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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
6 months ago
DJ TITANGA: FROM A HAWKER IN NDOP TO A PROMINENT EVENT PROMOTER IN THE USA ??➡️??? In life, your journey may be hard but it doesn't mean it is going to be impossible. Dj Titanga is a quintessence of someone who went through travails as a teenager but his story turned around into fulfilment. Being a native of Ngoketunjia-Ndop, he had always struggled to make ends meet since childhood. He managed to balance this aspect with schooling before moving to Douala. Titanga would later move to the Cameroon border town of Kye Ossi, still battling for survival. He kept trying resolutely to have a better life and finally traveled to the United States of America. While there, he did not forget his roots, and decided to not only create music that inspires, but to also give other artists the chance to display their creativity. This accounted for him becoming a show organiser in Minnesota, where he is currently based. DJ Titanga has, through his work, succeeded to bring Makossa icons like Petit Pays and Grace Decca. He is exploring his innate music talent as well. Cameroon-born DJ Titanga has released new music titled 'My Medicine' . He says, the tune is inspired by the deception of a romantic partner - an experience many are familiar with. "I left this wonderful and sweet relationship to a lady who treated me like trash. I then discovered the girl I left was everything for me," he recounts. As an artist and show promoter, DJ Titanga's past story elicits motivation and tenacity. DJ Titanga has more in store for you. Support him by subscribing to his YouTube page ?? https://youtu.be/iKRdC6-45cA #nexdimempire