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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
16 days ago
Just when you feel that this world belongs to you and that you have gained the whole world for yourself... just because maybe you think you are beautiful and charming as a lady, u now reject poor guys or men who truly loves you just Bcoz they could not lavish you with money and expensive goodies. For your mind you are proving to be a high class lady who deals with Rich mens and men with good qualities, but at the same time you should know that rich mens don't value any lady who comes around when he had already achieved his success rather he would use her as an item to quench his sexual urge, but when he's ready to settle down he would go for that very lady who toiled with him during the hard days... That personate lady who calm down and built his success together with him... Not everything that glitters are gold... Ladies take your time to search for your man no matter his condition...as long as he values and respect your personality, no condition is permanent... keep him, advise him, pray for him, defend him stand by him and support him both financially, emotionally, mentally, economically, psychologically, academically, socially and spiritually... Build the best you would love to see in a man in him and enjoy him for the rest of your life. Men hardly devalues or forget any lady who brings success into their life...Jumping from one rich men to another would only belittle a lady's value and lead to ugly presentation, dangerous illness and deceases which might lead to premature death... Ladies take note ? It is just Vanity...