One Month Walk With God

One Month Walk With God

My Goliath Must Die and let My Lazarus Resurrect.

In this month devil and his agents has plot a lot of diverts against the children of the most high God. With this prayer God will blind fold to them all. And you destiny will shine forth amen.

Prayer Points:

Please use this prayer points every day.

  1. Praise and worship God with songs.
  2. because it moves God most and that’s is what he eat.
  3. Confess all your sins to God and not man and repent in your heart.
  4. Any power that does not want your problems to be solveyou are a lier!
  5. Any power that follow me that the Prophet of God will not see my problem, you must be a joker scatter by fire.
  6. Oh God of suddenly, arise attend to my case now!!! Pray it 3 time.
  7. Eevery tree of non-achievement standing in my life and in my father’s compound your time is over fall down and die.
  8. Household wickedness assign against my star for by fire.
  9. Oh heaven over my wealth, over my money, over my children open by fire.
  10. Oh strong men of delay fall down and die by fire.
  11. My family, my family hear the word of the Lord, is time to be free.
  12. My long awaited testimonies Appear in this one month walk with God amen.
  13. Miracle of come and see what are you waiting for show yourself.
  14. Powers that Defeats my parents and you want to Defeat me I Destroy you beyond repairs.
  15. Enemies of my marriage break and die (pray the prayer seven times).
  16. I refuse to be a scape goat in my Marriage, I refuse to be a scape goat in my father’s house 3x prayer.
  17. Mr. Breakthrough, Mr. Breakthrough this is my address go there (quote your address).
  18. Spirit of poverty in my life and family you are finished today die!!!.
  19. Oh God! Arise and give me a surprise breakthrough.
  20. Marine husbands and wives I kill you before you kill me.
  21. Bareness hear the word of God, die and let my children Appear.
  22. My helpers, my helpers show yourself today to me amen.
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faith and trust, I declare that the Almighty God will come to your aid. Amen. Your are blessedAsk you pray the prayers with faith and trust, I declare that the Almighty God will come to your aid. Amen. Your are blessed..

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