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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
4 months ago
THOSE THAT BOOST ABOUT HAVING A STRUCTURE THAT CAN RIG ELECTIONS MAY THINK THAT THEY HAVE SUCCESSFULLY TURN THE OUTCOME OF THE FEBRUARY 25TH PRESIDENTIAL AND NATIONAL ASSEMBLY ELECTION TO FAVOR THEM. THEY HAVE LOST AND WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE AS FAR AS WE DO NOT ALLOW THE OUTCOME OF 25TH FEBRUARY ELECTIONS TO STOP US FROM DESTROYING EVERY STRUCTURE OF ELECTION RIGGING IN NIGERIA. SO AS WE HAVE RETIRED MOST OF THEM THAT BOOST OF ELECTION RIGGING STRUCTURES AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL, PLEASE LET US REPEAT IT AGAIN AT THE STATE LEVEL. ONLY THEN CAN WE BE SURE OF WELCOMING THE NEW NIGERIA THAT WE ALL ARE CLAMORING FOR. Below are the building (Quotes) from Peter Obi during his press briefing today 02/03/2023 He said: We won the election and we will prove it...... *Peter Obi* You can't build peace on a faulty foundation.... *Peter Obi* Go out on Saturday 11th March 2023, vote for Labour Party..... *Peter Obi* Am not going away, I will be with you till the day breaks.... *Peter Obi* Am challenging the process and I have not called anybody..... *Peter Obi* They will be here,the corrupt structure, on the daybreak..... *Peter Obi* IF YOU WANT TO BE CALLED YOUR EXCELLENCY, YOU WILL FIRST OF ALL GO THROUGH AN EXCELLENT PROCESS..... *Peter Obi* (This one is my take on all his speech today) This is a long journey, but I will go with you and victory is assured..... *Peter Obi*