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Bullets From The Day:
? You know your accounting firm is bad if Tether ($USDT.X) drops you. A former auditing partner of Tether, Friedman LLP, agreed to pay a combined $1.6 million fine with the SEC. The firm failed to be transparent between 2015 and 2020. The firm also failed to address certain fraud risks. Worse, an auditor made false statements during an audit of iFresh, a China-based grocery chain. Tether dropped Friedman LLP in 2018. Bitcoinist has the full story.

? FTX ($FTT.X) keeps tallying up the wins. The most recent is winning the bidding war to acquire bankrupt Voyager Digital’s ($VGX.X) assets. The winning bid of $1.4 billion covered $1.3 billion of crypto holdings and a little over $100 million in other assets. The court now needs to approve the purchase, and customers must vote. We’ll keep you updated.

? Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, sounded off on CNBC about his confidence in a positive outcome with the continued SEC vs. Ripple suit. Garlinghouse highlighted that the SCOTUS Howey test, used to determine if an asset is a security, is something the SEC can’t legally prove. Garlinghouse further accused the SEC of gross overreach
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