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Episode 13
©Miriam Edem

No part of this story should be edited or copied without due acknowledgement of the writer.

After Love gave me her parents address, I sat outside thinking about what she wanted me to do and my friends met with me.
"How far? They asked touching my shoulders and I only heaved.
"How her body dey? I hear she don wake, the one who was shot in the leg asked.

"Yes, the police just left. They are still looking for the boss and she saw the boss face, I replied.
"So your babe was the boss babe o true true? Is that why you're worried? One asked and I looked at them and breathed out.

"She wants me to find her parents for her, and she's talking about dying, I replied.
"E no bad say she wan see her parents, but that dying part hmmmmm. You know wetin the doctor been tell you ba? they asked and I angrily looked at them.

"Love can't die and I don't care what the doctor said about her condition. If she was able to open Her eyes and talked for a long time with the police, she will make it! I shouted.
"Guy calm down, we no wish her death after going through such operation for her. But you have to go see her parents, they have the right to know what happened to her. If you're scared of who will take care of her, don't worry we go turn nurse, my close pal said touching me and I just bowed my head.

That night I looked at Love as she slept,
"The poison has surrounded her already before you brought her here but we will try her best to see how we can stop it, I remembered what the doctor said and a nurse came and whispered something in his ears.
"Excuse me, the doctor said and wanted leaving but I followed him to see why the whispers.

"Was she wounded? The doctor asked me and that was when I saw the wound on her hand. The thread was loosening because her skin could not hold it anymore and I remembered the one eye guy talking about drug operation.
"Doctor open her, looks like there's something inside, I replied him.

"We don't open patients anyhow, she has to be taken to the theater, the doctor said.
"Doctor please hurry, there's something inside of her and its eating her skin, I said and the doctor left. I was so impatient and my friend walked in and met me keeping my head on Love crying.

"Guy what happened? He asked touching me and I showed him Love hand.
"Eiiiii! He shouted looking for his small knife.

"The doctor said they have to take her to the theater, I said.
"Theater ke for this thing? Drug upon drugs and you dey wait for theater? My friend asked and cut the thread loosed before I could say anything, opened her skin and pulled out the drugs under her while I stood looking in shock.

"Cotton wool o! My friend shouted as I confusedly ran around for that and met a nurse telling her we could not wait for the operation and she shouted enough on my head before going to tell the doctor who quickly attended to her.

I sniffed and stood up from Love,
"I'll go get your parents for you okay, I said touching her forehead and left.

I left Love with my friends and traveled before she could see me that morning and I was able to locate her Father's house.
I recognized the young guy I saw outside breaking firewood To be Pius and he saw me coming and stopped breaking the wood and greeted me.
"Good Afternoon. Where's your father? I asked him.

"At home, wait let me go call him, he replied and went in and shortly came out.
"You can go in please, he said leading me in and i met her father with his head lying upward as he sat on the couch. I saw tiredness In his eyes and he sat up well when he saw me,

"You're welcome, sit down, he said after I greeted him and I did.
"Where's your wife sir? I asked looking around.

"Who are you? You don't even look familiar, he said.
'Uhmmm am a friend, I replied.

"To who? And my wife she's sick, he said.
"Because of Love? I asked and his eyes bulged out.

"How did you know about Love? Do you know where she is? Tell me please, he anxiously said and I breathed out.
"That's why am here sir, you have to follow me somewhere, I replied and he left where he sat and came very close to me.

"Please what happened to her? Is she okay? He asked and I nodded.
"She wants to see you sir, I replied.

"Okay are you leaving tomorrow? He asked.
"If possible sir let it be today, I replied and he weakly looked at me.

He called Pius and told him to serve me and he left the sitting room. After drinking the water done with the food, surprisingly I saw him coming out dressed holding a school bag.
"Should we start going now? He asked.

"Daddy are you traveling? Pius asked.
'I'll be back tomorrow, take care of your mother okay, he replied.

"Okay, Pius said and we set off before evening.
I was the one driving and I could feel Love father eyes on me throughout,
"Is everything really okay with Love? I see your hands shaking, he finally spoke up and I looked at him.

'Love is in the hospital, I replied knowing his a man.
"What is she doing there? He asked and I rolled my eyes not knowing where to start.

"What is she doing there? What happened to her! he shouted.
"Are you concerned? Are you worried? After you pushed your daughter out of the house, I replied.

"What are you talking about? He asked.
"You caused it. Because you're a pastor you think your children does not have a life of their own right? I asked.

"What life are you talking about? A life that will lead them to destruction? He asked.
"No you lead them to destruction with your strictness on your children. You made home unbearable for them and caused Love to leave, I replied.

"You have no right to question my parenthood, all I did was train my children the way I know is best for them. You have no idea of how wicked the world is, I have to protect them! He shouted.
"Is that so? I asked.

"What happened to Love? He asked back and I shortly told him what happened.
"What! She was involved in drugs? He asked.

"You didn't get the story? She was sold out by her friend, I replied and he cleaned his face and was very uncomfortable.
"This was the reason why I was protecting my daughter! He shouted.

"By making her feel that you don't love her? You made things difficult for them and made them to see the world as a safe place, I said.
"Until you get there then you'll understand the burden of training and grooming a child to adulthood. What do you children want from us? We pamper you and give you everything you want and you get wayward. We become strict and show you the right way you get offended. My father had us 7 in total. 6 boys and a only girl. They loved and pampered her, enrolled her in the best school and she looked like a princess and was Opportune to reach the level of writing jamb when my parents Made us all to drop out from school because of her. She passed and got admission in a university and had to leave for school. We worked all night in the farm just to give her enough foodstuffs and provisions. My parents thought doing that will not make her beg or feel belittled in campus or will even cause her to be mishandled by boys there.

But we were all wrong. My sister turned to another thing. My sister no longer slept in the hostel anymore, she no longer picks our call or come home anymore, and before we knew it during her second semester to go into her 300level, a taxi drove in to the compound with my sister dead at the back seat. Everyone was disappointed and I told myself I won't pamper my children and make them wayward the way my parents did especially my female child because I don't want her to end up the way my sister did. I am a product of strictness from my parents, even when I was the most intelligent and I was asked to drop out from school for my sister I obeyed. That was how much I respected my parents but today its no longer like that. Imagine Love telling me to apologize to her when I was trying to point out her wrong, if it was my father she tried that with he would have buried her alive. Don't you dare blame me, I only want the best for my children, Love father said and I was quiet as I watched him breathing hard and controlling himself.

"My father is also a pastor and I know what I went through with him especially when he was once a military man though he's late now. He pushed me to the wall even when I was not doing anything bad, he never trusted me. When I become a father I will rather train my children in love and not with wrath. Even God is a God of Love, I slowly said to him.
"No sane parents hates their children, all we do is correct them. Well I wish you well when you become a father someday, and you'll understand better that training a child is not that simple, he said and looked outside the window and I heaved.

We arrived the hospital late in the night and I met my friends just at the door,
"What happened? I asked and they saw me.
"Na wa o where your phone! One shouted on me.

"Its low, I forgot it was not charged, I replied.
"The doctors are inside, Love is not okay at all, the other said and her father quickly opened the door which the nurses tried stopping him.

"She's my daughter, let me see my daughter please, he insisted and went close to her and held her and she slowly opened her eyes.
"Love, Love my dear, her father said touching her as we drew close.

"Daddy..... Daddy, she said breathing hard.
"My dear what happened to you? How did you get to this point? He asked.

"Daddy.... Daddy, tears rolled freely on her cheeks as she was finding it difficult to breathe.
"What's going on with her? Her father asked the doctor but he was just looking at them speechlessly.

"Daddy... I'm sorry daddy. I should.... I sho..have said that.. a long time ago. Please forgive me, Love managed to say.
"Love please fight this okay, you're a strong girl you know right? He asked.

"I did.... I did so I can see you and apologize cause I want to rest well. I'm sorry, she replied.
"No no Love what are you saying? You're only scared and I understand but the doctor is doing something about your condition okay and you'll be fine, I quickly said.

"Mozzy..... "No its Moses, I cut in.
"Thank you Moses, thank you, she weakly said.

"Love look at me, Her father said touching her cheeks.
"I have forgiven you and your mother is waiting for you at home okay. Pius misses you so much. Everyday he sits outside waiting for when you'll come home, and I promise you I won't be strict anymore. I'm sorry also if i was too hard, all i wanted was for you to be a good girl and make me proud. I cant hate you Love, i never did. Please fight this and come home soon, her father said with tears rolling down his face but she was not saying anything.

"Love are you listening to me? He asked touching her but he got no response and I got alert.
"Love! I said shaking her and I looked at the doctor who bowed his head.

"Do something please, I shouted.
'I'm sorry, he slowly said.

"No Love please don't do this! Her father shouted raising her on his body crying while I went back in shock. Just like that, Love died with her eyes open.
I angrily left the hospital and ignored my friends running after me, I got into the car and drove off.

I returned the next day late in the evening to the hospital but found out Love father took her corpse to the village. I nodded and left to my friends place,
"Where did you go to? One asked Holding me.
"To complete an unfinished business, I replied.

"Mozzy I hope say you no mess up? My close pal asked and I just broke down crying.

After two days they found out Bella and the guy who sold Love out was dead and my friends looked at me very early the next day.
"You did that? They asked and I understood the question.
"I only fulfilled a promise, I replied putting on my black shirt.

'Oh Mozzy! What if you were caught! One shouted.
"Oh before i forget, The boss whatever of drugs And all his accomplice has been caught rather, I replied and they rubbed their heads looking at me as I tucked in.

"Its Love burial today and I have to meet up, I sadly said to them when I was done and they nodded.
"Drive safe, they said and I set off.

I watched Love painfully laid in her Father's compound. Such a lovely and jovial soul gone too soon at age 17. I slowly walked up to her parents and her mother gave a weak smile,
"Thank you for coming, she said and all I could do was hug her. They took me as a son from that day as I could not stop visiting them.

Pius was allowed to study the course of his dreams while my life took another turn with them and we lived happily after with Love memories forever in our hearts.



Learnt something? Please drop your contributions/advises in the comment section. Who was wrong between them? Love as the child or her parents in the area of parenting???

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