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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
13 days ago
udara tree ? is where umu mmuo ukwu udara Umu mmuo " ndi otu ukwu udara gathered in the night ? The tree is powerful on its own No one cultivated it " its grow on its own Any compound its grows in " there will be prosperity omumu " progress " growth in that compound except you cut it off " you might not been seeing the benefits as before Udara seeds are use in afa consultation for ndi ogbanje ( umu ogbanje ) If your own is not bearing fruit Gather children to round around the ukwu udara and play around it Then cook or perform saraka for the children then be patience you will later see it bearing fruits ? If you are not progressing in your business " visit udara tree with kolanut etc and say your heart desires " break the kolanut and drop for them then watch out and see If someone is after your life " visit udara tree " sit down around it and cry to them for help " go along with sweet things or drink or kolanut or native egg If you are filled with negative energies inside your body Chew leafs of udara with seeds of alligator pepper and swallow it ? ? "you can support it with hot drink or you hug the Ukwu udara for some minutes This fruit represents birth and fruitfulness Udara tree is a sacred tree of fruitfulness " called omumu in igbo