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Episode 7
©Miriam Edem

A hand was placed on my nose and I can't remember what happened again but I found myself naked as God created me when I woke up. It was as if my head was hit on a rock and when I saw I had no clothes on, my scream was enough to wake the whole community.
Bella was not with me and The door opened immediately and two guys walked in,
"My friend what are you shouting! They shouted as I tried covering my body with my hand, but what can my hands do? Where will I cover and where I leave?
"What am I doing here? Where am I? I asked breathing hard.

"You better shut up and don't get us angry, one replied and turned to leave.
"Where am I! I shouted and they stopped and looked at me for a while and left shutting the door behind.

I stood up hitting the door and ran to the window,
"Help me! Someone help me please! I shouted helplessly with no idea of where I was.
Minutes later I got tired and sat on the floor with my knees raised and my head placed on my knees to cover my nakedness and the door opened.
'Get up, the Guys who came before said to me.

"Please can I get my clothes? I tearfully asked.
"I said get up! They shouted and that was how I stood up. I never imagined a day will come that Love will be naked in front of strangers, sometimes I felt it was a bad dream but I was not waking up.
They pushed me on my head out and took me to a big room that looks like a hall where girls were also there.

I confusedly looked at the guys wondering what am doing there,
"Say hello to your new friend, one of the guy said waving to the girls and closed the door.
I blinked my eyes severally as I slowly move forward not believing my eyes. The girls were just about my age and they where just sleeping on their different bunks minding their business even though there were empty bunks there.

"Here cover yourself, one said throwing a gown on me.
"This is not mine, I said to her.

"Okay then stay naked, she said and returned back to her bunk.
"Sorry please where am I? I can't remember coming here, what do they do here? I asked going to her as I struggled to put on the gown.

"You'll see for yourself this night, the girl beside her replied.
"This night? Please is it prostitution or something? I am not a prostitute I beg you, I shakily said and they smirked.

"Who are the prostitutes here now? The girl who gave me the gown asked.
"Give yourself the necessary rest okay, and welcome to.... Hell, the girl beside her added.

"Oh common that was too harsh, the first girl said.
"Just telling her the truth though, she said and laid down while I just looked at them with my mouth opened. No one said a word to me and I slowly located an empty bunk and sat down shedding tears, and still Bella was not there when I carefully looked around.

What's my punishment? Did my parents cursed me or something or is it because I ran away from home? Though I wanted going back home when Nosa started misbehaving, but then when I met Mozzy and found happiness living with him and doing my job, I totally forgot about home but was more interested on how I'll make money to prove my parents wrong. But where exactly am I? I painfully thought as I sat down crying bitterly.

A bell was heard and a guy opened the door and I watched the girls leave the room in a straight line,
"Sorry where are they going to? I stopped one.
"Won't you eat? She asked back and left and I slowly stood up when it was me left. Though I was hungry but I didn't want to eat anything there, but then I should leave the room to map out ways of how I will escape.

We sat on a big table where a plate of rice and water was in front of us and I was just looking as the girls rushed the food as if its been days they have eaten. I became scared that there might be no food in the evening, so I joined in eating slowly and the bell rang again.
"To your hall! A loud voice was heard and that was when I knew that we had few minutes to be outside that's why the girls rushed in eating so they can finish up. I stood up also and left with them back to the hall but I was uncomfortable. I paced through the room very angry and frustrated and I saw myself hitting and kicking whatever I saw.

"What the hell is wrong with you! The girls there shouted on me.
"What is wrong with you too, mind your business! I shouted and hit the girl who confronted me and she held me hair and pushed me on the wall and blood broke out from my nose.
I was dizzy but saw the door opened and the guys approached me and helped me up while I staggered,

"Sorry, she hit me first, the girl who pushed me said to them but they dragged me outside. I could not understand my body and felt very strange as they sat me down cleaning my nose and to be honest I didn't feel like I was wounded.
"Don't worry you'll be used to it okay, one said as he cleaned my nose with the cotton wool.

"Used to what exactly? I weakly asked but I got no reply. I was taken back to the hall and I saw myself dozing off.
I woke up and held my head looking around to see the girls naked, and when I looked at myself I was naked als. That was when I felt the pain in my nose and I began to wonder how I got it in the first place,
"Move move move the container has arrived! A guy shouted and the girls moved in a straight line outside but I still sat there trying to understand what is going on.

"What are you waiting for? Will you move! A guy I have never seen shouted looking at me and I slowly stood up and joined the line. We entered a place that looked like an industrial Center, very busy and behold we were to package drugs and hide them into fruits like watermelon, coconut and even tin food for easy shipping. They had things to seal the fruits that you can never identify it was cut into two, and we will package the drugs both in powder and in tablets forms in a transparent nylon, fix them into it, seal them and it will be loaded.
"Is this why we are naked? I asked as my hands were shaking cause I was made to staple the nylon with pins after its being filled by the rest of the girls, then I'll send it to another set whose job was to seal, that was how we were grouped.

"Yes so we won't hide any of their expensive drugs, the girl stapling with me replied but her eyes were moving around.
'How long have you been here? I asked but right in my presence she sniffed in drugs through her nose and I opened my mouth surprised. Maybe that was the reason why she was watching so she can also partake,

Though the air was contaminated and it was affecting me, I sniffed severally but the guys didn't give me a breathing Space or a chance for me to rub my nose because of the dust of the drugs and everything.
"You do drugs also? I asked her when she was done shaking her head reacting to what she just took.
"Yes baby, and for the other question... I think three months now, she replied and I wished I can just disappear from there.

I feared to be in trouble if that place will be exposed, and me, will I be a drug addict like them? Oh Love! I lamented as I sadly shed tears as I stapled.
"Quick quick quick! The guys shouted monitoring us and one of them stopped at my back and rubbed my neck,
"New Bambi? He asked the guys there.

"Yes she just got in and still fresh, they replied and he showed me his gold teeth and left which I closed my eyes trying to calm myself when he touched me.
I saw as the girls were molested and even slept with while they worked and I felt like throwing up,
"Please I want to go, take me out of here I beg you! I cried out and attempted to run out when I could not take it anymore.

"Shut up! One shouted coming to me with his eyes red and pinned my head on the wooden table they constructed there scattered with drugs,
"You want it too right! He shouted touching his belt to take it off and I screamed.

"What is going on here! A loud voice was heard and he quickly left me and bowed which the other guys left the dirty act they were performing and behaved themselves while I raised my head from the table but my head was so heavy. He made me sniffed some drugs when he violently pinned me there,
"Is this what I pay you for? Did I spend millions of money here just so you can have fun or don't you know what the girls are for! He shouted making my condition worst and I passed out.

I woke up in the morning with my temperature high,
"Ajebo morning o, you better be strong o this one you're behaving like rich man daughter, one girl said to me.
"You sabi if na pastor pikin? Na her type dey bad pass, she just dey form for now but give her a week she go do pass us, another said laughing.

"No make me remember one pastor pikin I been get for secondary school. Omoh! Na that girl spoil me but na she be chapel prefect wey dey conduct prayers for assembly hall o, another said.
"But she no look like pastor pikin sha, another said.

"Who talk am? she no get hole for earring o, I can smell pastor children from afar make I tell you because I don meet them plenty. In fact ask am if she go tell you true, the girl said boldly looking at me and I looked away from her. The headache and fever was increasing with the rubbish discussion and I rubbed my hands on my body quiet.

"Make una free am jare, after all we been dey like her and it's normal whether she be pastor pikin or not. See eh open up yourself, no come kill yourself because this life no balance, a chubby girl said to me. All what they were saying didn't concern me, my stomach was empty and I was very hungry,
"Make she strong o, only breakfast she chop she break nose. You never see something, A girl said and stood up exercising and I looked at her.

"What was put in the food? I asked very interested.
"Weed na before nkor? See here you have to be high no dull moment at all, another replied and I rubbed my forehead.
I felt like crying but I was too weak, despite my hunger I laid down on my bunk thinking about my life.

If I had remained with my parents would I have escaped all that is happening to me? I asked myself and sniffed cleaning the tears that rolled freely and the bell came again. The door opened and the girls walked out which I slowly did because I had no choice. Despite I lost my appetite with what the girl said but it was my favorite soup and it didn't know how to say no, I also rushed forgetting there's weed and when the bell rang again Love was seeing stars.
I staggered from the chair and saw myself on the floor and I heard people laughing at me but I could not see who. The floor was in roundabouts whenever I try to get up and someone held me,

"Easy easy baby, I heard a voice but could not see who.
"Don't worry I'll take of you okay, come baby, the voice said leading me to where I could not see.

I was hearing noises and I forced my eyes open but my sight was blurry, then I shook my head and cleaned my face to see myself naked. I rolled my eyes but noticed I was on a bed which suppose not to be so and that was when I saw I was in a strange room and my legs, I knew something was wrong.
I placed my hand within my thighs and my heart began to beat fast when I saw discharges.
Love has been laid with for the very first time.



10 months ago