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Fall of the Mighty : Episode 1,2&3
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Fall of the Mighty
© Success Adegbite

Episode 1
"Father, touch their hearts. Touch their hearts, Touch their hearts, Touch their hearts, Touch their hearts, Touch their hearts", David prayed.
" Which type of boy is this? He has not finished his prayers since. Is he the first person to be a Christian?", David's mom said to herself as she came near David's door and discovered that he was still praying.
She was tempted to knock David's door and tell him to suspend his prayers and get ready for school, but, she decided to leave him alone.

David had been praying for the past two and half hours tirelessly. He was in his final year in the senior secondary school and he was just sixteen. The unique thing about him was that he was a genuine born again Christian, wholly sanctified by God.
He got born again when he was twelve years old. He was a disrespectful and rebellious child before. Being the only son and last child of his parents made him get away with the numerous bad things he did then. He had an elder sister, Deborah, who was just two years older than him. Deborah was always blamed for everything her brother did wrong.
There was a particular day David stole two thousand naira from his mom's purse to buy a particular toy he had seen earlier in a shop near his home. He bought the toy and hid it under his bed.
David's mom looked for the money everywhere, but, she couldn't find it. After a while, she sent for Deborah and David.
"Deborah, David, Who took my money? I kept it in my purse, which of you took it?",
" Not me", Deborah and David answered in unison.
" You mean my money grew legs and walked out of my purse itself?"
" I didn't take it mom", David said pretending to be innocent.
" I'm not the one that took it", Deborah said.
" Both of you want to turn me into a mad woman, right? You both know that I and your dad are not too rich or too poor. We are in the middle class, but, we are satisfied with what we have. We are not covetous. If you need anything, you should ask. Stealing is a very bad habit. Now, for the last time, who stole my money?
"Not me", Deborah and David replied.
Mrs Ajayi was visibly angry. "Both of you think you can play on my intelligence right? Deborah, I'm sure you took the money. You think you are a big girl now and you can spend my money anyhow. I would teach you a big lesson today. Go on your knees and raise up your hands",
" Mummy, I didn't take it", Deborah said. Tears had started rolling on her eyes then.
" I didn't ask you a question. I gave you a command. Now, go on your knees. David go to your room",
Deborah knelt down and David went to his room.
That was one of the numerous things David got away with. His sister was blamed on many occasions for what he did wrong.
There was a particular one he did that led him to Christ. It didn't happen at home and his sister wasn't there with him.
On a particular Sunday morning, David was in the children church with his mates. They were having a Sunday school class. The Sunday School teacher was in front teaching the children, but, David and his friends were at the back seat playing. The teacher didn't notice them, she was concentrated in what she was teaching and she only focused on the children in the front.
"Our memory verse for today shall be taken from the book of John chapter 14 verses 6. Read after me: Jesus said unto him," Miss Becky said.
" Jesus said unto him", the children chorused.
" I am the way, the truth and the life"
"I am the way, the truth and the life"
David and his friend, Joseph were still playing at the back with their pens. Suddenly, an argument arouse between both of them. It was David that caused the argument. He said his pen was better than Joseph's pen. Joseph didn't agree with him.
"I said my pen is better than yours", David shouted.
"No, mine is better", Joseph replied.
By now, their argument had attracted the other children. Before Miss Becky could get to where David and Joseph were. David had pushed Joseph to the floor.
Joseph hit his head hard on the floor and blood started gushing out from his head.
"Oh my God", was all Miss Becky could say when she got to Joseph was lying down unconsciously.

To be continued........
By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty
©Success Adegbite

Episode 2

"Oh my God", was all Miss Becky could say when she got to Joseph was lying down unconsciously.
Some children had ran out of the church. You know how bad news spread wild . Somebody had informed the church securities, another person had informed an usher, another young girl amidst the children had rushed to inform her mom in the adult church.
In less than ten minutes, the children church was full with different people. The Sunday program had been brought to an halt.
Miss Becky knelt beside Joseph crying and praying at the same time. Joseph mother was at the scene. She almost fainted when she saw her son with blood gushing from his head. "His dad didn't want me to bring him to church this morning. His dad never attends church, he told me to leave his son at home. I insisted that he should come", Joseph's mother said in tears.
"Rush him to the hospital", Somebody in the crowd shouted.
An usher in the church carried him and a deacon allowed his car to be used to transport Joseph.
David looked lost. Everything was still like a dream to him. He pinched himself many times to be sure that he wasn't dreaming. Tears rolled down his eyes.
No one was concerned about who caused what happened to Joseph, they were only concerned about Joseph's welfare first.
"How did it happen?", Pastor James asked Miss Becky after Joseph had been rushed to the hospital.
David started shivering when he heard Pastor James asked that question. He could hear his heart beat.
"I caused it", Miss Becky answered.
David was shocked beyond marrows. He had seen his sister been blamed for what he did many times, but, he had never seen anyone taken the blame for him willingly.
Pastor James was also shocked. "Miss Becky, why did you do that".
"It wasn't intentional sir"
" I know it wasn't intentional. But, the father of the boy is a military man. The church is in problem".
" Pastor, do you believe in God"
" Sure! "
" Then, the church is safe. Nothing bad will happen", Miss Becky said confidently.
" I hope so", Pastor James said with anxiety and fear.
Miss Becky left the children church and went to a private place in the church compound. David ran after her. He wanted to know why Miss Becky took the blame .
Miss Becky never suspected someone was following her. She got to the back of the church and went on her knees.
"Ancient of Days, Father of the Fatherless, The Beginning and the Ending, please, take control. Father, I know what happened is my fault, I'm sorry. Please, forgive me and let the host of heavens take charge. Father, you are the Chief Healer, heal Joseph completely. Jesus, you are the life and resurrection, don't allow Joseph to die. God, take charge", Miss Becky prayed silently with the whole of her heart and tears were dropping down her face.
David's heart melted with Miss Becky's prayers. Suddenly, David heard a great voice.
He fell down immediately he heard that voice. It wasn't the voice of Miss Becky. No other person was there, so, he was shocked when he heard the voice.
Miss Becky heard the fall and opened her eyes immediately. She was surprised to see David at her back.
"David, what are you doing here?", Miss Becky asked as she stood up from her knees.
" I... I...I.... was trying to follow you. I wanted to ask you some questions", David stammered.
" So, what did you want to ask", Miss Becky asked as she raised David to his feet.
" Auntie, who just said " It is done"?",
"It is done? Where? When?", Miss Becky asked confused at David's question.
" I heard a loud voice that said it is done when you were praying" David replied.
" You mean now?"
" Yes, not long ago"
" Well, maybe it's God telling you that He has answered my prayers"
" God? Is that how God speak to people?",
" God speak to people in many ways. He just spoke to you directly".
" Wow, it sounds cool",
" Yes, it does. So, why were you following me in the first instance?"
" Auntie Becky, why did you lie that you were the one that caused it? Why did you take the blame for me? I didn't deserve that", David said crying.
" Stop crying, David. None of us deserves God's mercies. Do you know that there is another person who took a great blame for you?. He went to the extent of dying for you.
" Who is that?", David asked immediately.
" Jesus! He took the blame for all the bad things you did, your lies, the things you stole, and many others".
" No, it isn't Jesus that takes the blame for me. It's my sister that gets punished always".
" David, that's not true. Your sister only takes the physical punishments. Jesus went a long way to express His love for you. He was killed because of you"
Miss Becky and David both sat down on the floor behind the church.
"But, why did He do that for me?", David asked.
"Because, He wanted you to be saved. He wants you to give His life to Him",
Miss Becky was still talking when her phone rang, it was Pastor James. She picked the call immediately.
"Hello Pastor"
"Hello, Miss Becky, where have you been? I just received a call from those people who rushed Joseph to the hospital and they said....."

To be continued......
By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Fall of the Mighty
©Success Adegbite

Episode 3

"Hello, Miss Becky, where have you been? I just received a call from those people who rushed Joseph to the hospital and they said that Joseph is now fine. The part of his head that hit the ground wasn't a delicate one", Pastor James said.
" Thank you Jesus. That's a very good news, sir", Miss Becky said over the phone. David was also happy, he couldn't imagine the thought of being a murderer".
" But, there is a little problem", Pastor James added.
" What's that, sir", Miss Becky asked immediately. David's heartbeat was faster than before.
"The father of the boy is around", Pastor James said.
" And he wants to see the person responsible for what happened to his son", He quickly added.
" Okay sir, I would come to see him immediately", Miss Becky said and hanged up the call.
"Auntie, please don't take me to Joseph's father. He is a military man and he is going to kill me. Auntie, please", David pleaded with tears on his face.
" Don't worry, you are safe. I'm not taking you to him. He won't do anything to you", Miss Becky said and stood up from where she sat. David also stood up with great fear in his heart.
Miss Becky walked in the front while David walked behind her to know what Joseph's father would do to Miss Becky".
David almost urinated when he saw Joseph's father afar off. Joseph's father was in his military uniform and he was shouting at the pastor.
"Which type of Pastor are you? Someone almost killed my son and you allowed the person to escape. If you can't provide the person responsible for what happened to my son, I'm going to deal with the whole church",
Pastor James tried to calm Joseph's father, but, he refused to be calmed.
Miss Becky remained unmoved as she saw the reaction of Joseph's father afar off.
"Auntie Becky, I suggest that you should run away from here", David whispered to Auntie Becky.
Miss Becky smiled and said, "Run to where? David, God is in control"
"Does she have a super power to confront a military man?", David asked himself.
Miss Becky kept going and got to where Joseph's father was. David stayed at a far distance.
"Good afternoon, sir", Becky greeted Joseph's father.
" She is the one", Pastor James said pointing to Becky.
" Becky! Is that you? ", Joseph's father asked.
"Yes, Uncle George", Becky replied smiling.
"Wow, what a small world", Joseph's father said.
Pastor James was confused. Everything wasn't turning out the way he thought it would be.
"Do you know each other before?",
"Sure", Becky replied.
"How do you know each other?", Pastor James asked.
" Well, let me answer that", Joseph's father said.
"Some years ago, we were living in the same neighborhood. She was living with her mom and dad while I was working as a house boy in someone's house. My boss then was very harsh. I needed money to apply into army school, but, my boss refused to give me the money I needed. He said he wouldn't give me any money till the end of the month. The application deadline was before the end of the month. Becky was still in her secondary school then. She overheard the discussion I had with my boss. That very day, she took all her contribution and gave them to me. She told me that it was important that I applied to that school. I applied and I was admitted into the school.
I might not be in the position I am today if not for Becky", Joseph's father concluded.
" Wow, sister Becky, what you did then was wonderful", Pastor James said.
" Thank you sir. Uncle George, I'm sorry for what happened to your son. It wasn't intentional", Miss Becky said apologetically.
" It's okay. I know that you have a very good heart and you wouldn't have hurt my son intentionally. I'm happy he is fine now", Joseph's father said.
They continued discussing and after a while, Joseph's father returned to his house.
Almost everyone had returned back to their various houses. Miss Becky was in the children church sitting down alone .
David had not gone home yet. He went to Miss Becky and sat beside her.
"Auntie Becky, thank you for all you did today",
" Return all thanks to God".
" Auntie Becky, you were talking to me the other time about Jesus. You said He took the blame for all my sins, because, he wanted me to be saved"
" Yes, I said that"
"Well , how can I get saved?"
" By accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. You must be born again".
" Auntie Becky, when you get born again, you would have to stop lying, stealing and committing other sins right?", David asked.
" Yes dear. Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God".
" Auntie Becky, are you born again?", David asked.
Miss Becky was surprised at David's question. She smiled and replied, "Of course, I'm born again".
"So, why did you lie in the morning? You told the Pastor that you caused what happened to Joseph"
" David, I didn't lie. What happened to Joseph was truly my fault".
David was confused already. " How?", he asked.

To be continued.....
By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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