‘Structure workplace to accommodate old, young workers

The Convener of the Employee Marketplace Initiative, Mr Nduneche Ezurike, has urged organisations to entrench a cross-generational workplace that combines the digital capability of the millennial with the emotional intelligence of the X-Generation.

Ezurike said this in an article he authored, titled, ‘2020: The decade of the millennial’ which was published on his LinkedIn handle.

He noted that this would enable a more harmonious working environment

He declared that in the current decade, many Chief Executive Officers would emerge from the cohort of those who were described as entitled, open, connected and confident with little regard for traditional hierarchies.

He pointed out that ahead of the famed disruptive technologies and digital transformation, the millennial question could determine the success or failure of many organisations in the new decade.

He said, “For the first time, three out of every five employees will be millennial and one a centennial. This means that many CEOs in this decade will emerge from the cohort of those who are described as entitled, open, connected and confident with little regard to traditional hierarchies.”

He explained that most organisations in Africa seeking to build sustainable businesses must be ready to confront four defining workplace challenges, first of which was to always design and implement a bottom-up approach to organisational strategy.

In the era of talent economy, he advised employers to embrace an environment where employees could work remotely, virtually and mobile. In his words, “clocking in and out of the office or signing punctuality register may not work anymore.”

He specifically also charged organisations, especially mid to large organisations to design an Employee Value Proposition; not a mission statement emphasizing that employee engagement should seek to harness employee self-interest to enhance the organisational benefits of innovation and business growth.

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“The key issue is that what is in it for the millennial employee is no more a compliment, but a key component of the enterprise strategy both in the short run and long run,” he said.