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Episode 6
©Miriam Edem

After cooking and setting the dinning, I locked myself in the room very scared after what Nosa did. I knew I was in one big trouble and I have to protect myself from him, clearly he had no good intention for me. Despite my father held me with iron hands, I still appreciate most of the training he gave to me and I never want to throw it away whether am under his watch or not.
The next morning I left the room very early and stayed at the back enjoying the cool breeze when I heard them whispering, so I tiptoed to hear what they were discussing,

"What were you doing at Love door? Patrick asked.
"Love door? Is she paying rent here and can't I knock on her door so she can give me breakfast? Nosa asked back.

"Bro we know you don't eat By this time and its too early, and again I've been wondering why she locked herself up last night without coming out, what did you do to her? Patrick asked.
"What kind of stupid question is That? Wait o, are you dating Love? Nosa asked.

"Me? For what na? Patrick asked back.
"Hey stop pretending, so why did you buy her new wears yesterday? Nosa asked and Patrick laughed.

"Oh that, I am only being kind to the poor girl nothing much so please stop it. I know what you're trying to do, Patrick replied.
"I can do whatever I want so get out of my way, Nosa said and pushed Patrick aside and I quietly returned to where I sat and cleaned my face.

I breathed out and left to the kitchen and Nosa walked in,
"Where have you been? He asked.
"At home, I replied and he wanted touching me but I shifted away from him.

"Oh common Love don't be like this, you're not a child, Nosa said and clung on my body and I ran out from the kitchen.
I landed at the shop and sat down outside crying because I could not open up when the keys were at home.
"Love what are you doing outside? The next neighbor asked when she arrived to open the shop and I heaved.

"Grace I am looking for a job, can you help me? I asked.
"Why what happened? Are they treating you bad? She asked sitting down with me.

"I can't stay there anymore, I want to go, I replied.
"Love what are they doing to you? She asked but I just kept quiet and she breathed out.

"I don't know any opening for now but I'll get back to you tomorrow okay, Grace said and I nodded.
"Thank you, I said and a bike drove in. It was a delivery guy who do come from time to time to drop things for Grace mother, so she stood up to attend to him while I covered my head with my palms calculating how I will get back home.

"Love what are you doing here! I heard and raised my head to see Nosa coming to me.
"I...... But a slap landed on my face before I could finish what I wanted to say.

"I what! The house is untidy, you've not prepared breakfast and you're here relaxing outside the locked shop are you mad! He shouted And raised his hand on me again but the delivery guy held his hand and passed a blow to him that I screamed when Nosa fell on the ground.
"Who are you to raise a hand on a lady? The delivery guy asked.

"Please its okay, I said very confused on what to do and Nosa stood up.
"So your boyfriend is even fighting for you? Very interesting, Nosa said and left and I began to cry.
For sure it won't be good at home for me, and I was so scared of where I will go if they kick me out of the house.

"Sorry about that, the delivery guy said to me.
"Sorry? You should mind your business, you've just made things more difficult for me! I shouted.

"More difficult you say? He asked.
"Ermmm she stays with them, you shouldn't have hit him, Grace came in.

"Will they send her parking? The delivery guy asked and I just ran out without waiting for the reply.
I got home and peeped inside scared and somehow surprised the house was quiet when I was expecting it to be on fire by now.
"Why are you peeping? Patrick asked when he came out and it was like Nosa didn't tell him anything.

"Is Nosa home? I asked back.
"No he went out, he replied and I just ran in at once to the kitchen to continue from where I stopped and Patrick came in.

"What happened? Patrick asked but I kept quiet.
"Love I am talking to you! What happened? He shouted and I turned to him with my wet face. We heard the door shut loudly and Patrick quickly left the kitchen to check it out which I followed behind but hid myself behind the wall,

"What's going on? Patrick asked seeing the rage all over him.
"Have you seen that girl called Love? Look at what her boyfriend did to me! Nosa shouted showing him the spot the delivery guy hit.

"No please I don't know him, I'm very sorry, I came out crying.
"You're very sorry what! Nosa shouted and attempted to fall on me but Patrick held him and he bashed inside and began throwing my things outside.

"Get out of my father's house! He shouted.
"Brother calm down let's settle this please, Patrick said.

"Look Patrick if you hold me again I'll slap you, just try me! Nosa shouted on him.
"Please I'm sorry, I don't know that guy, I cried going on my knees.

"I said leave! Nosa shouted and kicked me.
"Brother please let's wait for mom to come back at least, Patrick said.

"Guy if I hear one more word from you I won't forgive you. And you don't let me come out here and see you else you'll be sorry, Nosa said pointing at me and got in and I cried out.
"I'm sorry! I screamed out and Patrick held me up.

"It's okay Love, what will you do now? He asked but I only sniffed. He searched through his pocket and brought out 2,000 naira for me,
"I'm sorry, he sadly said and I took it.

"Thank you, I calmly said and took my bag and slowly left.
I heard a bike coming behind me as I strolled on the street,
"Hey! I heard and turned to see the delivery guy.
I just hissed and kept going,

"I'm sorry okay, let's go, he said driving slowly.
"Go to where? All thanks to you I've been thrown out, can you leave me alone now? I asked.

"Where will you go? Okay now you're blaming me I stood up for you right? What's wrong with what I did? He asked.
"Because that was my means of survival and it will put me in trouble, did you think about that? I asked back.

"I understand okay and its not good you're walking on the street this morning with no place to go, let's go please, he replied and I looked at him.
"To where? Besides I don't know you, I said.

"Forget about that, hop in, he said and I slowly climbed on the bike sideways and he drove off.
We got to a compound and got into his single apartment and I stood looking at him scared to go in,
"Come in I won't harm you, he said sitting down on the bed there and I left the door where I stood to a corner still standing holding my bag.

"What are we doing here? I asked.
"Will you stay here with me? He asked and I angrily looked at him.

"What do you mean by that! Do you see me as one girl Standing on the road for customers? I asked.
"Hey hey calm down that's not what I mean. Staying here with me does not mean what you're thinking now, you're like my junior sister and I can't do that, he replied and I looked away from him folding my hands.

"Look Love I hate to see people treated that way despite I don't know you, and I don't know why I want to help you but I can assure you that I am not a bad person okay, he continued.
"Thank you but you shouldn't have bothered..... I mean if you want to help me then give me a job, I said.

"Okay, but where will you stay to work if you see the job? He asked.
"Don't they give accommodation? I asked back and he smiled.

"Wow Love your class is big o, but its not that easy, he replied and I heaved.
"Come sit down Love, don't worry if you find the job with accommodation you can leave I won't stop you okay, he said.

"So you mean I should Live here with you? I asked.
"Yes Love, he replied.

"How did you know my name? I asked.
"Grace told me, anymore questions? He asked.

"Yes, do you have a job? I asked.
"Yes I work right? He asked back.

'For me nau, I replied and he laughed.
"Eat first, he said going to the shelf and brought out bread and I slowly sat down on the bed.

"I don't know your name, I calmly said when he wanted heating water for me.
"Because you didn't ask. You can call my Mozzy, he said.

"Moses? I asked.
"Mozzy please, He replied.

"What kind of name is that na? Abi names has finished in this world? I asked.
"Is not your name o and i like it that way, he replied and I rolled my eyes.

"I'll call you whatever I like then, I said and he looked at me and shook his head.
"Thank you, I added.

"You're welcome, he said.

2 days later with Mozzy, he took me somewhere. It was a bar and they needed girls to serve there,
"Do you like the place? Mozzy asked when we got there.
"Are you still asking? I like it already o let's go, I replied and we got in. We got to see a guy there and told him why we are there,

"Which of you is working? He asked.
"Myself, I replied and he told us the terms and condition of the place.
I was to come by 2pm and leave by 8pm and my pay will be 15,000 naira monthly and he will be paying my transport daily.

"Everyday? I mean will I be working everyday including Sundays? I asked after he was done.
"Yes, besides you're not coming here in the morning right? He asked back.

"No problem sir, thank you, I replied and that was how I started working.
3 months of my stay there I was friends with Bella. I met her there and she taught me how to serve and all that. I got home that night and saw Mozzy asleep but he woke up immediately I tried locking the Iron door,
"You're late today, its almost 9pm, he said acting like a senior brother he is.

"Yes sire and I apologize, Bella asked me to drop her off at home, I said.
"What for? Are you now a taxi? He asked and I laughed.

"She only wanted me to know where she's staying as a friend, I replied.
"In fact, take that phone there, it's yours and if I Call and its switched off eh, you're in my soup, Mozzy said and I saw a phone. I screamed that night happily and hugged him almost crying,

"What is this one? For a button phone you're doing like this, abeg get out, Mozzy said pushing me aside.
"yes I accept let me do, I have a phone now! Thank you so much! I shouted happily and saw he bought a new wrist band and I touched it on his hand smiling at him.

"What is it? Leave me o, he said when he saw I wanted begging for it as usual.
"This one is for ladies na, please na, abeg na, I insisted teasing him and he tiredly took it off and slept off.

The next day I went to work, and as I was strolling back with Bella that night so I can get a cab back home, a car from no where drove and pushed me in.....



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