it. I was under tension that day; I was trying to run from police men. I forgot the address when the police men started toturing me", David said
" Do you have Juliet's number?", Charles asked.
"Her number is on the same phone I'm talking about", David lamented.
"You didn't save it on your second phone?", Charles asked.
David had two phones actually. An iPhone and an Android phone. He didn't take his iPhone with him the night he was going to meet Juliet.
He saved Juliet's number on his Android phone; He didn't save it on his iPhone.
"I didn't save it on the second phone. I don't know why I forgot to", David lamented
"This is serious ooo", Charles said.
"Did Sister Deborah ask for her number?", David asked.
" No, she didn't. She might have forgotten to do that", Charles said.
" How would I see her again?", David asked.
" God would work it out", Charles replied.

Deborah left the campus the next day and returned to the city where she was leaving.
Things continued as they were before between Esher, Charles and David. They loved each other and prayed together.
Charles and Esther maintained their relationship at a friendly level. They were careful not to allow their emotions to control them.
David grew stronger in God. God helped him fight all the battles against him and he succeeded in all his endeavors including his academics.
It was difficult to bring the student fellowship members back together, but, God helped David out. David applied the wisdom of God and the numbers of people in the fellowship became twice what they were before.
Every day, David prayed for Juliet. He always pray that God preserves her and make her strong in Him.
So, let's go back a little bit. What happened to Juliet after she left David's institution?

To be continued........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 36

"Mom, Dad, I have something important to discuss with you", Juliet said to her parents on a Sunday evening.
Juliet had gone home for a semester break.
Well, you might have started guessing what she wanted to tell her parents. Before that, let me tell you what happened after she left David's institution.
That very morning Juliet was about to leave, she removed her sim card from her phone and dropped it in the apartment she rented. She bought that sim card when she was about entering David's institution. She only saved the number of a few people in it; her mom, her dad, David, Beatrice, the witch leader and few other people.
She didn't find it necessary to take the sim card with her since she had said bye to her old life. She wanted to start everything afresh.
She didn't have much things to pack because most of the things in the apartment were provided by the witch leader.
Taking them along with her to her own institution would only remind her of her past. She saw Beatrice's things and wept.
"Beatrice died just like that without giving her life to Christ. Her family don't even know where her body is. She might have been declared missing. She came from a Christian home, but, she joined darkness because of fame, riches and the things of the world. Now, she is dead. She died in sin. She came here to fight a battle against someone, but, the battle swallowed her", She said as tears ran down her face.
Juliet closed her eyes and said some prayers.
"God, please, don't let me die in any battle. I want to pray for all myself, my family members and friends, none of us would die in sin in Jesus's name. Lord, please comfort Beatrice's family in Jesus' name".
Although, Beatrice had a lot of beautiful cloth, Juliet didn't pick any. She wasn't a covetous person.
She didn't cook anything that morning. She was on a fast. Deborah had told her the previous day to pray and fast for the Holy Spirit. She started the fast on that day because she was very eager to know God and experience his power.
Even when she was a part of the witch group, she knew that God was powerful.
The power she had as a witch couldn't stand against the power of the children of God. She couldn't wait to experience that power on het life.
Juliet picked some important things she owned. She dropped the key of the house with the owner of the house who was living a stone throw away.
She went to the nearest car park station and boarded a bus going to her institution.
Inside the bus, there was a blind man sitting beside Juliet.
Juliet wasn't comfortable; not because the man was blind, but, because the Holy Spirit was pushing her to have a discussion with the blind man.
She didn't know much about the Holy Spirit because she just got born again the previous day. As a matter of fact, she didn't own a Bible. She downloaded a Bible app on her phone when she got home the previous day and she read the book of 1John. Although, that was her first time reading it, she seemed to understand clearly what that passage was talking about.
Now, she was about to tell some one about God when she didn't fully know Him yet.
"I think I need to be grounded in the word of God first before I start telling people about him", Juliet thought.
" You are right, but, it's very important that you talk to this man", An inner voice said.
" Wait a minute! Did I just say that in my mind", Juliet said. She was sure she didn't say that.
She remembered some things Deborah told her the previous day and decided to give it a trial.
"Good afternoon sir", Juliet greeted the man.
" Are you talking to me?", The blind man asked.
"Yes sir", Juliet replied.
The bus had fourteen passengers in it. Most of the passengers were students and they were busy doing different things on their phones, some were talking to each other and sharing jokes.
"Oh! Good afternoon", The blind man said.
" Sir, I just want to ask you few questions?", Juliet said.
" You can go on", The blind man said.
"Do you know that Jesus Christ died for you?", Juliet asked.
Juliet was also surprised at her own questions. She didn't know where that boldness came from.
"He went a great deal for you. Just for you to be saved, he suffered. He was nailed to the cross, he was bruised, he was wounded. He died for you", Juliet said.
Those were the words Deborah told her the previous day.
"All you need to do is to accept Him. He would take over your life", Juliet told the man.
" I want to accept Him", The blind man said.
Juliet led the man in prayer just like Deborah led her in prayer.
Immediately they finished praying, the man let out a loud shout.
"I can see, I can see!", The man shouted.
Juliet was confused and shocked.
She didn't do anything, She didn't even pray to God to open the eyes of his man.
"I thought I was no longer a part of the witchcraft. Do I still have some witch craft power?", Juliet questioned herself.
" No, you don't. Today was the set day for the deliverance of the man. I used you for Him", Juliet heard an inner voice saying to her.
Everyone in the bus was jubilating with the man who could now see.
The man told them that it was Juliet that led him to prayer.
All attention shifted to Juliet. They wanted to know how she did it. Some of them wanted power like she had and some of them wanted her to pray for them. Some people were trying to video what was going on, but, Juliet told them not to. There was noise every in the bus. The driver had to stop driving and park somewhere beside the road.
"Silence everyone", Juliet said and there was silence.
" I didn't open the eyes of the blind man. Jesus did. I only prayed with the blind man. There is nothing impossible for God to do. He is very powerful. You just need to surrender your life to Him and he would start working in you", Juliet said.
Eight people in the bus we're ready to give their lived to Christ. Juliet led them to prayer. After the prayers, Juliet advice them to start praying to God daily, reading their Bible and fellowshipping with other children of God.
The bus moved on and soon the bus got to it's destination.
Juliet alighted from the bus and carried her few luggages. She was about to take a cab to her institution when she saw a lady running towards her.
The lady was one of the passengers in the bus Juliet just alighted from.
Soon, the lady got to where Juliet was.
"Good afternoon" , the lady greeted.
"Good afternoon ma", Juliet replied.
"My name is Vivian. I got born again eight years ago, but, since then, I haven't performed any miracle. I speak in tongues, I pray everyday, I read my Bible, yet, God had not used me to perform any miracle. What did you that made God use you?", The lady asked.
Juliet was surprised at the lady's question.
"I didn't do anything", Juliet replied.
" Please ma, tell me what you did. I just want to learn", The lady said.
The lady was seven years older than Juliet, yet, she was calling her 'ma'.
"I just told you the truth ma, I didn't do anything. Infact, I just got born again yesterday", Juliet said.
The lady couldn't believe her ears .
"Yesterday?", The last asked.
"Yes ma", Juliet replied.
"That's not possible. Have you been baptized by the Holy Spirit? ", The lady asked.
" No ma", Juliet replied.
"Something is wrong somewhere", The lady said.
" Like what? ", Juliet asked.

To be continued........
Written by Success Adegbite.
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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