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10 days ago
"Discovered - currently not indexed" means Google knows about the URL but hasn’t yet crawled or indexed it.

1. Request indexing
If you only see a few pages with the "Discovered - currently not indexed" issue, try requesting indexing via Google Search Console (GSC). To do that, click "URL inspection" on the menu and enter the page’s URL. If it’s not currently indexed, hit the "Request indexing" button.

2. Check for crawl budget issues
Crawl budget is how fast and how many pages a search engine wants to crawl on your site. If your crawlable URLs exceed your crawl budget, you may see the "Discovered - currently not indexed" warning.

3. Check for content quality issues
Here are a few types of content Google is unlikely to index: machine-translated, AI-generated, and thin (not unique) one. What to do?

If you have thin content, merge it with other thin content to create something useful or delete it. Otherwise, improve the content. If the resulting content isn’t made for organic search, no-index it so search engines can prioritize crawling more important pages.
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