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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
9 months ago
I'm Not Stingy, I Have Giving Away More Money Than Your Popular 'Philanthropists' - Peter Obi " What I don't do is, I have allergy for money not used properly, public or private, I don't spend money carelessly, I spend it for what it's used and people can see it and it has nothing to do with anybody, it has to do with my family, everybody knows, if you call my wife today, she will tell you, Peter will not buy this, Peter will not do this. " I have a young man, who traveled to Rwanda this morning, and I was supposed to travel with him, and he said to me, ' I have booked your hotel in so so and so place, but they said it's a thousand and five hundred dollars per night and I said, 'No way!' is it not just to sleep? How can you do a thing like that... Is it not bed they have there, Is there hotel where they pay 250 dollars per night, he said yes, I asked how can I spend five times the amount . " Isn't not the same sleep? Money is meant to be used usefully. " Go and read what Bianca wrote about me, I am not a stingy man, I spend more money more than those people who do give away.