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Fall of the Mighty BY SUCCESS ADEGBITE Episode 37&38 the End
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Fall of the Mighty

Episode 37

"Like what? ", Juliet asked.
"God doesn't use people to perform miracles, signs and wonders just anyhow. You said you just got born again yesterday, you haven't gone through series of prayers and fasting, you haven't been baptized by the Holy Spirit, you are not yet grounded in the word of God, why was it you that He used. The Bible says that, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting. How many times have you fasted or prayed", The lady said calmly, but, Juliet could sense jealousy in the lady's voice.
"I need to go now", Juliet excused herself and left the lady.
She took a cab and moved to her hostel.
Her two roommates were so happy to have her back. They welcomed her warmly.
However, they noticed some things had changed about Juliet.
She was calm, gentle and polite. The way she talked, the way she related to them, the way she dressed and some other things had changed.
They cared less about that.
One of the witch members was also in the same hostel with Juliet. Her name was Diva.
Diva didn't know that Juliet was back. Diva entered Juliet's room to ask for some things from Juliet's roommates.
On seeing Juliet, Diva screamed and ran out of the room.
Juliet's roommates were surprised.
They didn't know what was going on.
Soon, Juliet was done arranging her stuffs.
She knelt down beside her bed and started praying.
Juliet's roommates were shocked beyond words.
They had never seen her pray before.
Juliet prayed on for about thirty minutes.
After praying, she left the hostel.
She didn't know where she was going, but, she knew she was walking in a direction.
"The lady I met today said that God doesn't use people to perform miracles anyhow. Do I still have demonic powers? Why did Diva scream and run away from me? Will the rest of the group members start running away from me", Juliet asked herself numerous questions.
Soon, she got to a church.
Although, she had never entered any church in her institution before, she decided to try that out.
She entered the church and found a pastor inside reading the word of God.
"Good afternoon young lady", The pastor greeted as Juliet got to where he was.
" Good afternoon sir", Juliet replied.
"Have your seat", The pastor said pointing to a chair opposite him.
" Thank you sir", Juliet said and sat down.
"What may I do for you?", The pastor asked.
"I don't know. I don't even know why I'm here. I just entered", Juliet said.
The pastor could see that Juliet was confused.
" Well, the Holy Spirit led you here. Tell me a little about yourself", The pastor said.
Juliet briefed her story to the pastor.
The pastor prayed for her and assured her that God was in control.
Juliet started attending that church regularly. She would go for weekly programs and Sunday programs.
The pastor created time for Juliet and taught her the word of God in the church.
Soon, Juliet was full grounded in the word of God. She learnt a lot of new things. She didn't joke with her prayer life and Bible study. She had a very rapid spiritual growth.
She also discovered that she had the gift of healing, gift of working of miracles and gift of discernment of spirits. Juliet was indeed a great instrument in God's hands. She had a burning passion for the things of God.
God used Juliet mightily in her institution. She won a lot of souls for Christ. Most of the witches in that institution repented and gave their lives to Christ; the rest were adamant.
Juliet excelled in her academics also. Although she wasn't using demonic wisdom and knowledge to pass her exams, she still excelled greatly. She worked hard and did the right things at the right time.
Soon, the semester was over and they had a break.
Juliet went home happily, but, was surprised that things had not really changed with her parents.
Her dad was now the Chief Executive Officer in the company he was working and her mom owned a big supermart.
Her parents were still the busy parents they had always been They didn't have much time for her. Their profession mattered most to them.
"Mom, Dad, I have something important to discuss with you", Juliet said to her parents on a Sunday evening.
If you can remember, Sundays were the only days Juliet's parent never went to work.
Juliet narrated in tears everything that happened to her parents right from when she became initiated as a witch because of their negligence.
Mrs Akinfemi was afraid of Juliet after Juliet told them that she was once a witch.
"Juliet, my dear, we are really sorry for all you went through because of us. Please forgive us", Mr Akinfemi apologized.
Mrs Akinfemi was in tears already.
" My baby girl, from today onwards, I would stop working in my supermarket, I will leave my workers to handle the rest just to spend time with you", Mrs Akinfemi said.
" Mom, that wouldn't be necessary anymore. The deed has been done. I'm happy that God set me free from the bondage I was. I was living in confusion, I never had peace, freedom and rest of mind, I was in total darkness, my life had no direction, but then, Jesus came and saved me. I'm saved by his grace. He said, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest". He truly gave me rest. Jesus was all my life needed. My life became a beautiful and wonderful one. I no longer live with a guilty conscience because he has set me free. Whosoever the son set free is free indeed. His yoke is truly easy and His burden is light", Juliet said.
Mrs Akinfemi and Mr Akinfemi were touched by Juliet's words.
"I also want to experience a great transformation in my life. I want to accept Jesus Christ", Mrs Akinfemi said.
Mr Akinfemi also wanted to rededicate his life to Christ.
Juliet's joy was beyond bounds.
She led her parents to Christ and God started ruling their home.
Mrs Akinfemi and Mr Akinfemi showered on Juliet love and care.
Things were really working for Juliet's good. Soon, the break was over. She returned back to her institution full of happiness.

Some years later, Deborah got married to Alex. David, Charles and Esther also graduated from the university. They went for their national youth service in different states, but, they didn't lose contact with each other. They also kept the fire burning.
After a year, they completed their national youth service.
Esther's parents built her a beautiful and standard pharmacy. Esther started managing the pharmacy.
Charles and David were employed by the federal government as medical doctors in Federal hospitals.
The trio were obviously okay.
The relationship between Charles and Esther blossomed. They had waited for long and they were matured for marriage already.
They started courting.
David had not seen Juliet since she left his institution then. Everyday, he prayed that he would meet her.
David had grown up to be a handsome guy; a lot of ladies had a crush on him. Some of female co-workers even walked up to him and professsed their love to him.
David wasn't attracted to any of them. He wasn't interested in any of them. He was sure of his convictions about Juliet and he was sure that God would work it out in His own way and His own time.
A year later, Charles got married to Esther. It was a very beautiful wedding. People from different walks of life attended the wedding. Esther looked like an angel in her wedding gown.
David was happy for Charles, but, he was worried about himself. He was no longer getting younger.
How long would he continue waiting for Juliet that he doesn't know if she had married or her whereabouts.
God kept assuring him that he would meet Juliet one day.

To be continued.........
Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty

Episode 38

It was Deborah and Alex's child naming ceremony. Deborah gave birth to a beautiful baby boy some days before.
Deborah and Alex decided to make the naming ceremony elaborate because it was their first child.
They invited a lot of people to the naming ceremony. They employed cooks who helped them prepare different delicacies.
David managed to be in the naming ceremony despite his busy schedule at work .
David was seated with some of his family friends when a lady passed beside him.
"Are my eyes deceiving me? This is Juliet", David thought.
He excused himself and ran after the lady.
Soon, he caught up with the lady.
The lady was surprised to see David beside her holding his breath.
"Are you okay, sir", The lady asked facing David.
David looked at the lady. He was really disappointed. It wasn't Juliet.
The lady just had a back view similar to that of Juliet.
"I'm sorry", David said and left the lady.
He went to his sister, Deborah who was hosting the party, and told her that he was leaving for work.
"Wait a little longer", Deborah urged.
"No sis, I have a lot of things to do at work", David insisted.
" Okay then, but, before you go, I want to have a word with you", Deborah said.
" What's that again, big sis?", David asked.
"David, when are you getting married? ", Deborah asked.
David didn't say anything.
" David, you are not getting younger. All your friends are married; you have not started a relationship yet. Is it when you start growing white hairs that you would get married? Money isn't your problem, what's keeping you waiting?", Deborah asked.
" I haven't seen the will of God for my life", David replied.
" Then, pray to God",
" I have",
" What did He say?"
" He asked me to wait",
" What?",
" I have to go now", David said and left for the hospital.
David was very disturbed . He pondered at his sister's words.
"Heaven helps those who help themselves. Maybe I should propose to one of this female nurses or doctors here", He thought.
He was about attending to some of the people in the waiting room when he heard that there was an emergency.
He rushed to the emergency ward.
It was a lady. Her name was Victoria. Victoria had been raped repeatedly by yher boyfriend. Her uterus was really wounded. She was bleeding continuously.
Doctor David tried his best to save her. There were some nurses working together with him in the emergency ward.
They were able to save the Victoria. Victoria was transferred to another room.
David returned back to his office.
He sat down and thought of who to pick out of all the single ladies working in the hospital, but, no one came to his mind.
Three days later, David was passing by some wards to check on his patients.
He entered Victoria's room to check if she was okay already.
David found a lady seating down on a chair beside Victoria. The lady was obviously interrogating Victoria.
David greeted the other lady absent mindedly and moved to Victoria.
"Good morning. How are you feeling now?", David asked.
" I'm feeling better", Victoria replied.
David was about checking Victoria's pulse, breathing rate and temperature when he heard a familiar voice.
It was from the other lady seating on a chair.
"David!", The lady called.
David froze on hearing that voice. He slowly turned back to look at the lady.
He was right about the voice.
It was Juliet! It was Juliet!
David rushed to hug Juliet in excitement.
"Juliet!", He shouted in excitement.
It took some minutes before they stopped hugging.
"What are you doing here?", David asked.
"I'm Victoria's lawyer. I guess you are her doctor", Juliet said.
" Yes. Are you living in this city?", David asked gleefully.
" Yes", Juliet replied.
" Oh my God! You are living here and we have never met before", David said.
" It happens like that sometimes", Esther said and smiled.
Victoria kept on looking at both of them as they were talking.
Suddenly David's eyes moved towards Juliet's fingers.
He almost fainted when he saw a ring on her hand. It was a wedding ring.
His expression changed immediately.
"What happened?", Juliet asked.
"Your husband must be very lucky", David said trying to look happy.
"You mean this?", Juliet asked pointing to the ring.
"Yes", David replied.
"Actually, I'm not married. I'm still single", Juliet said.
"What?", David asked. He was surprised, but, happy at the same time.
"Well, I bought the ring for two reasons. Number one reason is to chase away all the unserious guys disturbing me. Number two reason is to assure my mom that I'll get married soon. She has been over me; asking when I'll get married from time to time ", Juliet said and giggled.
" I understand that feeling", David said.
"You are not married also?", Juliet asked.
" Yes. I'm still single", David replied and smiled.
Juliet hugged David immediately with joy written all over her.
"God has been disturbing me with your images in my dream. I tried looking for you on Facebook, but, I didn't find you there. I traced you back to your institution, but, you had graduated. I'm happy that God worked our meeting in His own way", Juliet said.
They continued talking and exchange contacts.
After a while, David checked Victoria and made sure that she was fine.
Juliet and David fixed a day to meet again.
They became best of friends since then. They were very close to each other. They didn't spend a day without communicating with each other.
They started their courtship and it was a wonderful time for both of them. They maintained a godly relationship. They prayed together, read the Bible together and explained some spiritual things to each other. They both learnt a lot of things from each other.
Indeed, iron sharpens iron.
They both grew spiritually and God used them to do exploits.
Six months after they started their courtship, they got married.
They had an amazing and wonderful wedding ceremony.
Deborah praised David publicly for waiting on God.
David and Juliet's home was a good example to other homes. God was at the centre of their home and their union was blissful.
David looked back and saw how God brought him and Juliet together. He wondered what would have happened if the plans of the witch leader succeeded. He would have been dead and forgotten.
"How are the mighty fallen?
It takes a long time before an elephant falls, but, when an elephant falls, it's very difficult to get back on it's stand again.
Indeed, a lot of mighty men fall daily, but, many of them never get up from their fall.
That's why it's important to be sober and vigilant; because our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.
It's also important for us to examine ourselves, whether we are in the faith.
I almost fell, but, God's grace kept me. It was difficult to go back to my fellowship with Him, but, I did it. My faith was restored, I rededicated my life to Him, I started serving Him than before. Now, my story is now a testimony. You can also come back to Him today if you are slipping away from him or you have slipped", David said to the youths in a youth conference.
He was the preacher. A lot of youths were touched. Many retraced their steps back to God.
God continued using David and his wife, Juliet, to do exploits. They remained strong in God and their relationship with Him became closer everyday.

Written by Success Adegbite,
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

9 months ago