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Cyril Sermon (@admin)
8 days ago
Powers in the water Read this story Two river said They are divorced The rivers has two different colours The rivers can’t join together no matter what It is orashi And ogbuide Rivers In IMO state Nigeria They was a river known as Oguta lake Oguta lake is among the largest water body in Nigeria However the lake consist of two very angry rivers called ORASHI and OGBUIDE The two rivers can never mix no matter how you try And they also has different colours Orashi is muddy in colour While ogbuide is greenish in colour The rivers are close to each other But can’t mix A lots people have tried to mix them together But they always separate Even if you put the two rivers in a bucket or cup They will spilts or break the cup into two In olden days both rivers named orashi and ogbuide were both humans couple Orashi was a man And ogbuide was a woman They were married and they were so much in love But oneday they has a very big fight and they became angry with each other Both couples divorced and separated They later reincarnate Into two rivers And up till now ,they are still angry and can never mix or settle Power of water