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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
9 months ago
CRISTIANO RONALDO: "Being myself is boring. When it starts, it's cool. You're famous, you're a fantastic player, you win trophies, you score goals, you're on the front page of the newspaper, on television. But after so many years, you look at life differently. You have a girlfriend, you have kids, you want some privacy and there is no privacy anymore. My privacy is gone. If I had the chance now, I would pay to get my privacy back. People be like 'Ah yeah but you rich. You have money, you have cars, you have houses', but this isn't all. Believe me, being too famous is not good." "Do you know how many times I've gone to the park with my kids over the past two years?" Zero. If I go, a lot of people will come suddenly. The kids will be nervous, I'll be nervous, my girlfriend will be nervous. I can't go to a bar with friends because I know they won't be comfortable with me there. I avoid doing those kinds of things, because the people around me will be more nervous than I am." "My main st