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11 days ago
What should readers know about Life, But Greener, and why should they sign up?

Anyone who has felt like they should be doing more — or they aren't doing enough — to deal with the climate crisis would benefit from this series. We're going to walk you through some things that you can do to ease those feelings. And we're also going to point to some science that shows that you're not to blame for this. We need big solutions on a big, global scale, but that doesn't mean that we get to bury our heads in the sand. We have to do our own bit. I tried to stay away from things that we consider “greenwashing” — things that look good, but actually have no meaningful impact. We want to make sure that people are coming away with actionable ideas.

I know it's hard. You've really got to commit to living planet-friendly. But I think what this newsletter does really well is offer some options on a scale — things that are easy to do tomorrow, and over on the other side, the big stuff. It's really easy to add weather stripping to your windows and make sure that your insulation is good in your home. It's a completely different thing to install solar panels. We offer solutions that span that huge range.
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