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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
3 months ago
The Cantalloc Aqueducts are one of the most outstanding hydraulic engineering works in the world, built in the middle of the desert by the ancient Nazca culture (200 AD - 700 AD). They are located 4 kilometers north from Nazca, in the valleys of Nazca, Taruga and Las Trancas. Of the 46 underground aqueducts found, 32 are still in operation today, something that began in the pre-Inca period 1,500 years ago. In some cases, some of them run several kilometers below the surface to depths of up to 12 meters. Slab stones and huarango trunks were used for its construction, where along the route 35 "puquios" are observed, which are ventilation shafts with a spiral shape used for cleaning, conservation and water collection. Thanks to their technological knowledge, the ancient inhabitants of Nazca managed to capture groundwater to irrigate the dry areas and combat the prolonged droughts. Nowadays, some of these aqueducts are used by local farmers for the sowing of corn, cotton, beans and potatoes. It is a unique irrigation system in Peru and perhaps in the world.