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Episode 8
©Miriam Edem

No part of this story should be edited or copied without due acknowledgement of the writer.

"No no no, no God this can't happen, I tearfully said and came down from the bed to see blood drops on the bed sheet.
"No! I screamed out and two guys ran in immediately.

"What are you doing here? They asked.
"What am I doing here? Who did this to me? Who! I asked showing them my palm and they confusedly looked at themselves which clearly showed they were not aware.

"My friend get out from here and work, whoever slept with you we don't know, you're needed at the hall right now, one said and I ran out from the room.
The place was so big that I just passed anyone I saw naked until a guy grabbed me,
"You're going the wrong place, the center is down there, he pointed at a path for me and I angrily beat his hand from me.

"Go employ your sisters to work here, I am leaving this place! I shouted on him and he smiled and licked his lips.
"Did you take some weed? He asked.

"What's she doing there? Besides where she been dey sef? Another guy asked coming from the drug center.
"Ask her o, she say she wan leave this place, werey don dey mad, the guy replied while I stood watching them.

"If I kick you! Common run down there now! He shouted holding my hand and aggressively pushed me.
"I am not going anywhere, take me back to where you picked me from please I beg you, I cried.

"I said move! The guy shouted and kicked my both legs and I fell on the ground but I was not thinking of entering there, I was ready to die there.
"Take me back please, I don't belong here! I kept crying loud and the guys surrounded where I was.

"Wetin I fit do this girl sef? I heard one of the guys asked and the voice was too familiar. I raised my bowed head and regretted why I bowed my head in the first place so I can see the animal that deflowered me.
"What is it? I heard a voice as I was just looking at their faces and they bowed their heads While a huge guy approached us with his hands at the back. I still could not see his face because he wore a mask,

"Sorry sir, this girl is a nuisance and she does not want to work with the rest of the girls, one replied.
"Yes that's true because I am not meant to do this. Take me back to wherever your boys took me from please, I said and knelt down immediately.

"And you really think that will happen? He asked and I sniffed and bowed my head still on my knees.
"You know you just came here and you're this stubborn, don't let me take you to the other section to do the jobs of the other girls there else you'll be sorry. I'll pardon you to rest for this night, but don't try such tomorrow because you won't be lucky, the guy said and left.

The guys bowed their heads again while I didn't understand the part of the other section. A hit came on my head as I still looked at the boss going,
"Common get up! A guy shouted and I slowly stood up and followed him as he took me back to the hall and locked the door behind.
I sat down on the floor crying my eyes out. I didn't know what exactly was painful for me, is it me losing my virginity and not knowing who did it in the first place, or is it me staying here for the rest of my life?

I felt so tired with my life and thought of where and how I offended God. I accept every since I met Mozzy I was not able to go to church and Mozzy was not a church type either, and when I had the job I took that as a good excuse. But still I pray every morning when I wake up and every night before going to bed. Devotion was one thing my parents held so high in our house and my father does not care if you are tired, sick or weak because you must pray. Is God punishing me for something? Can he just less my punishment a bit and give me a chance to make up because I can't take it anymore, I thought as I laid down crying helplessly.

I was on the floor weak when the door opened and the girls returned and saw me.
"Hey! Wetin be her name sef? I heard them asked as they raised me to sit down weighing my back on my bunk.
"You wan kill yourself? Another asked cleaning the sand from my face.

"Where did you go to? You were not in the room after breakfast why? Another asked and I sniffed.
"The weed took over me and when I reacted to it you girls laughed right? I asked back.

"Eh Make we no lie we been laugh because e been dey funny, the chubby one among us replied.
"You should have helped out right? I didn't know myself and behaved stupidly, all i needed was a hand to help me to the hall But rather you all left me there to be used by the guys. I don't even know who slept with me, where they one or two I have no idea. Why didn't you help me? Why me? I cried out as the girls just watched me and one quickly hugged me.

"Ssshhhh don't blame us too much please. You know when the bell rings like that we leave immediately so the guys won't beat us, how are we suppose to know the guys were not bringing you behind us? The girl asked.
"Babe no vex, na when we enter hall we see say you no dey with us but they dey don lock Door, you know we don't have a voice here and we could not ask, another added but my lips were just shaking so tired with tears.

"Sorry abeg be strong, but you see the person? The girl hugging me asked and I only shook my head.
"Eiya, the guy sef no try he just use you for hours abi they no dey tire? She asked.

"You sure say na even one person do am sef? Babe just comot your mind but how you take land here sef? One girl asked and I raised my head and looked at her.
"I don't know, I replied.

"No na You suppose know na, the chubby girl said.
"I really don't know. I was coming back from work with my friend when a car stopped and pushed me inside, when I woke up I saw myself in a room alone naked, I said.
"Hmmmm, the girls who were quiet watching us heaved.

"Your friend no follow dey here abi space been no dey the car make she follow enter? The chubby girl asked.
'Shes not here and we were together that night, I replied and a girl smiled.

"Babe just relax and take your mind off it. Let's go shower abeg, A girl said stretching.
"Sorry, make we pour water for body so your body go chill small. Don't mind those yeye human beings, the chubby girl said helping me up from the floor and we slowly entered the big bathroom they made for us.

That night I could not sleep. I just laid there on my bunk with so many thoughts running in my head. The kidnap didn't look like it was an accident because Bella was the one who walked on the side close to the road. If it was a random kidnapping, Bella should have been the one taken but they left her and came to me, I thought as the scene of that night played in my head but I shook it off and sat down. Bella is my friend and a good girl, she can't do that to me because I heard her screaming for help also.
What if it's Nosa? Is he still mad at me for what happened and decided to pay me back? But I left his house na and never showed my face again, why will he still come after me? I wondered and my head was just beating drums.

"Hey you're still thinking? A girl asked when she woke up and saw me and I breathed out.
"Do you need something to calm you down? She asked.

"I am having headache, I replied.
"I know, but if you want I can give you a tablet I stole this night from the packaging center, she said.

"You mean drugs? No way, it is that same drug that made me vulnerable, I said and she left her bunk and came to me.
"Because you're not used to it. When you get used to it, it makes you strong and the guys will be afraid of you, she said and I smiled.

"Nice joke but I don't see the guys scared of any of you and they still sleep with you girls, I said.
"Yes with our consent, when we say no they don't try to touch us, She said.

"Thank you but I am not interested, I said to her.
"Then you're weak. When the morning comes you'll be affected and slept with again, is this how you will continue? She asked and I angrily looked at her.

"Who are you talk to me about continuity or being strong when you're equally in my condition. If you think you are that brave then break your way out of this place! I shouted on her and she stood up from my bunk.
"Wetin dey happen eh! The girl beside me said because of the disturbance.

"Your choice then, but I promise you that a time will come that you'll want this, the girl said and threw a tablet into her mouth and left and I hissed and laid down on my bunk. The only advice I needed was how to leave that place, but with the size and the number of guys working there got me so scared and it will take the special grace of God for anyone to escape there. I laid down wondering how someone can use millions to build such a place to enslave people to work for drugs, and I made up my mind to be rebellious and will force myself out of this place.

The next morning as usual the girls sat up talking while they waited for the breakfast bell,
"But wait o, sorry I intruded in the discussion. Is it only breakfast you girls eat in this place? I asked when a girl commented to be hungry.
"Why won't you ask that question when after every breakfast you're always in cloud 9. The other day you broke your nose and yesterday your virginity broke into pieces, the girl who came to me in the night replied.

"What did you just say? I asked leaving my bunk at once.
"And what will you do huh! She shouted as the girls quickly held us as we shouted on each other and the bell rang but I didn't care. The guys opened up the door to see Me raining hell,

"Will you shut up! Why is it always you! One shouted on me and the voice rang a bell in my ears.
"So it's you? You're that bastard who slept with me! I shouted and began hitting him but he held my hands and threw me on the floor. I stood up immediately and faced him breathing hard,

"Don't think you've won, I'll surely make you pay for what you did, I said to him and he smiled coming close to me.
"I give you 24 hours to make that happen else your mama no born you well. Common get out from here! He shouted pushing me on head to join the line but I stopped and looked at Him.

"Fine I accept the 24 hours and we will know whose mother is a bastard, I said and quickly left the room and sat down on the table with the girls and watched them as they eat. I was not interested in the food but fixed my eyes on the guy who slept with me wishing I can just strangle him right there. I hated the sight of him, the place and everybody there and this strange anger was just on me that I can't explain.
We returned back to Hall without me eating and I refused answering anyone who wanted talking to me.

The bell rang in the afternoon and in the Evening but still I didn't eat. My head was clouded with how I will teach that guy a lesson, but as we were returning from dinner my eyes fell on a rusted nail I saw by the side of a wall. I pretended to fall and I covered it and took it immediately and got into the line and sat down on my bunk looking at the nail.
I thought of what I will use it for but had no clue, then we were commanded to undress ourselves when it was midnight and the guy just came to me looking at me as I wanted undressing. I looked at him not ready to pull off my gown,
"Stop wasting my time, undress! He shouted on me.

"Come and do it yourself, I said and he laughed.
'I like this girl, this girl na cruise, he said to his partner and attempted to touch me and with the nail in my hand I didn't know when I pinned it in his Right eye and left it there.



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