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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
2 months ago
Google Information Google is a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. It was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California. Google's main source of revenue is through advertising, primarily through its AdWords program, which allows advertisers to display their ads on Google's search engine results pages. Google's search engine is the most widely used search engine in the world, with a market share of over 90%. It processes billions of search queries every day and uses complex algorithms to deliver the most relevant results to users. In addition to its search engine, Google offers a wide range of other products and services, including email (Gmail), online storage (Google Drive), video sharing (YouTube), and social networking (Google+). Google has also invested heavily in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which it uses to improve its search algorithms and develop new products and services. Its AI-powered virtual assistant, Google Assistant, is available on a range of devices, including smartphones and smart speakers. Google's corporate headquarters, known as the Googleplex, is located in Mountain View, California, and the company has offices in more than 40 countries around the world. As of 2021, Google employs over 140,000 people globally and has a market capitalization of over $1 trillion. #advertising #video #socialnetworking #ai #artificialintelligence #share #people #technology #algorithms #students #google #email #university #machinelearning